BonChon. HoHum.

I decided to give BonChon Chicken another try. I had it way back when it was still new in Ayala Triangle Gardens. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t ewww but it sure wasn’t wooow either. It was a disappointment since a lot of people were raving about it back then. I had high expectations when I first ate it.

{Drumsticks/ Thigh Ricebox 2pcs for 145php, small soda for 28php}

I had the mix and match ricebox, with one soy garlic and one spicy glaze for dinner a couple.of nights ago. I enjoyed the crispy skin and I liked that it wasn’t greasy. Honestly, I didn’t quite taste the difference. They both tasted mildly hot.

{What is tuyo?}

I didn’t like the meat. It’s not moist and it’s not flavorful. I still don’t get why people like it. Well, I don’t like Korean food in general. So there. I guess I better stick to KFC. Or Kenny Rogers. Or Andok’s. Or yung fried chicken sa may kanto sa amin.

If I had to eat at BonChon’s again, I will probably just order their Fish Taco or Ginger Tofu Salad— just because they look pretty in pictures.


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  1. If you want something similar to Bon Chon but with more flavor, try Manang’s.

  2. Anonymous

     /  October 25, 2012

    try their fried calamares glazed with their specialty sauces. mas naappreciate ko siya. if you are getting their chicken, the chops are more tender and juicier.

  3. Bon Chon is overrated. I only like their calamari and banana yogurt! Manag’s Chicken is way better (not to mention cheaper)

  4. you know I haven’t tried eating at Bon Chon, because my friends told me it doesn’t taste good…and that KFC is way better and reading your blog made me realize na ok lang hindi maki-uso…nung nag open ung Bon Chon dito sa Alabang I wanted to try it kasi mahilig ako sa chicken…pinlano namin na kumain dun pero buti nalang may nakapagsabi samin na di siya ganun ka ok 🙂


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