Hot Pot Night at Lau Chan

SMS conversation with the frenemy

Dave: Hot pot tayo. Sa Lao Tian.
Me: Lao Tian? Saan ‘yon?
Dave: Pampanga
*after 5 mins*
Me: Hayop. Sa Malate kaya ‘yon! I googled it!
Dave: Eh alam mo naman pala eh.
Me: Mali kasi ang spelling mo. Ang tagal ko tuloy nag-google! It’s LAU CHAN. Not Lao Tian.
Dave: That’s in Fukien.

Nyahahaha! And so we went to this hot pot place in Malate. I was excited to find out if the good reviews will match my judgment. :p

image{Dave choosing the ingredients * sauce essentials – minced garlic, chopped chili, soy sauce and sate sauce * Saturday night Chinese and Filipino customers}

This Chinese hole-in-the-wall has a checklist of what you would like to put in your pot. We got sliced fat beef, leeks, watercress, spinach, dumplings, fishballs (with cheese inside), squid paste, golden mushrooms, and tofu. All were cooked in spicy sambal-sate broth. A word of caution from Dave: don’t have more than 5 bowls unless you would like to suffer the consequences of MSG.

image{the magic of shabu shabu}

I listened to his advice because apart from MSG will most def give me an instant headache, I had to make space for the free tea, Coke (a must have when the food is salty/spicy), and the yang chow fried rice.

Ended up having 3 bowls + 2 cups of rice. Sarap! Loved that the meat and veggies were all fresh. My favorite were the beef, tofu, and fishballs with cheese. If you’re gonna get the fishballs, make sure that you slice it first to let it cool a bit.  But hey, if you wanna burn your tongue, go ahead. :p Think xiao long bao.  It’s a good idea that we did not put corn and noodles anymore. The food was for good for 4 people. Ahem. Hindi kami matakaw (si Dave lang pala), we had 1/3 wrapped as pasalubong for our friend Kat who we met for coffee after.

image{hole in the wall decor*roast chicken*gentleman’s club}

I recommend Lau Chan to those who don’t want to spend a fotrtune on pigging out and have no qualms eating in places with linoleum floors. Bring your whole barkada so :p

Lau Chan Shabu-Shabu & Fast Foods is located at 1664-1666 A. Mabini St, Malate, Manila. It’s right beside Yue Lai Seafood Shabu-Shabu and across a gentlemen’s club, at least according to Dave. 

Parking may be a problem, so try to be there an earlier than the usual eating hours.

image{See you again soon!}


listening to: Black Sabbath – Iron Man

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  1. darren

     /  December 3, 2012

    too bad this one’s not in maikati but it looks like it’s worth the trip!

  2. Anonymous

     /  November 5, 2013

    any telephone number?


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