A Happy 1st Weekend of My Favorite Month

Yaaaay for the first weekend of December!

Welcomed my all-time favorite month in Mango Tree Bistro with great friends (plus an nff) and wine. It was the perfect mix of witty conversations and senti hits. We should have more nights like this, hopefully also with more wine.

Here’s chuma-chubby me, balingkinitan na Cindy, ang nff na si Joseph, and direct-to-the-point Jap.

I lovelovelove my highschool bff and my college bff. 🙂 They are two of the most beautiful people I know.

(Joseph, saka na kita tatawagin na beautiful ‘pag close na tayo.)


Without a doubt, I will not be able to follow a proper diet during the holidays. I have been trying to eat less so I wouldn’t feel guilty for indulging in the coming days, and so I wouldn’t look like Miss Piggy come 2013. I try to avoid rice (because it’s eeevil) but I wasn’t able to resist when I craved for Aida’s Chicken Inasal. Waaah! I also wasn’t able to to resist pouring some chicken oil on the rice! Napakain kasi I got tired from looking for materials for my costume in every ukay-ukay in MCS. (I can hear you saying “Excuses, excuses!” Hehe!) Costume for what, you ask. For our team’s Christmas party! I spent Saturday figuring out if I’ll go as Katniss Everdeen, Cleopatra, Arwen, or the Energizer Bunny.


Katniss wins. Because of her boots.

Speaking of fictional characters, I absolutely liked Rise of The Guardians! Ang astig ni Santa at ang sexy ng boses ni Jack Frost! Si Chris Pine naman pala kasi ‘yon! Aaaaaand the Easter Bunny is Wolverine Hugh Jackman!  It’s a movie with a simple plot that revolves around the fears and fantasies of kids. It’s not as funny as Shrek, not as epic as Mulan, but it’s definitely fun and heartwarming.


Here’s what made me tear up:

“You’re the one who put me here. The least you can do is tell me why.” – Jack Frost to Man in the Moon

What made me go nyahaha? Finding out who really makes all the Christmas gifts in Santa’s factory. :p


After the movie, I ate one of my favorite combos from Cash & Carry- gyoza and Ferino’s bibingka. Weird, noh? Pero promise, masarap! Trust me! May talent ako sa pag-partner ng savory-spicy and sweet-salty nomnoms!

I also have a talent (skill, if you wanna be technical about it, pfftttt) for cooking quick and easy dishes! Hello, laking Del Monte Kitchenomics, Wok with Yan, at Cooking with The Dazas yata ito! :p I made two veggie dishes last Sunday. If I can’t eat less, I’ll just eat something non-fattening. I’ll share the recipes for my special no-saute monggo and tarantang chopseuy in a separate entry. Wait for it. 😉

My yaaay-worthy weekend was capped off by this lesson:


Last Sunday’s service was about God being able to turn a situation of limitation to a situation of multiplication. He is the ultimate provider and that is something I (or we) should always remember. When we have troubles, we always depend on our own understanding and this always results into fear– which is always an exaggeration of reality. Trusting Him is always the best choice, may it be in a desperate situation involving finances or career or relationships… anything! The Grace that God uses in one is the exact same Grace that He uses in another!

The weekend was His reminder to me that I am abundantly blessed and I can be blessed some more. More importantly, it was to instill in my mind that I am very blessed so that I will be a channel of blessing.

Thank You God for allowing me to share my time, ideas, love, and all the other gifts You have generously given me. And cheers to more blessings that I know I will receive this month!!! 😀


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