Friday Five: Birthday 2012

1 Surprises
I love surprises! I started receiving surprises a week before my birthday. Friends gave me pink and red roses, mango cake, caramel candies, bangles, chocolates, a portrait, cologne, perfume, make-up, et cetera! The biggest surprise was a voucher for Sofitel’s Sunset Buffet kasi talagang sa company email ko pa sinend ni Sarit. Hahaha! Bongga! 😀


I wonder when I’ll get my tablet. :p

2 Salubong
I finally got the small get together that I always wanted. There were only 5 of us (me + Jap + Cindy = Donnie + Jan) in Chili’s. I expected 7 but 2 of them couldn’t make it. (You know who you are, I miss you both. Kitakits before the world year ends!) I posted an invite on Fb a couple of hours before the salubong but decided to delete it because it might turn into a drinking session. And well, you know that I am trying to control my alcohol intake. :p


We were a fun bunch, especially when Donnie started talking about the end of the world, Palestine, Harry Potter and being a patrol ng Pilipino. Trust me, everything is connected.

After Chili’s, Jap and I had coffee in CBTL to catch up (haha as if hindi kami magkatelebabad ng madalas) and so I can stay awake for the…

3 Simbang Gabi
It was my first time to hear go to the dawn mass at St Paul Church. It’s a pretty church. Magaling pa ‘yung pari mag-sermon. 🙂 I should go there more! It wouldn’t be a problem since it’s very near where I live. As in isang tumbling at isang kembot away lang.


Loved that I was able to hear the homily about Jesus being the reason for the season. This is the reason why I chose to have a small celebration this year. I don’t want to put a larger value on my birthday than the bigger party on the 25th ever again. 😛

4 Sine (at Soup)
After only 4 hours of sleep and a loooong time of finishing my McDonald’s lunch with Ate B, I rushed to Greenbelt to see Oryx so that we can see The Hobbit.


Nothing to say but I loved it because of the part that it looked like a musicale. Nyahahaha! Dwarves are more awesome that Elves! Or Hobbits!!!

Went to Via Mare after. Yehey! Three of my favorite things: wild mushroom soup, bibingka, and talking to my favorite boybud about my favorite topic!

5 Senti/Saya
M y 31st birthday was most def the smallest and simplest I’ve had. It’s also the most special. I guess it’s because it’s the only one that didn’t stress me out. (Well, except for the short time when this person posted something on my timeline that made my head hurt. Anyway, moving on.) I may have not received all that I asked for but this birthday surely has made me feel extremely blessed.


Belated happy birthday to me! Thanks to all those who remembered!

Thank you God for the privilege of living this life. 🙂


listening to: One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

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  1. Belated happy birthday, Iya! Happy to know that you had a blast. 🙂


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