Emax 10

Our company, ePERFORMAX Contact Centers and BPO celebrated its 10th year anniversary last Sunday in SMX.

It’s almost been 5 years¬†since I started working in Eperformax.


Happy 10 perfect years, ePerformax! I’m glad and proud to be part of this team! ūüôā


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Tis the season to be jolly!

Holiday parties here and there! Dresses bought in the last minute, killer heels endured for hours, alcohol consumption doubled, diets broken, merrymaking galore!

Our company, Eperformax celebrated our Christmas party in SMX last December 4. The attendance was amazing considering it rained the entire day. We came in our  Hollywood glam ensemble. or at least, we tried! :p Food was provided by Bizu. There was unlimited wine and beer. Gadgets and gift certificates were given away, as usual I did not win anything. :p The different departments gave us spectacular performances. And our teammate, Mommy Riz won in the singing contest! Congrats, Mommy! We had a jolly good time!

Ali, Mommy Riz, Terry, Eumir, Me, RJ

my maton pose- aylavet!

I had a jollier time in Team Recruitment‘s Christmas party in Joya, Rockwell. It’s a BIG improvement compared to last year’s (and last last pa pala) venue. As in, from slums to shala! :p

There were also lots of grub, lots of booze, prizes and of course… photo op! :p Loved that we had a cartoon theme. I went as Tiger Lily.¬†Meron ding¬†Tarzan, Pocahontas and Peter Pan! Mabuhay ang mga taong gubat! And of course, mabuhay ang Team Recruitment! I sooo love being a part of this talented team. ūüôā

Team Recruitment! ūüėÄ

Tiger Lily with the Team’s official pgotographer, my babest Homer :p

I hope that you are all also having an awesome time this holiday season! The next party I am look forward to is the most important for meРmy 30th! My Picture Perfect 30th birthday salubong! Aaaaaaahhhhhh! I can hardly wait for Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy weekend everyone!


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Emax Love Love Love Love!

“To find a career to which you are adapted by nature, and then to work hard at it, is about as near to a formula for success and happiness as the world provides. One of the fortunate aspects of this formula is that, granted the right career has been found, the hard work takes care of itself. Then hard work is not hard work at all.”

~ Mark Sullivan


I celebrated my 4th year in Eperformax last September 21. =)

I had no idea four years back that I will grow to love this company so much.

Photo from my old blog: thebluegreenanalogy

I am proud to say that Emax has made me a more passionate, empowered, resourceful, flexible, optimistic, results-oriented and motivated person. Haha, I just spelled out PERFORM, one of the many acronyms we have here in the office. :p

Photo from our 2009 Christmas party. I was a Passion Awardee! :p

I have been very blessed to work with an energetic and talented bunch of colleagues. Team Recruitment has been through a lot– referral programs, mall activations, mall fairs, campus fairs, tv guestings (lol) and gulungan sa putik to name a few.

Photo from our 2011 Team Building in Lorreland

I have been loving Emax for 4 years and counting.

Thank You God for this gift! =)


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A Job Fair Story

Been busy for the past few days. There are a lot of recruitment activities in my calendar. Work has replaced food trips and movie dates yet again.

Last Friday and Saturday, our company joined the Jobstreet Career Fair in SMX. There were almost 12,000 attendees on the 1st day. I guess around 8,000 on the second. It was exceptionally humid on the first day and my heart went out to the applicants who had to wait in line for a really loooooong time under the sun.

Inside SMX, I overheard this conversation:

Applicant 1: Gutom na gutom na ako. *eyeing the sausages at the foodstall nearby*
Applicant 2: May kanin ka ba diyan sa bag?
Applicant 1: Meron.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! :,(

I really hope those 2 got hired that day. If only they had good comm skills, I would have ushered them to our booth.

PNoy passed by the job fair. I wish it made him realize that he should be doing something about the issues of unemployment and skills enhancement.

Here’s to hoping and wishing that there is indeed a better future for all of us.


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Yoda Bear

One of the things I love Acey is his sidesplitting sense of humor.

Like today, I showed him this photo from my Google+ stream.

(photo from Jori)

Me: Look Acey o! Ang cuuute!
Ace: Ano ‘yan?
Me: Ano ba! Aso! Aso na naka-Yoda costume!
Ace: Sino si Yoda?
Me: WHAT???!?!?!??? HINDI MO KILALA SI YODA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Ace: Bear ba siya?
Me: Whaaaaa…?
Ace: Si Yoda Bear!
Me: Acey naman e!!!
Ace: Si Yoda Bear, ‘yung may kasamang maliit na bata.
Me: Ha? Bata? Si Boo-Boo?
Ace: Batang bear!



Acey, sa birthday mo, reregaluhan kita ng yogi Bear or Boo-boo stuffies!


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The Window, The Vendo, The Steak

The office is an interesting place. And here are some snapshots of three of the most interesting things I saw at the BPI Buendia Center.

This isKuyang taga-linis ng windows. Nakatapat siya niyan sa desk ko. Our office is in the 7th floor, btw. Chill na chill lang¬†si Kuya¬†sa posisyon niya. ‘Yan ang talagang matatawag mo na hanging out.

Here’s an open Nescafe vendo. The labels are in Spanish and I still can’t help but¬†laugh a little¬†when I see the word¬†‘leche’. have you tried the Nescafe Caramel Macchiato? For only 20php, it’s sure to perk up your day.¬†Kebs na sa overpriced shit from Starbs.

Sosyal talaga ang food na binebenta sa pantry namin. example na diyan ang pork SWESS steak. My colleague said that it’s yummy. Parang luto lang daw sa SWESSzerland but it could have been yummier if they put SWESS chez cut by a SWESS knife.



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Ikaw na, kuya. Ikaw na talaga!

I don’t like my handwriting.

Well, it’s not hideous. You’d still be able to understand it, but it’s still¬†not like that of someone who went to an exclusive all-girls school. I dare you to check the penmanship of your Assumptionista and Paulinian friends. :p Fine, it ain’t always true. I have a friend from assumption who writes as if she’s half doctor, half chicken. Mwahaha.

Anyhoo, my fellow recruiters attended a schoolfair and one applicant stood out- his handwriting, at least.

O di’ba?!!??? Sabi nga nila parang Mara Clara font lang daw!

He’s a boy so X to him going to an exlusive school for girls. He might have wanted to attend one? Or maybe he’s a Fine Arts student? Ewan. Basta, award talaga si kuya.

That’s it. Just sharing. ūüėõ


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SHOWTIME: Havey na Havey!!!

For the 2nd time, our team, Team¬†EPERFORMAX Recruitment¬†got invited to be part of Showtime’s audience last January 6. I was thrilled to be inside the studio again because I really had fun in our first visit. Grabe sa Showtime, hindi pa nagro-roll ang camera, masaya na! While we’re waiting for the show to start, tinuturuan na kami ng dance steps nila Tito Mel (Feliciano) and Master J aka Papa Piolo and Sam Milby.¬†At dahil hindi talaga kaya ng powers ko na sumayaw in public,¬†‘yung steps lang from That’s The¬†Way¬†Uhuh Uhuh I like¬†It ang na-absorb ko. :p Dinadaan ko na lang sa hiyaw at sigaw para hindi naman nila masabi na wala akong¬†participation! :p Also, ang mga hyper kasi ang mga malamang gawing contestants sa games kaya nag-attempt ako maging¬†well-behaved (plastik!!!) kasi hindi rin kaya ng powers ko na¬†mapressure sa pagsagot ng mga tanong at baka magkamali pa ako, buong mundo ang makakakita. :p¬†

The show started and it was great to see Kuya Kim,¬†Anne, Vice Ganda, Jugs and Teddy again. Too bad Vhong the birthday boy wasn’t there. Nasa¬†shooting yata for Bulong. Ang mga hurado para sa linggong yun na kasama ni Vige Ganda (aka Bangs Ganda… dahil ang mga tunay na magaganda daw ay nakabangs) ay sina Mickey Ferriols, Karylle, Paolo Hubalde at Ryan Bang. Ang pretty ni Mickey in person at kahit na baduy ang knock knock jokes niya, natawa pa rin ako kasi sabi nga nila A for Effort. Si Karylle, maganda pero personally, mas maganda at mas malakas ang dating ng kanyang mommy dear na si Zsa Zsa Padilla.¬† Si Karylle ang pinakadetalyadong magbigay ng comments sa mga performances ng groups. So, kudos to her for that! Si Ryan Bang… well… ayun. OA kung OA pero funny naman. Parang nagpapak ng isang sako ng asukal sa sobrang pagka-energetic. And speaking of energetic, natawa ako dahil pinagbawal na ni Vice na lumabas sa bibig ni Paolo ang salitang energy. Hindi ko gusto magjudge si Paolo, pero infernez naman, natuwa ako sa pagiging game niya sa loveteam nila ni Vice. At mas natuwa ako dahil nasilayan ko rin ang abs niya. :p

Sa mga hosts, shempre naman si Kuya Kim, walang kupas ang pagiging awesome. I’m happy that he still remembers me. Epekto siguro ng madalas na pagtanong ko sa kanya sa Twitter about trivia. Bilib talaga ako sa¬†pagiging resilient¬†ni Kuya Kim kasi recent lang yung operation that he underwent, bigay todo pa rin siya sa hosting, dancing at well… singing. LOL. Salamat nga pala kay Kuya Kim for giving me 30 seconds of fame when I helped him with the 2nd trivia for that show. More importantly, salamat sa kanya at sinabi niya na pwede akong mag-artista. Naniniwala ako sa kanya. Haha.

Si Anne Curtis, ok lang naman kumanta kahit na lagi niyang jino-joke na parang wala siyang karapatang bumirit on-air. Anne Curtis is gorgeous in person and walang kaduda-duda na siya talaga ang DIYOSA ng Philippine showbiz.. ‘yung iba, mukhang kahoy lang talaga. Vhong wasn’t there, but she was able to take on the stage alone. I remember, nung nasa GMA 7 pa siya, hindi ko siya nakitahan ng potential at all to be great. ABS-CBN can really make things happen. Mukha rin naman talagang pinagbutihan ni Anne na gumaling sa craft niyang ‘yan. More power to you, Anne. At sana sa susunod na punta ko sa Showtime, ay makapagpapicture na ako with you. LOL

Jugs and Teddy. Hindi ko na sila paghihiwalayin… they are great individually but¬†together they are the bomb! :p Sayang walang Himigsikan when we went there, ang saya siguro makijamming sa kanila. Who would have thought that these two vocalists from Itchyworms and Rocksteddy could make it this BIG? Talented naman kasi talaga sila, na kahit hindi na ganoon ang ningning ng band scene ngayon, may magandang lugar pa rin sila sa showbiz. I was pleasantly surprised na bukod sa magaling silang musikero, promising actors din pala sila! :p

At shempre pa, si Vice Ganda. Kaloka si Vice. Ang bilis talaga ng utak. Kasing bilis siguro niya tumakbo as Petra. Naaalala ko siya dati na naging guest sa Sharon, mga 3-4 years ago. Kasama niya noon si Kitkat at Tuesday Vargas. Hindi pa siya sobrang sikat noon pero napatawa na niya ako. (Si Kitkat lang ang nag-iisang walang naidulot na saya sa buhay ko sa episode na iyon. Blah.) Sana hindi totoo yung mga sinasabi ng iba na yumayabang na si Vice, kasi with her talent, isa talaga siyang asset ng industry. Sana hindi lang bangs niya ang nagpapaganda sa kanya, sana pati na rin ang ugali niya. ūüôā Way to go, Vice!

Dumako naman tayo sa contests. The groups that performed were all good. Halatang pinag-isipan nila ang performance nila na sayaw/kanta/spoof ng mga teleserye-movies-atbp. I hope that more kids (?) would spend time in performing arts than doing drugs. Seryoso iyan. One of my relatives just got brought to rehab and it’s not a laughing matter. Kung sana may mga naging kabarkada siya na mga dancers at inimpluwensyahan sya, eh di sana pinasali ko na lang sila sa Showtime kesa sa shabu¬†siya bumaling. The winning group performed a spoof of 300. Spartans talaga sila. May malaking tsinelas na Spartan sa likod ng set at ang abs nila na painted ay kulay dilaw. sabi nga ni Vice, mukhang bulok na isaw. LOL Ang fabulous nila. Ang creative talaga ng mga Pinoy and likas na magaling sa comedy. ūüôā Kaya naman ang group nila, nakakuha ng perfect 10 from all the judges and madlang people!

Sa sample-sample naman, may contortionist, may singing couple at Lady Gaga impersonator. Win si Lady Gaga (or Gagita) kasi naman para siyang nagmala-Sadako sa bandang huli. Itsurang lalabas sa Shake Rattle and Roll.

May nagsample-sample rin sa group namin, si Jepoy, pamangkin ni Boss Vincci. Infernez sa batang yun, kuntodo yugyog. Umaatikabong 8,000php tuloy ang nakuha niya. May nagtext nga sa akin. Bakit daw hindi ako nagsample-sample? Hello, anong isasample ko? BLOGGING? Haha.

Meron ding new games, yung huhulaan ng contestants yung sagot from the acting of the hosts and the Showtime Lolos. With special participation pa dito si Jonas (yung coordinator na contact namin). bet na bet ko itong portion na ito. Dito nga kasi naglabasan ang acting skills ng mga hosts. :p Ang winner para dito eh derecho sa Final round na tinatawag na Bulong. Bubulungan kasi siya ng sagot ng mga select members of the audience. Ang sagot dito was BOY ABUNDA. Sa test run, SYLVESTER naman. Naku, kung may guts sana akong sumali, wala pang 5seconds, kaya ko nang sagutin ang mga tanong!

The show ended around 3 and we were all smiling from our 2nd Showtime experience. Great job to the cast and crew! Great job, ABS-CBN. Showtime is infinitely better than Wowowee. I watched¬†Wowowee last year and I was extremely disappointed. Ang sungit ni Willie at ng mga hosts. Si RR at Mariel lang ang friendly. Wala si Pokey noon, nasa US yata. Hindi ko mai-compare ang Showtime sa Win na Win kasi I only watched its last episode. Sana mailagay kahit na once a week sila Pokwang and K Brosas sa Showtime. Feeling ko, patok sila doon. ūüôā

Kumakalam na ang mga sikmura namin when we stepped out of ABS-CBN. We ate before the show, but natunaw na kinain namin dahil sa pagsayaw at pagcheer. We went to Mister Kebab to eat and talk about our favorite Showtime moments. At shempre pa, almost all of us were singing the LSS na mahirap matanggal… “This is your show, This is your time… Magpasikat ka… it’s SHOWTIME!”


Thanks to Vincci Larang for the pictures!

Thanks to my friends who watched, especially those TFC subscribers na nag-abang talaga para kantyawan ako. Hehe.

If you wanna watch the january 6 episode again, you can look for it here: www.pinoytambayan.tv



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Red & Black Ball 2010

Eperformax had another red-hot party last Saturday, December 11 at the A.Venue Hall!

I received another award (though it’s a downgrade from last year’s, hehehe),

X-Factor Awardees Anna, Nikki, Ana, Apol and me with Mr. Justin Myers and Sir Ding

displaying my X-Factor certificate and huge ampaw with Ep dollars and pin

I spent time with my fabulous colleagues (esp Team Recruitment and GCMA),

Pat (staring at Rain), Ace, Ryan, Anthony, Vincci, Anna, me, Mommy Lee and Kat

RJ, me and Marc

and I was entertained by the amazing production numbers of our accounts.

my favorite prod: the love of Cleopatra and Mark Antony (effect na effect si Nikki!)

Also, most of the time I was sober and just enjoyed how some people act so differently when drunk. :p Hahaha.


Thanks to Boss Vincci for the photos!


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