Friday Five: Jap’s Picks for My Rock Playlist

Got bored with my playlist so I sent an SOS to the best person who can help me.

“Hoy Jap, sendan mo ako ng upbeat rock!”

And so she did. I opened my email, expecting that audio files would be there. Not only the files were emailed, she even included a blog-like description of the songs that she chose to send. Good job, Jap for treating this as an assignment. I give you 5 stars for effort! :p


Here’s what she put in the email and what I think of each song.

1 Louie Louie by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Jap: This became a bonus track from the album “I Love Rock & Roll”. During the 70’s, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts was the symbol of bad-ass all girl rock band they wore clothes that were unaccepted by the common crowd back then but is totally in fashion today. I especially like the part when she Sings “…woe bebe! say we gotta go!” I always sing with the music on this part alone!

I give this song five stars!

Iya: I was hesitant to listen to this at first because I thought this is the original version of my absolutely hatest 80’s hit with lyrics “Brother Louie Louie Louie, oh she’s only looking to me!” , hehehe! This reminded me not to judge a song by its title especially if its artist is a rock royalty. This song rocks my socks.

Watch video here.

2 I Love Rock & Roll

Jap:   A song by the same band was released in 1979 featuring the Sex Pistols ( so cool ) this one is simply a rock classic! If there is a chick flick- this one is a chick song with an attitude!

This is a rockin’ four!

Iya: Was a bit insulted with the idea that my bff assumed that I didn’t know this song yet. Excuse me, Jap. This is already in my playlist. But fine, I have Britney Spears’ version. Hihihi. :p Also, this is one of my videoke picks.

Watch video here.

3 Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love by Van Halen

Jap: This has funky I-don’t-care lyrics & glamorous electric guitar riffs w/c is overall a satisfying sensation in the ears lol! Eddie Van Halen started the Van Halen band in 1974 & got a break in 1977 courtesy of ene Simmons from the band Kiss who discovered them at a local club. By the early 80’s, they were considered rock gods.

Five fucking stars!

Iya: Hands down, my favorite among the five. I would like to dedicate this song to my last boyfriend. Bwahahahahahaa!!! I should listen to more Van Halen.

Watch video here.

4 Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes

Jap:  Another one of them rock songs inspired by drugs. It’s a feel good feel high no need to understand the lyrics song. It was released in their 1983 self-titled debut album.

I give it a high 4.

Watch video here

Iya: I’ve become familiar with this song from hearing it in various soundtracks, like Gross Pointe Blank. Only came to know the title because of Jap’s email. It’s really not something that will wake me up in sleepy mornings to prepare me for combat in the workplace, but I can definitely listen to this on roadtrips.

5 Take On Me by Reel Big Fish

Jap:  This is a reggae-ska-rock take of the song originally sung by A-Ha.

3’s a charm.

Iya: I normally prefer originals over covers, but my vote goes to Reel Big Fish. Sory, A-Ha. Loved the reggae vibe. Made me headbang and sway hips. Weird combo, but well… it’s a sorta-weird song.

Watch video here.


At the end of the email, Jap said “Hope you like my picks! Hope it picks you up! Mwah!”

True enough, the songs did pick me up this morning on my way to the office. I only had a couple hour of sleep, but I rocked my way to Pacific Star while listening to these upbeat rock goodies. I hope you also get to enjoy these songs as much I did!

Have a rockin’ weekend, everyone! 😉


listening to: my new playlist

Jappy Birthday!

Janice May Aquino Hernandez aka Jap / Jappy / Jap the Cat /Janis Panis celebrated her ??th  birthday last Sunday. Her birthday salubong was at Mulligan’s Irish Gastro Pub in BF. It was the fitting setting for the mini-party because we used to frequent the place way back when it was still Cafe Francais. It’s conducive for reminiscing and building happy memories. Plus, guests can smoke inside and the food’s gooooood.


It was a terribly terrific (yes, I got the adverb and the adjective right) night of…

white wine, tequila, and imported beer
2006 memories (c/o the barkada journal that Jap brought and Dave forcefully snatched and read… handsdown journal superstar is Colleen)
fish and chips and pizza
Opera Cake from Bizu (which is now my favorite…  classic gateau of sponge cake with coffee butter cream and dark chocolate ganache… omg!!!)
make-up updates (the strong bond between Jap and Eunice)
getting old and looking young
verbal kungfu– Jap vs Donnie / Dave vs me
and of course, fantabulous friendships!

Went to Jap’s after Mulligan’s and we had coffee in the backyard before going to sleep. Yes, coffee before zzzzs. That’s how we roll! Took a picture of her that I think is very pretty.



listening to: Better Than Ezra – Juicy

Dampa with Miranda, Samantha and Thor

Jap and Dave fetched me from our company’s anniversary party in SMX last Sunday to bring me to Dampa. Colleen followed despite her very early shift the next day.

We had a hard time going to a resto because a bevy of waitstaff followed us and insisted we go to their respective paluto place. Jap and I left them with Dave and we hurriedly walked to Aling Tonya’s.


We had shrimps in garlic butter sauce, grilled mussels with cheese (my all time fave), sinigang na salmon belly sa miso, ensaladang mangga, grilled liempo, grilled tuna belly and a gigantic bowl of garlic rice.

I thought we’re only going to get pulutan because I thought we were just going to drink. I did not at all expect that we’d eat that much. Note to self: expect lamon time when with college buddies. Turned out, it was only me and Dave who washed the yummies with alcohol. SML for me and of course, Pale Pilsen for him. He was pretty bummed because Aling Tonya’s didn’t have the old bottle of Pale– FPJ bottle as he calls it. Jap, as usual, had coffee. Colleen had mango shake- which was a good idea because it was a windy yet warm night then.


The supermoon was out that night but I didn’t get to take a decent picture of it. Got to have a group picture taken though! :))

Our bill was 2500php. Not bad for all the dishes we ordered. Maybe we should have listened to the cutie gay waitress who suggested we get the specialty of the house– steamed baklang alimango. :p

ANYWAY… About the title… the reason is in this conversation–

Me: (talking to the girls) Let’s dress up a la Sex and The City!
Jap: Sounds fun!
Colleen: Game!
Dave: Ako si Carrie!!!!!!!!
Me: (muntikan lumabas ang beer sa ilong) Ang kapal-kapal ng mukha mo!!!
Dave: Ayaw mo na nga ako tawaging Thor kahit obvious naman sa katawan ko, ayaw mo pa akong tawaging Carrie?!?? Ang sama mo talaga!
Me: O sha, sige. Ikaw na si Thor! Short for NesThor!!!

I have crazy (and matatakaw) friends but I love them anyway! Basta ako si Charlotte at walang pwedeng kumontra. :p


listening to: Backstreet Boys – Get Down

Date with Jappy- Banapple and Hao

Jap called me last Tuesday night and asked how I was. Sakto naman na kakatapos lang ng dramafest ko noon so i told her, “Okay naman. kakatapos lang umiyak.” Said it like it was the most normal thing in the world. After all, it was just a cathartic cry from all the bs that was going on in my life that time. She panicked and demanded that we should see each other the following day. I said yes even if I wasn’t sure if she’d really get her lazy bum out of Paranaque to visit me in Makati.

And she really did!

Brought her to Banapple in Ayala Triangle Gardens. It was her first time there. (Read about my 1st time in Banapple Ayala Tri here.) I had the Hickory Smoked Barbecue Country Ribs (180php) and Carrot Honey Cheesecake (110php). Her dinner was the Herbed Chicken Rolls with Basil Cream Sauce (175php), Starry-Berry Cheesecake (90php) and several cups of cappucino. Jap is a coffee-addict, btw.


She said I had her very worried when I said I cried over *********** and I told her “Wushu! Gusto mo lang gumimik kaya mo ako pinuntahan!” She said sira ulo daw ako and that she wanted to be there for me because she’s not used to seeing me as the one in need of help. Because I’ve always been the one there for them in their struggles. Awwwww… :,) I have the best friends in the world! Ang titindi nilang mambola. :p

There was a stray cat under our table. Jap laughed when she saw it and joked that even if I keep on saying that I hate cats, the universe keeps on bringing them to me because I love cats and just won’t admit it. I think Jap is a crazy cat lady. I really don’t like cats! o_0


Went to Hao Diner after our delish Banapple dinner. It’s also her first time in Hao. (Read about my 1st time in Hao here.) We shared a pot of Spiked Margarita Tea (220php). Once finished, I ordered a glass a glass of red wine (120php) and she got a glass of coffee. Oh, the differences that we have! Normal ako. Abnormal siya. Bwahahahaha!

She asked how long we’ve been friends and I really feel she was just having a senior moment or just really bad in math because she asks that question to me like twice a year. I told her our bestfriendship is turning 14 years late this year. And I told her, yes. Ganong katagal ko na siya pinagtiya-tiyagaan. Hihi! But seriously, she’s the first real bestfriend I’ve ever had and I look forward to more years with Jappy. 🙂

I love you, Jap The Cat! Advance happy birthday! 🙂


listening to: Kennedy – Karate

Trip to Caliraya

Took advantage of the long vacay and went to Caliraya with 2 of my favorite friends.

The trip started in Alabang where Dave and I bought supplies from my all-time favorite Makati Supermarket, then at Countrystyle Northgate for coffee and donuts while waiting for Colleen to finish her shift. The trip to Cavinti, Laguna was filled with Dave’s old man sounds, my music that can turn anyone into a 12 year old blond girl or a 21 year old nigga in the club, Colleen’s craving for crabs (gusto niyang ngatain sa kotse), and exaggerated usage of our now fave expletives bobo-bobo and tanga-tanga c/o my horrible taxi experience with the driver cursing from Makati to Alabang. :p


Had dinner at Stop Over Kitchenette before heading to the vacation house. We were still full from adobo, tortang talong, and fried tilapia when we got to Sierra Lakes that we only had chips (yung sosyal naming chips hehe) with SML.

Drank at the balcony. Us girls didn’t want to go down to the deck because it was too dark, but we gave in around 3am after Dave assured us that our night-vision will work. Pero sa totoo lang, naawa lang kami sa kanya kasi mag-isa siya sa baba, singing I See A Darkness by Johnny Cash. :p It was a good experience by the lake at 3am. It was serene with hints of scary (may ghost daw dun eh) and annoying (because of mosquitoes). Slept around 4am.

I don’t know why but I woke up early the following day. I had to go to the caretakers’ because I had to ask for onions and garlic. Hindi kasi kami nakakuha sa Makati Supermarket, pero isang case ng beer hindi nakalimutan. :)) I cooked adobo fried rice, corned beef (with lots of onions) and spam. No omelet because we also didn’t get to buy eggs. Oo na. Kasalanan ko na. NOT.


After a couple of hours, we went out to get more supplies– like eggs, tomatoes, and booze. Dave brought us to see the Caliraya Lighthouse and the Japanese Garden before going back to Sierra Lakes.

Going back to the house = going back to the kitchen. I would like to send hugs and kisses to the caretakers, Ate Baby and Mang Guding for helping us in grilling the tilapia, bangus, porkchop, spareribs and making grilled eggplant salad. Ang sarap!!! Goodbye diet!!! Balik na naman ang chipmunk cheeks ko. Bundat lang talaga kami after. 🙂  Nagkwentuhan kami ni Mommy Colleen after and nagbuhay-baboy lang si David at humilata sa favorite spot niya sa bahay. :))


It was chicharon and rhum Coke for our 2nd night of drinking. More interesting topics this night than the first. More interesting topics meant finishing drinks faster. And so, by midnight, we drove to the nearest sari-sari store and settled for a gin-mango mix. I cooked mushrooms al ajillo too. By 5ish, I was already drunk. Don’t know if it was the full moon that made me drunk so fast. :p

Woke up with a nasty hangover. It’s a mystery why I still managed to wake up early and cook! Scrambled eggs with mushroom, fried sausages, fried eggplants for brunch. Lounged and took pictures until 4pm and headed back to Manila. Buh-bye haunted house by the lake. I hope to see you again! 🙂


I loved the soundtrip back to Manila- lots of songs from The Beatles and U2. I also loved making fun of the 3 stuffed toys we were with– Toshi the bear, Wanda the porndoll, and DJ or David Jr the devil. What I didn’t love was the heavy traffic in Pansol. We waited for it to subside. We had dinner in Makiling Onsen Hotel. Their sukiyaki juu, bibimbap, ramen, and sushi tasted were all blech! 😦 Buti na lang I was in good company at na-entertain rin ako nung mga bakasyonista sa pool na nagswimming na naka-shotts at tshirt. :p

I definitely had loads of fun from the vacay. I got to relax, laugh a lot, ate good food, and find out new things about my friends– like who snores. Hahaha!


I hope you also had a great extra long weekend. 🙂


listening to – The Black Crowes – Hard to Handle


May mga bagay ako na hinahanap-hanap. Tulad sa pulutan.

Matakaw ako. Saksakan ko ng hilig kumain, pero may mga tulad ng tokwa’t baboy, crispy kangkong, chicken wings (hassle lang simutin) at fish and chips (may angal? kung gusto kong pulutan ito?) na lagi kong gustong kapareha ng inumin kong beer, kahit anong may vodka, o actually… kahit anong matatamaan ako. Kahit pa gin bulag. Napaparami ang kain ko kapag mga ganito ang mga nasa hapag kainan. Keber sa diet. Tataba kung tataba. bawal ang tumatanggi sa grasya.


May mga bagay ako na hinahanap-hanap. Tulad sa pagkakaibigan.

Nabiyayan ako ng marami-raming grupo ng mga kaibigan– sa trabaho, sa church, at sa kung anu-ano pang mga lugar kung saan ako napadpad. Pero ang college barkada ko pa rin ang lagi kong binabalik-balikan. Sila ang grupo ng mga tao na kilala ako– kabaitan at kamalditahan pero mahal pa rin ako. Marami sa amin, nasa ibang bansa na o busy-busyhan sa trabaho o pamilya, pero panigurado na pag nagkita-kita, parang hindi naman kami nagkalayo. tatawa pa rin sa mga lumang jokes. Masesenti pa rin sa kahit ilang beses nang inulit-ulit kung paano nakilala ang isa’t-isa.


Ilang beses ko na itong sinabi at hindi ko ito pagsasawaang ulitin. Salamat sa Diyos sa masasarap na pagkain at mabubuting mga kaibigan.


Ang mga litratong ito ay kuha kagabi, sa mini-get together sa tavern Asia sa BF Homes (ang lugar na hinahanap-hanap ko rin madalas) namin para kay Joel. Ang baby bro namin na nagbabakasyon dito from Sg. We love you, bro!



listening to: El Debarge – Starlight Express (‘pag nagroadtrip sa CamSur, Bicol express… Bicol express…)

Bunny Family Night


The first bunny family of the year was held in Greenbelt last night. Dinner was at the newest (?) branch of Sumo Sam. I was already full from my McDo dinner in the office so I just had tofu miso soup and chicken teriyaki salad. I wish I just had unagi and the pomelo shrimp salad that Joko and Kwe had though. ^_^

I gave them special gifts pero hindi ko pwedeng sabihin kung ano yun. Basta laughtrip ang reactions nila! 😀

Dessert was at Pinkberry. They had watermelon yogurt with cheesecake, Heath bar and blueberries. I chose mango yogurt with strawberries and cheesecake bits. I liked it. 🙂

I got hungry again and I asked if we can go to McDo. Shempre, supportive naman sila sa katakawan ko! I wanted another cheeseburger meal again. There, we were entertained by this kid named Marco- a highschool looking boy who picked a fight with one of the young customers. Ewan ko sa kanila. Mukha ngang hindi pa mga tuli. Bwahahaha! Arrogant rich kids. Tsk tsk tsk.

Buti pa kami well behaved. And cute. And cuddly. Hahahaha!

“A friend is someone who knows who you are but loves you anyway.” ~ J. Cummings

True. I love my bunny family. 🙂


listening to: Mariah Carey – Honey

Lifestyling: Surfers’ Hao/BSide Night

I was suffering from migraine last Wednesday but I forced myself to get better so I can attend the Manila Surfers Association comp kickoff party at Hao Diner.

It was nice to see my friends, drink alcohol,


watch the couples pizza eating contest,


eat leftover pizza,


go to an afterparty in BSide,


have one of the members of Salbakuta take a picture of me with Kuya and his “balls”,


and continue to live a life of a poser-surfer. :p


Lifestylin’ yeaaaahhh! Hahaha!




listening to: David Guetta – Turn Me On

Paranaque Weekend

I had a really happy weekend in Paranaque with my longtime friends. I had more fun than I expected. 😀

Saturday afternoon, I went to Bricktown (near Merville) to visit my inaanak Marcus. My besty Jap also joined us. We talked about sharks, dinosaurs, Sleepy Hollow and getting good grades in school. I’m proud of my inaanak. Makus is growing up to be very smart, sweet and goodlooking. Manang-mana sa Ninang! ❤


And aside from those positive qualities, he’s also artistic! Here’s a picture of him drawing the Phantom of the Opera for me and Jap. Fine, kay Jap na siya mana sa pagiging artistic! :p


And kids say the darnest things, right? I can’t remember what our topic was when Makus said, “I care about love more than myself. I want them to be happy.” Wow, wow lang di’ba? 🙂


Another wow was the food Ate Myla cooked for dinner. 😀 Binagoongang baboy, steamed kangkong and okra, ginisang munggo and pritong bangus belly. Sarap sarap sarap! I do hope that Makus also got his mom’s talent in cooking! 🙂


Saturday night, Jap and I went to BF to see some of our college buddies Donnie, Colleen, Dave and Jim. Too bad Chie fell asleep and didn’t get to join us. :p Anyway, it’s always great to be with my college core group. 🙂


I missed being with my (straight) boybuds. And that’s even if for them all other boys are fags, pussies or wants to forcefully finger someone. LOL I can’t wait for Joel to vacay here in Manila so we can have another reunion! So that should be late March or early April! Yeaaahhh!


Another thing I liked about being with the gang was I got to drink and eat a lot without paying anything. Hahaha. Love you boys! Nakakatuwa na galante na kayo ngayon. Kuripot kayo nung college eh! Mwehehehe! :p We drank in this new bar called Recovery (in front of NLos) and drank some more in my fave bar Tavern Asia and had coffee and shawarma at Behrouz in Santana Grove.


Slept at Jap’s and when we woke up, Tita Marilyn cooked us lunch! Hotdogs, fried chicken and nilagang buto-buto! 😀 After lunch, Jap and I had coffee (for her) and tea (for me) in their backyard and just talked about stuff. And God knows how much I enjoy talking to my friends about stuff.


And by stuff, I mean all sorts of things. You know how girls are in conversations. We are very talented in jumping from one topic to another. :p before I went back to Makati, we went to Bon Heure and met up with another good friend of ours, Cindy. Of course, to talk about more stuff! Hahaha!

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine! 😉


listening to: 911 – Love Sensation

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