Mochi and Malt

My two sweet finds!


Found this when we went to Binondo. I’m not a big fan of hopia and tikoy so I decided to give mochi a try. I got 2 packs of mocha and 1 pack of choco-orange, 35php/pack. I liked both though I prefer the former. It’s not too sweet and it’s very good with coffee. I also think it’s great with vanilla ice cream. With chopped nuts and chocolate syrup. :D~

But wait. Mochi is a Japanese dessert. Why is it in Eng Bee Tin? Oh well. The Lucky Cat is also Japanese but it’s also always present in Chinese stores!


Kudos to Goya for being a great manggagaya! I love that they are copying popular chocolate products and making them almost as yummy and not as expensive.

I found the Goya Malt Crunch in Robinsons Pioneer  supermarket, so i guess it’s also available in other stores.  It’s just a tad sweeter than Maltesers. And it’s only 16php! I’m thinking of getting a 100+ packs and giving them on Christmas.  To myself. Hehe. :p


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My Mighty Wallet!

I am not ashamed to say that my favorite thing from attending events is getting freebies.

The goodie bag from Globe had this…

A Mighty Mouse Mighty Wallet! The Mighty Wallet® is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable. Made from Tyvek®. This wallet resists tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns, giving it incredible strength. See? It’s really mighty, mighty!

It was actually in my friend’s loot bag. The one in mine was a USS Enterprise wallet. When I saw it, I was like, “Uh… What the hell is this?” I asked my friend if he wants to trade his Mighty Mouse wallet with me and he readily said yes. apparently, the one I got is a Star Trek wallet. Sorry! I’m not familiar with intergalactic geekery. :p I’m not a fan of Mighty Mouse but I did watch the cartoons when I was still a little Iya. :p

I love my Mighty Wallet. It’s slim, just 1/8 of an inch I guess. It’s also lightweight but it can carry a hundred bills! hindi ko pa na-try pero sabi! Hehe! Kaso lang, nakaka-babae ang design! Daga na macho! Well, I’m planning to get this…

Cool beans, right? :p

I hope Quirks in Powerplant still sells these mighty money-keepers!


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PNoy’s Porsche and Doll

So our president bought a Porsche.

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I’ve read so many negative comments in Twitter and in FB about this, like it’s an insensitive gesture getting this in the middle of the transpo hike or that he he bought this swanky ride for his DOM checklist. May nagsabi pa na “A Porsche, it’s a little too cramped inside to get laid. But you’ll get laid, the moment you step out.”

Weh??? I mean… come on people… What the hell is your problem? It’s a 3rd hand Porsche for crying out loud. He used his personal funds to get it. I don’t know about the truth behind the two, but I still won’t care if they’re just lies. Magrereact na ako kung private jet na ang kinuha niya.

I am still not pro-Noy, but I think that some reactions are pathetic bordering on asinine. Maka-react na lang. Tse. But ok, I gotta admit, that DOM bit was hilarious. Mwehehe.

Anyway, another Aquino-related kwento…

Our team gave away these Precious Moments collectibles as gifts last Christmas.

Say hello to the Cory Doll and the Pnoy Doll.

Ang cute-cute, noh?

Kaso lang, hindi nila at all kamukha.



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Add awesome to water and what do you get? WATER PLUS!

Zest-O is not only known as the most popular juice in a doy pack in the Philippines, but also the makers of the best flavored bottled water in the country. Water Plus is Zest-O’s offering to the emerging active Filipino lifestyle. It comes in 3 variants: Apple, Grape and Lemon&Berries.  I got to attend their re-launch at Lu Restaurant in Rockwell a couple of weeks back. Got to drink the 3, paired with Lu’s delicious creations. Out of the 3 flavors, Apple is my favorite.

I don’t even like apples (unless already in a pie) but, I don’t know, Zest-O made apple likeable for me. :p

The attendees of  the re-launch/bloggers’ night were mostly runners and surfers and other sporty individuals as their marketing team is targeting people with active lifetysles. I don’t even have a sport, but handling call center recruitment events, I bet, is as (if not more) tedious as running 5k or paddling in and out of the water. Organizing a jobfair and interviewing dozens of applicants, at times, get me dehydrated and Water Plus is the perfect way to keep me nourished and on-the-go! :p Water Plus has no sugar, no salt. What is has are Fibersol and L-Carnitine that can help in burning calories faster!

Magic 89.9’s DJ Andi Manzano co-hosted the event. She’s also one of the Water Plus endorsers. Others are actor Jericho Rosales and DJ Grace Lee.

OUTSIDE SHOWBIZ, I have been endorsing Water Plus to my friends– especially friends who want to be as sexy as me. LOL. Or DJ Andi. I don’t recommend products that I don’t believe in. I guess my housemate thinks so too because when I opened our fridge, I saw that she filled it with lots of Grape Water Plus Reduce and some Apple. 🙂 I wish she also bought more Apple for me! Or Berries and Lemon, my second fave. :p

Another amazing thing that you can get out of water Plus is a Canon DSLR!!! How?

Read on!

Go! Drink and shoot now! 🙂 Have fun and good luck!


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Shirts for The Curious

Here are my colleagues Eumir and Terry wearing their Nat Geo Live Curious shirts.

They represent the words because they are smart and and and they ask a lot of questions! Hehe. I hope these shirts can really inspire people to seek for education and illumination.

I also want one!!! Only 495php @ Regatta! Goooowwwww!


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Fantastic Ford

I have veered away from driving since I lost my car last 2005. Also, I have an expired license. :p BUT if I were to drive again, I’d drive this baby.

This is the limited edition Ford Everest. Ok, I got to drive it for a bit (sobrang bit, parang hindi nangyari so don’t tell LTO hahaha) when we went to Fontana for Kassy’s birthday last weekend. I felt safe in this vehicle even if the weather was such a bitch. Even if it took us hours to get to our destinations (we also went to a surf spot in Liwa-liwa, Zambales) my butt didn’t hurt at all! Thanks to the very comfy leather seats! 🙂

Sobrang sosyal pa ng capabilities of this vroom-vroom. One of the happy moments in the car was when we called Kwe with the help of the Everest’s bluetooth. Speakerphone galore! Sound system’s excellent. another happy moment was when we sang Black Eyed Peas songs. party party! Tugs tugs tugs!

I ❤ this car so much that I’d want my next boyfriend to be as gwapo and as swabe as it. Also, I’d want my next bf to drive a Ford Everest.

This car is the perfect fit for the realistic-idealistic me.

Think about it.


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Buy Make-up!

Buy MAC make-up!

Check out my bestfriend Eunice’s site,

She has new goodies for your cheeks, eyes, lips… She also has pouches and brushes.

Go buy now!!!


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More Banio Kreek Farms Pictures

Thank you, Michaela Giles aka second cousin for the fantastic pictures! You’re stellar! Love you!

And thanks to Joko and her family for the warm welcome in their wonderland!


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Retouch using…

a compact with lights! Useful and attention grabbing. Ahlavet!

All of us vain chicas should have this.


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