Becky Ballers?


Who said walang becky sa hardcourt?

Well… ok, I don’t think Mr.FEU deliberately put his hand *there*. Just a matter of unlucky timing of having this awkward moment captured and circulated in the http://www. It must also be an unfortunate coincidence that Mr. State U gave that “ok lang” look.

Anyway, don’t fret, boys! You’re not the only victims of accidental beckiness c/o the quick and deadly sports cam.


Yiheee, Kobe! Kissy kissy! Mwah mwah!

Wow, Shaq. Hardcourt hardcore!


Thanks to @juantavinz124 for tweeting the 1st pic and to Alex B for sending me Kobe’s and Shaq’s. :p


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Punyeta kang bagyo ka.
Shit ka.
Hayop ka.


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Makati Fish(?)Balls

I saw this in front of The Collective after I attended the 20/20 art exhibit at the Outerspace Gallery last Saturday.

Hindi ko kinakaya ang nakasulat sa cart ni Kuya. Oh yes. Ganito talaga kami sa Makati!



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Let’s just say that UGLY starts with U.


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Belated Happy (?) Halloween

This is seriously one of the scariest photos I’ve ever seen posted in Facebook.

Got this from TIM YAP‘s wall.

TIM YAP = Tang Inang Mukha Yan Ang Pangit

I would have to agree with the acronym. Scary photoshopped eyes…

and then some.


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Babasagin ko na ang aking katahimikan.

Well, katahimikan pagdating sa usaping politika. Nangangati na talaga akong magreact eh.

O ano ngayon kung naka-orange baller si Ampatuan? Does that automatically mean na friends sila ni Villar? Kumain ako ng Chowking Orange Chicken to support Jericho. Does that mean na friends kami? Hindi! Waaaah… Echo! Lol, I digress.

Seriously, magbasa na lang tayo ng Time magazine.


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Baby Awesome!

I’d like to share my current camphone wallpaper…

Isn’t my goddaughter so dang adorable?

Time flies so fast. She’s not tiny anymore! And it’s only been three and half months . I think my theory is correct. Carla is already feeding Caitlin lechon and chicharong bulaklak.

Baby, wait for Ninang Vibes. Don’t go on a foodtrip alone!


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Choutte alors!

After singing Lady Marmalade and stressing the infamous line Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir), you might want to add some foreign flair to your lovemaking/sexytime/churchur using these phrases:

How come I did not learn these phrases when I took up French back in college? I’m one sad former Catholic schoolgirl.

And wait. Did I read right? Easy tiger? Vas-y mollo?

Hahaha! Oooh la la!


Ate L**, you might find this useful– just in case you get involved with a sloppy, yet superhot French dude. :p


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Smack that!

Grabbed this image from my cousin’s tumblr account.

As expected, Clottey bagged that sorry space.  Today’s fight was a very boring fight. It’s a wonder why it even reached Round 12. And no K.O.? Anlabo, but oh well, can’t judge. I don’t understand boxing. Basta sapak lang ng sapak. Yaaaaay for Pacman’s FPJ move!

Congratulations, Manny! I still not a fan, but I really am impressed with how you can unite Pinoys all over the world because of your amazing talent.

Joshua Clottey, better luck next time. You really look like Akon. And for that, naSMACK THAT ka tuloy ni Pacman.


listening to: Akon – Smack That

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