Coffee & Cupcakes @ SLICE

Chocolate, yema, and cupcakes– these are a few of my favorite things. I’d like to thank my lucky stars and the food gods for Slice‘s Choco-Yema Cupcakes!

So a couple of weeks ago (haha, sorry late post), I went to BGC to satisfy my craving. It wasn’t hard to tag my friends along because… well… who in his right mind would say no to cupcakes? ūüėÄ

{Carlo and Argel in front of Slice, the cafe is right beside Jamba Juice}

And there must be coffee, of course!

{cappuccino served with granola}

I loved that their capuccino was served with granola. The coffee packed a punch. I actually regretted getting it because I had a hard time sleeping after. My fault. I shouldn’t drink coffee past 6pm. A must-have in the morning, me thinks. I’m not sure how early Slice opens though.

{Carlo with the cuppycakes!!!}

The cupcakes were smaller than I expected but I’d rather have quality than quantity any day. In that case, the cuppycakes did not disappoint! Masarap nga! Even Carlo (our very maselan/choosy friend na ayaw magpa-picture) liked it!

If¬†¬†Argel¬†says something is¬†“masarap” for at least 5x, it means it’s REALLY good.¬†Heard¬†him say the Choco-Yema Cupcake was delish 4x. He said I just didn’t hear the 5th time because I was away, smoking. There’s no smoking area in Slice. I’m sure¬†Sen.¬†Pia Cayetano wouldn’t approve. #1 She bats for non-smoking in public places.#2 She owns Slice. ūüôā¬†¬†

image{Argel and I ready to judge the Choco Yema cupcake}

Okay. Choco-Yema Cupcake. A.Wow… B.Yum… C.Wow,yum!!! If I grew up with these around,¬†I would’ve been a fat kid. I practice¬†displine now, so I’ll have it just every time I’m in High Street! :p¬† I feel it would be a crime against myself if I don’t eat¬†it¬†if ¬†I’m just in the area.

Mmmmm… moist cake… luscious frosting… And it’s just (if I remember it correctly) 70php a pop! Not bad for a cupcake in High Street, yes?

{choco yema cupcake and rocky road & s’mores cupcake}

If there was a beauty contest for cupcakes, Slice’s Red Velvet will not be my bet. BUT this humble looking thing is probably the yummiest red velvet cupcake I’ve ever had. This is considering I don’t like my dessert too sweet and I love my frosting thick.

{honest to goodness red velvet}

The S’mores Cupcake was good but nothing to write home about. Liked the chocolate base but wasn’t delighted with the toppings. Now maybe if it had more melted mallows… Haha! Anyway, I’ll try the Citrus Burst next time. Para hindi naman ako ma-uta sa puro tsokolate.

For a resto that has been around for less than a year, Slice’s menu¬†has a lot to offer. Friends say that I¬†should go¬†back for their Brown Arroz Caldo, Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich¬†and Seafood Puttanesca. I’m definitely trying those and also getting their other desserts!

And of course, getting more Choco-Yema Cupakes! Ahahay! I have to remember to eat with caution!


7th Ave. corner 29th St. South, Ground Floor West Superblock (beside Jamba Juice)
Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City
+632 565-1998
+63 905 202-3814


listening to: Globe – Feel Like Dance

Ospital, Sisig, Concierto at Deciembre

DECEMBER— my favorite month (and? but?) also the month that gives me the most stress. Christmas should be about love and joy and giving but for the past few years it just means GASTOS to me. Add to the fact that it’s also my birth month. My stress levels have doubled because I’m turning 30 this year and I still don’t have a party plan. Arrrrgggghhh! What is birthday blues? :\

ANYWAY. I trust that things will fall into place and God will not allow me to celebrate my special day and His special day in agony. ūüėÄ In fact, He gave me a good end of November and a great start of December.

What what? Here here. :p

Yesterday, after my shift in our Career Cafe 2 Go booth in Trinoma (Eperformax, Level 3… go visit!) I went to UST. One of my closest boybud’s Tita has been sick and we visited her in the UST Hospital. At first I didn’t want to go because hospitals freak me out but for me and my family, there’s something special about the UST hospital.

You see, the last time I was there was when I was 6 or 7 years old. My mom was sick. She had benign cancer (one teeny bit away from becoming malignant) and the trips there when I was young were, of course, worrisome. Being there after 20something years just made me realize that there really is hope and that I love the UST hospital because my mom was¬†cured! Without the very able UST doctors,¬†I wouldn’t have my mommy now! :,) Therefore, I trust that they will also make my friend’s Tita okay. Well, with the help of St. Thomas, I guess. :p Please God, make my friend’s Tita healthy!!! Please, please, please!!! :,)

After the hospital visit, we went to Almer’s in Dapitan.

How I missed their sisig! When I was still teaching in University of Perpetual Help, my students would always bring me to Almer’s and we’d go back to school still smelling like sisig! Hehe! Asenso na ang Almer’s. Their gravy is now in aluminum pitchers and they have new stuff on their menu, like JERK CHICKEN.

I swear, I know a jerk who loves chicken. This is what I call douchebag food. Harhar! But wait. Let’s rewind a bit. Gravy, you ask? Yes, in Almer’s, chili-toyomansi is not the cool thing to have with sisig. It’s gravy. The more, the better. Drown your sisig in gravy. Drown your rice in gravy. Go. I dare you. You will like it. Joko did! ūüėÄ

I actually drowned my rice in lomi. Good lomi. It’s just 55php. The sisig’s 50php, I think. Sorry,¬†I didn’t have time to take a good picture of the sisig because we were too hungry and too excited to eat. We had to go back to the campus to catch the UST Symphony Orchestra.

But we didn’t leave without having dessert first. Shempre kelangan sosyal na sosyal rin ang dessert¬†para lumevel sa Almer’s dinner namin! Mwehehehehe! Ano pa nga ba? Eh di chocnut! ūüėÄ Only 1.50php at the nearby sari-sari store!

After our awesome dinner in Dapitan, we headed back to Uste. To the Santisimo Rosario Parish. There, we witnessed a good number of the university’s Conservatory of Music alumni sing English and Tagalog Christmas songs. My favorite (and the crowd’s, too) was when they got a little boy to sing with them. And the little boy reminded me of Happy Feet 2’s Eric! Super cute and super talented kid! Btw, I will blog about Happy Feet tomorrow or next week. ūüėÄ Going back,¬† another crowd favorite was the number of the soprano, Miss Rachelle Gerodias. She’s a-maaaa-ziiiiing!

After the concert, we went to our friend’s house for a couple of bottles of Tanduay Ice and SML, sugar-free cafe latte ice cream and kwento. We talked about the friendzone, costumes for the bookclub and company Christmas parties, life, sickness, gratitude, family solidarity, love, hearts in a jar, douchebag exes and a whole lot more. We finished around 12:30am, December 1. I’m grateful that I was able to welcome December in the company of great friends in a 1920’s house in a city far from home. Not how I expected this month would start, but grateful that it’s how it came to be.

And before I end this entry, I want to share my like a boss pose¬†at my friend’s ancestral house’s sala.

Happy December, everyone! Eat great food, love your family and friends, sing Christmas carols and continue to hope and pray for the best! ūüôā


listening to: Kampana ng Simbahan

Bagnet and Fete

8065 Bagnet is just a 5minute-walk from where I live and it took me almost 2 years to eat there. No particular reason for the delay. Baka, it was just meant to be. Hehe!

Anyway, Joko and I, before heading to Fete de la Musique, went to the hole in the wall alledgedly serving rave-worthy Ilocano deep-fried pork belly dishes.

Both of us decided on getting from the budget meal section. All budget meals come with rice and soup. The soup was plain broth with some pechay baguio, and maybe some magic because Joko kept on saying how good it was, hehe. Didn’t get to mind the soup, because I was too busy texting Eunice about what’s happening in Fete. That time, Cynthia Alexander was on stage. Tsk.

This was Joko’s Bagnet meal of choice: Original Bagnet with rice (plain upgraded to bagoong) and manggang hilaw and bagoong. 100php for the Original Bagnet meal. Cannot remember how much¬†Joko had to add for the rice upgrade.¬†Sola iced tea for 45php.¬†

105php for my Bagnet Sisig Meal and 25php for my Coke 12oz

Both of us were satisfied with our meals.¬†The bagnet’s meat¬† was flavorul and¬†not tough at all, the skin was very¬†crunchy. I didn’t even need to get a dipping sauce of soy sauce-calamansi-chili for the sisig. It was cooked and seasoned perfectly.

Their other dishes seem golden, too.¬†Now, if¬†I don’t feel like getting food from Phines, Katvanria or Mang Rudy’s, I will get my lazy ass and hungry tummy to the next street and probably get their Kare Kareng Bagnet and Tortang Talong. Or their Steamed Fish in Spicy Gata (yesss they have fish and chicken dishes as well!!!).¬†And I will have their¬†Frozen Buco Pandan.¬†

And wait! Another good thing about 8065 bagnet is that they have free wi-fi! ūüėČ So you can easily update your Twitter, FB and Foursquare where you are and what you’re eating! :p I know, I did!

Needless to say, the trip to 8065 was a win.

Fail for the 2011 Fete.

It was hellish to get to the 7 stages because they were contained in restobars (Keg, Scarlet, Craft, Amber, Draft, Katsu, and Trio). Joko and our other friends, after skating went to Craft for the Franco set. Much as I wanted to catch the band, I opted to drink at Roadhouse with Jeeves after swearing that I will see Franco in a more pleasant venue. The only stage where I got to reminisce the joys of oldskool Fete was the one held at Arts in the City. I enjoyed the performances of Escola de Samba de Manila  and Merzhine as much as I enjoyed staying in the airconditioned VIP area faaaaaaaarrr from the not-so-fun crowd of mostly artsy yuppies and some pretentious kids.


Thanks to Joko for the pics! ūüôā


Bagnet 8065
8065 Estrella St.,
San Antonio Village,
Tel. No. 5196511
Open Mon-Thu, Sat: 11am ‚Äď 12mn; Fri & Sun: 11am ‚Äď 1am


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The H-Lab

All I knew last Saturday was we were going to New Manila to help Maricris look for a place for the discussion of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything that she’s going to moderate. Well, I asked Joko where we’re going and I just heard her say, “Hwababababa Lab.”

Potek, ano daw? In my head, I decided to call it the H-Lab.

We arrived at our destinationР10a Alabama St, E. Rodriguez. The gate made sure that we were in the right place.


So we went it and saw these shoes before seeing the lab with a name we can’t pronounce. Assstiiiggg. Can’t wait to do this to my old Chucks! :p

The left wing has the tea lab called HAUSBESETZER. So¬†hindi pala Hwababababa. :p Hahaha! According to google, hausbesetzer means squatter in German. I wanted to ask Jetro Rafael (one of the owners of Haus and¬†owner of the resto Van Gogh is Bipolar) why they chose this name, but I was shy to because he was busy gardening. He’s nice but¬†I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt his time with the little oregano plant. :p

The lab’s cabinets are filled with tea, biscuits&crackers, artsy items and other interesting stuff like a set of Make Your Own Absinth and moisturizer in test tubes.¬†The long table has a wide array of tea flavors and munchies. There aren’t a lot of choices found in the menu– only 2 kinds of pasta, a rice meal, a sandwich, several kinds of sausages and quite a few beverages.

The fridge has carabao milk ice candy, Goldschlager in test tubes, ginger beer et cetera.¬†No prob if there aren’t a lot of food yet¬†because the place is new, and really, even if there were only 2 items in the menu, I’d still go there for the art and the ambiance.

All the rooms in the house have contemporary art pieces by Resurrection and by RAA Design¬†that are for sale. I like the room with matchboxes and postcards. ūüôā

I sat on this chair because they told me Jericho Rosales bought it and it’s¬†just waiting to be picked up. Hihihihi! *kiiliiiig*

I had coffee with carabao milk in the garden. This section is still under construction but I loved it anyway. ūüôā

I would love to go back to Hausbesetzer on a rainy day to enjoy¬†its offbeat coziness some more. I’d probably bring my¬†addicted-to-caffeine/gaga-over-aesthetics friends,¬†Yo and Jap.¬†

I suggest you bring your friends to 10a Alabama especially those who are like me- in dire of little adventures here in the city! And if you need more adventure, you can check out the house in front of 10a Alabama. 

Makes me wonder if Alabama St. used to be known as Balete Drive.


I only had biscuit and crackers and coffee in Hausbesetzer. Will definitely be back to try the pasta and sausages!


listening to: The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger

Bulalo and Lichens

There were supposed to be 6 of us set for the Tagaytay trip last Sunday, but Kwe got sick, Mari’s family came to town and Shani cannot be contacted. So after quick drinks in Heaven¬†& Eggs, we headed south for the r&r we were all dying to get. Dying? Haha, baka ako lang pala ‘yun. :p

That’s me with my vanilla low-fat milk and my bemused expression. Low-fat to prepare me for the foodtrip hahaha and bemused because I heard a name that I wasn’t prepared to hear double hahaha. Almost choked btw. :p New thing about H&E, they already have live music. We missed Carla because the guy sang The Promise and Mad World. Sayang, walang Jason Mraz. Wahahaha.

After an hour drive¬†¬†and listening to happy (adjective synonymous to GAY) sounds, we attended mass in¬†Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel. The gospel was about love and hope and forgiveness. Errrr… ahhhh… God¬†naman. Always nananadya. Hehe. :p Lighted¬†a blue candle for me and my loved ones.¬†Good girl na sana, but¬†when we saw a monkey¬†near the parking lot, I immediately called it Jose. When it didn’t respond to that name, I tried ALL names of my exes. I think it warmed up to “Jeff”? Na hindi ko naman ex. Hahaha.

Lunch was at Antonio’s Grill (or The Grill by Antonio’s). Had bulalo, ensaladang mangga and¬†pritong hito with buro. I wanted tawilis but it wasn’t available. Guess I’ll just have it with sinigang the next time I’m in Tagaytay.¬†Maybe in Mahogany Market.¬†The bulalo of Antonio’s was delish but I’ve definitely had better. Like my mom’s or Myrna’s in QC.¬†Antonio’s¬†hito with buro, however, was probably the best I’ve ever had. ūüôā

Coffee/tea and cake at Taal Vista Lodge after. This is where I sang Brokenhearted Me to the waitress kaya hindi na siya bumalik sa table namin. Too bad, she didn’t see me¬†singing and dancing to Sexy Back. Hehe. Taal Vista was also¬†where¬†we¬† talked about condensation, music, love, (amazing)¬†lichens, seahorses et cetera. Also¬†where most of the photos were taken. Most of them of me. :p

Soup and bread dinner in Buon Giorno. Loved my Crema de Funghi and bread with evoo/balsamic vinegar. Looked like Joko was also glad with her Minestrone and Mike was also satisfied with his Zuppa di Zucca Arrosto.¬†¬†ūüôā Dessert was at Mochiko, but I skipped the sweets and just walked around the Cliffhouse.

That was an enjoyable and calming Tagaytay trip.¬†¬†I wish I can go back before June ends… Or before monster typhoons arrive. ūüôā

Ow-kaaaaaayyy… it wasn’t a tranquil trip from start to finish. I kicked the door of Taal Vista’s washroom because someone’s an idiot.¬†:p Good thing the Tagaytay weather was able to cool my head within a matter of minutes. Hahaha!


listening to: Metronomy – On Dancefloors

If you can’t play, display.

Yan ang motto ko sa Baler trip namin nila Joko, Marie, Aimee, Pedro, Jayson at Enzo last month.

Check out the coconut trees. Yep. Mahangin ang dating namin sa Baler. May matandang lalaki kasi na “mayabang” na nagsabi na kaya niyang paarawin sa halagang 20 pesosesoses.

Nakayuko kami para hindi matamaan ng aming mga pretty heads ang mga nakasampay na mga sarong at twalya. Ang pinagpipiyestahan namin dyan ay pancit canton, chicharon at ang ensaladang kamias-itlog maalat-kamatis ni Papa Jay.

Eto naman ang aso na nangangarap maging surfer. Ang alon ng Baler ay hindi pang-beginners. Ilusyonadang arf arf.

Malamang si Enzo ang tinitignan ni Doggie. First time nga palang magsurf ni Enzo niyan. Ako ay nagagalak na hindi siya nilamon ng alon ng tuluyan kahit na ilang beses siyang na-wipeout.

Eto naman ako na pumo-photo-opp bago dungawin ang nangyayari sa karagatan.

At eto naman ang surf shot ko. Bahahahahahahahaha!

And this is with me with my girls and Britney the surfboard. Oo, hindi ako huminga sa shot. Mukha akong butete sa sobrang dami nang nilantak kong pagkain sa weekend na ‘yan.

Sila rin. Maraming chinibog sa weekend na ito. I love Baler. Ang sulit ng pagkain. Nomnomnom. Mabuhay ang Bay’s Inn!

After lumamon, magkape. Mga boys, siguraduhin na ang gamitin na cup ay may bulaklak na design para very manly. Wag kalimutang itaas ang pinky. Para alta ang dating.

Sa pagbalik sa Maynila, kumain sa may highway. Umorder ng madami. Papaitan, lechon paksiw, dinengdeng, dinuguan, kaldereta, gulay na mais.

Pumili ng sosyal na kainan. Tulad ng…


listening to: Does It Offend You, Yeah – We are Rockstars

Belated Happy Easter!

I went home to Bataan for the Holy Week break. The night before I did, the s.o. of one of my colleagues gave us a basketful of Easter treats.

Thanks Tim for the chocolate eggs, jelly beans and mallow chicks!

It’s true. There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with CHOCOLATE.


Good Friday was just spent at home. I finished reading American Gods and started with My Daily Bread. I also stuffed my face with home cooked food and sari-sari store-bought junk.

We grilled some eggplant, fish, squid and porkchop. We also had some burong mangga and freshly picked indian mangoes.

Peanuts, candied beans, chocnut and ube-langka candies for merienda.

I have no right to get pissed for gaining 3lbs over the break.


Went to Mafi’s afternoon of Black Saturday. I will always be thankful that we live so close to the beach.

Despite the sad things going through my mind, I was happy and carefree that moment. Obvious naman sa picture, di’ba? Hehehe.

Eto pa. vanity shot naman.


Had to go back to Manila right after Easter mass and lunch.

My bunnykids (Joko and Kwe) and I changed our profile pics in fb to our Happy Bunny pic of choice.

This is what I chose:

This was in line with my week-long LSS of Daft Punk’s Digital Love.


But wait, there’s more! (lol how unoriginal) I found out from our parish priest that Pope John Paul II held mass at the Vietnamese refugee camp in our town 30 years ago. How cool is that? ūüôā

A shrine for him will be inaugurated on May 2 at the former Philippine Refugee Processing Center (PRPC) ‚Äď now Bataan Technology Park, Inc. (BTPI).

And with that, let me end my Easter 2011 post with a quote from the soon to be beatified Pope.

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”
~ Pope John Paul II



listening to: The National – So far Around the Bend

Photoheavy, just the way I likey.


You can¬†find me in Murphy’s Irish Pub Tuesday nights. Why? Quiznight. May nasasagot ba ako? Errr… uhhh… meron naman. Basta ganito, I harrassed everyone in our group (PG) to make me their lucky charm. Or taga-pass ng paper.

Here are my some of the PG members! Matatalino yan lahat! may member pa dyan ng MENSA! :p I have a scratch paper to prove this. :p

Me, Joko, Vlad, Rudi, Maj, Jeeves, Mike, Blooey (other members are Shani, Joseph, Aji, Mac, Bo, Kyx…)

It was Enzo’s first time to join PG when the pics were taken. Siya ang nagdala ng camera. Halatang first-timer. Or turista. :p

Quiz usually ends 11ish. After this night’s quiz, we went to Saguijo for Radiohead Night. It sucked. I disliked most of the versions, esp Turbo Goth’s. ūüė¶



I love BF. No, Nico. Not boyfriend. BF Homes. =)

Had steak sandwiches at Grand Dad’s with Zo, Jap and Yo.

Then we walked across the street for videoke at Havana.

No idea what I was singing when this was taken. My bet is Gary V’s Di Na Natuto.

Fave songs that night were Magasin (that Jap translated into English), Easy (not Dragonette’s but Lionel Richie’s), Breakeven and Halik.



Yes! I got to watch STP live!!! I had fun even if I only got to sing along with 3 of their songs! Apparently, I can’t cram music and lyrics in my head 4 hours before¬†a concert. :p

Thanks to our friends from Philippine Star for the tickets!

Guess who was one of the heartbroken fans coz Sour Girl wasn’t part of the setlist?

Clue: NOT ME! But I had to suffer the consequences of STP not playing Sour Girl. Hahaha!!! Si Joko kasi nanood, hindi tuloy tinugtog! :p



Wine night!!! AKA Tonight with Enzo T! Hahaha! It was fun and a bit awkward listening to my girlfriends ask stuff regarding relationships to my ex. Next time, ibang ex naman ang dalhin sa Wine Night para pwede rin ako magtanong! Harharhar!

Wait, konting katahimikan at pagsesenti. We had this the day Japan was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami. ūüė¶ We realized that life is indeed short and we should¬†be thankful for¬†the fact that we are alive.

Pero ito gusto ko ipa-anod sa tsunami.

He wasn’t punching me. He was doing a Scott Weiland dance step. Sabi ko nang nagsuffer ako dahil hindi tinugtog ng Stone Temple ang Sour Girl. May scarf pa ‘yan dyan. Hindi lang kita ang props niya.

Eto pa ang isang umi-Scott Weiland.

Haha ang win ng expression ni Maricris sa dance ni Joko! :p



Caitlin’s beautiful ninangs visited her. So, ako, si Joko and Kassy ang sinasabi ko. :p Our baby panda gets cuter everyday!

We had lunch at Romulo Cafe and this deserves a review. Next week na lang. But in a nutshell, their food is good. Babalikan ko ang baby squids nila! ūüėÄ

After lunch, we had coffee and dessert in Starbucks Eastwood while we waited for Joko to finish her book discussion. Agave after. This¬†WASN’T¬†the time when the unlimited margarita¬†gave me a blasted hangover.



Another day with Cait! This time with Kwe! Happy! Kahit sumakit ang ulo namin sa pag-explain namin sa kanya ng RH Bill at ng punk rock so early in the morning.

Best playtime moment with Cait was when we read her a book and she kept on patting the bunny in the book. She loves bunnies! Wheeeee! ūüôā Ok, ganito yun kasi. I am Mommy Bunny and Joko and Kwe are my bunnykids. Gets? Gets. Good.

Had our lamon moments in Bagoong Club (lunch) and Gayuma (dinner).

Will blog reviews next week!!! Pero sasabihin ko na ngayon na ang SARAP ng sinigang ng Bagoong Club and wala ng Better Than Sex sa Gayuma. Well… iniba ang name.

In between the lamon moments, we watched Catch Me I’m in Love. Ito yung time na pinagnasaan ko ang abs ni Gerald Anderson. After dinner, I went to Agave and that was when I had one of the worst hangovers of my life. Hahahaha!!!



Casa Nami is now my favorite place. =) Went to the Wahine-Bahine night. I found out something of grave importance (na kung pwede lang ako hindi pumasok the following day eh  maglalasing ako! lol) and the Migraine Girls were born. LOL. Hindi connected yan, btw.

Here’s Erin, Bea S, Gillian, Joko and me! =)

And this is me with surf champ (everything is better with abs) Migui!


There. I feel much much better now that I’ve posted these pics. LOL.

Next week, I will blog about my Holy Week in Bataan, the Taken by Cars album launch (yep attended this), and the Bunny Night at Trellis. =)



listening to: Harem Scarem – Something to Say

Beach? Baler! Boom!!!

Done with my beachfix!

We went to Sabang, Baler 2 weekends ago¬†to surf.¬†Okay. Joko, Pedro, Jayson, Marie, Aimee and Enzo went there to surf. I went there to eat and and commune with nature. Fine. Only my feet touched the sea, but I still got stoked! ūüėÄ

We left Manila¬†1:30am and I thought I’d fall asleep during the trip. I should have drank more beer in Chic-Boy before I got my ass in the car. :p The trip to Baler was fun. Except when we got to the part of the rough road where there was a thick fog. Skeri kaya! napayosi na lang ako sa anxiety at sa lamig! Actually, gusto ko lang talaga magyosi haha! We arrived in Sabang around 7. The travel time might have been shorter if we knew which roads to take. Pero kudos to Jayson for driving fast and Joko for being an awesome (and talkative) navigator pa rin. ūüôā

Haaayyy… Baler, Baler, Baler… I immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the place. Probinsya kung probinsya. Walang keme keme. It wasn’t sunnywhen we got there so I was a bit worried¬†for my¬†new swimsuits. LOL.¬†Eh sabi kasi ng friend namin na si Jeeves, “If you can’t play, display!” But we were so¬†hungry. I had to choose between stuffing my tummy and hiding behind a cover-up OR¬†starving myself and sporting a flat tummy. Aba, ako ito, so naturally, I chose the former.

Hence, I did not have a flat tummy.

WAHINES! photo c/o Alfred Asuncion


Anyhoo, going back, We had our first Baler meal at Bay’s Inn.

Most of us had the Pinoy Big Breakfast: fried fish, tocino, scrambled eggs and garlic rice. This was served with coffee and juice.

Enzo and I, being the gluttons that we are, also ordered Hot and Sour Soup and a plate of bacon.

We enjoyed our brekky so much that we had all our meals in Bay’s Inn. ūüôā Well, except for one that we had in MM (the lodge that served as our home for 2days). We had pancit canton, red egg-tomato-kamias salad and chicharon c/o Jayson. Sarrrraaaappp!

After eating, we arranged our stuff in MM’s and rested for a few. Ako few hours. Natulog ako agad. Hehe. When I woke up, I watched my friends ride the waves. I also watched Zo’s very first surfing experience.


Basically, the activities were: eating, drinking,¬†dropping witty lined and surfing for them. Eating, drinking,¬†dropping witty lines and watching for me. We got to attend 2 parties. The first one sucked. Won’t detail na lang baka may makabasa at ma-offend. LOL. The second one seemed fun. Can’t really judge the 2nd coz I had an in-between drinking spree. Mmmmmm… 50php sangria… mmmm… :p ¬†The only things¬†I saw in the 2nd party were an awesome poi exhibition (galing ni Joko!!!) and a big bottle of Baler lambanog. Ang sarap. May raisins pa! We were all asleep by 2am.

The Hot Happy Hut Crew minus Aimee (tinulugan kami eh hehehe), photo c/o Gillian Largoon

We all got up by 7. Shempre, early to bed, early to rise. The earlier you get into the water, the more waves you can catch. Whuuutttt? :p

No brekky this morning, unless we count the Nutrigrain (healthy poptarts… fine masarap naman pala) from Joko and mineral water. Everybody was too excited to surf. Here’s a pic of¬†Zo carrying the longboard for his 2nd surfing lesson. Yung lalake na nasa kaliwa na bato-bato ang katawan, instructor niya from Mahdox Surf. It’s not Madox. it’s MAHDOX.

And here’s moi, holding his Lumix. Ang bespren ko habang lahat silang lahat ay nasa dagat!

And here’s me with my NFF, Kyla. Ang local kid na gustong magpicture-picture! :p

After a heavy brunch in our Happy Hut (the coolest hut in Bay’s Inn… kasi doon kami nakatambay hahaha)

and a light merienda of beer and mojos sa harap ng dagat,

we packed our stuff and said goodbye to Baler.

Bye-bye, state of the art, MM Lodge! We’re gonna miss our 700php for 4 fanroom! :p

More kulitan on our way back to Manila. May stop over pa at LJ’s Kainan. Hindi eatery. Hindi karinderya. IT’S KAINAN. I hope the next time we go to Baler, it will be as chill and as fun as this first time. =)

Baler beach hits! BOOM!


listening to: Smashing Pumpkings – Bullet with Butterly Wings

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