Bittersweet Night @ Murphy’s

We may have faced a bitter defeat from getting 5th place in the quiznight at Murphy’s two Tuesdays ago, but it was also the night that we faced sweet victory from 3 of the Irish pub’s desserts…

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Chocolate Mousse (we added salt, masarap pala :P)

and my personal fave Triple Chocolate something-something

Ang mga mukha ng mga naka-5th place…

Ang mga mukha ng mga nakarami ng dessert…

Oh well, got over it. We won 1st place last week. Hopefully, we can do it again tomorrow. If not, I’d be happy with 3rd place. I have yet to experience making a guest quiz. :p


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After the VERY SPECIAL trip to the famous Mang Larry’s isawan, Yo, Zo and I went to the Bahay ng Alumni for camwhoring then to the SC for Rodic’s.

This is my favorite pic from the Bahay ng Alumni camwhoring. My besty has kickass spatial intelligence, even if the ex doesn’t agree. LOL.

How she achieved this fantastic shot? Eto.

This is our attempt in spelling Eunice’s nickname. Haha, hindi mukhang YO. Mukhang Y8, di’ba? Nyahaha. #fail

Flowers at the Shopping Center for ze Valentine’s season.

Rodic’s tapsilog!!!

Iya + Yo = perfect combo just like tapsilog + sinigang na baboy of Rodic’s

The YoZo combo? Ewan ko lang ha…

Yo at the UP Chapel =)

Next stop: Conspiracy.


Pics from Eunice and Enzo


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Sino si Mang Larry?

Maraming mga celebrities na galing UP. Ilan dito ay sila Ryan Cayabyab, Atom Araullo, Sarah Geronimo, Sharon Cuneta, Tuesday Vargas, Angel Aquino, Jessica Soho, Lucy Torres-Gomez, at shempre pa, ang THE Eraserheads. Karamihan sa mga nabanggit ko ay nakita ko na in person. Pero wala sa kanila ang nakapagpa-starstruck sa akin.

Well, fine, starstruck pala ako ng very light nung nakita ko one time si Ely Buendia sa BF Paranaque.

Ang kauna-unahang “celeb” from UP na talagang napa-jawdrop ako sa mangha ay walang iba kung hindi si….


Hindi niyo kilala si Mang Larry? Aba, pwes, ibig sabihin nito ay hindi niyo pa na-encounter ang supermegafamous isawan niya. Matatagpuan ito sa tapat ng Kalayaan Hall, mga tatlong tambling mula sa SC at mga labing-apat na tambling plus dalawang kembot from Bahay ng Alumni. Noong nag-aaral pa ako sa UP, inaa-araw-araw ko ang isaw baboy ni Mang Larry. May mga nakikita akong fellow UP-ians (haha whaaat) ko at mga Atenista, mga taga-Miriam at kung saan saan pang karatig pook. Balita ko nga, napagtapos ni Mang Larry ang mga anak niya sa kolehiyo dahil sa isawan niya.

Noong Sabado, binitbit namin ni Eunice ang kaibigan naming Lasalista na si Enzo sa UP para siya ay iligaw sa lagoon pagulungin sa Sunken Garden ipasyal. Ang isawan ni Mang Larry ang una naming pinagdalhan sa kanya.

Ang haba ng pila. Pero mabilis naman ang galaw. Buti na lang kasi nabubutas na ang tiyan ko sa asido mula sa pagkagutom noon. Atat na ako sa favorite kong isaw baboy and dirty ice cream combo.

Noong nagbayad kami, nakaharap ko ang isang mama na ang daming bling-blings. para lang galing Saudi. Tinanong ko siya…

“Kayo po ba si Mang Larry?”

“Oo. Ako nga si Mang Larry.”

“Pwede po bang magpapicture?” 

“Aba, oo sige!”

O diba? Ang dali lang kausap ni Mang Larry. Hindi ko na ipopost ang picture namin, dahil mukha akong bruha doon. Eto na lang si Eunice at Enzo na kausap siya. Ito yata ‘yung in-explain ni Mang Larry kung bakit special ang special isaw nila.

At tignan niyo ang Cart (#11)… hindi lang Isawan yan. FAMOUS ISAWAN AT UP CAMPUS QC pa ‘yan! O ha?! O ha?!


Kaya sa susunod na mapadpad kayo sa Peyups, ‘wag kalimutan na pumunta sa may Kalay para namnamin ang isaw, barbeque, betamax, chicharon etc etc ni Mang Larry. Maari din kayong mamili sa sweet vinegar at spicy vinegar. Wag niyong gagayahin si Enzo. Hindi iced tea yung nasa plastic jugs. Suka yon. Suka. Maasim. Hindi panulak ng isaw. may tinda rin silang C2, bottled water at softdrinks.

Pasensya na hindi ko maalala ngayon ang presyo ng mga tinda sa Mang Larry’s Famous Isawan at UP Campus *whew* pero naaalala ko na nagulat kami na mura pa rin hanggang ngayon. P3.00 yata per stick ang isaw at P10.00 naman ang barbeque.

Suggestion ko na gayahin niyo kami at bumili rin kayo ng dirty ice cream ka-partner ng isaw. Ito lang naman ay kung hindi maarte ang tiyan niyo, ok?

Ang dirty ice cream sa may Kalay ay karaniwang may chez, strooberi, ahvhocahdhow at chocolicate flavors.



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Bunny Night + Iyayo Night

Last weekend was a trying time for me, but despite the moments of wanting to cry my eyes out and wanting to hit someone’s head with a sledgehammer, I still had moments of laughing from my friends’ crazy antics and smiling from their unmistakable love and support for me. 🙂


I had 30mins of sleep but I couldn’t trade seeing my bunny children, Joko and Kwe for zzzz’s. We had (our second) dinner in Offbeat Cafe (with the special participation of Marie :))

I had some Bacon Fries (yes, bacon fries… sorry, I didn’t get to take a picture, na-excite ako masyado eh hahaha) and Croquettes.

Our poison of choice: Strawberry Beer, which according to Joko, “Packs a punch” and according to me, “Pucks a panch.” LOL

Kwe had the Offbeat Burger aka the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger. Takaw mo, Baby Bunny!

More drinking at Wingman!

Mojito for me.

Blue Lemonade for Joko.

Beer for Kwe.

Also had their Deep Fried Snickers.

Our friend JR had a special participation. He’s a sign from God. LOLOLOLOL!


I wasn’t in the mood to eat, so I accompanied Yo to KopiRoti because she badly wanted to eat their Kaya toast.

It was my first time to try KopiRoti. So fine, I had to try something, too.

Soooo… for me, their coffee was so-so. The soft-boiled eggs tasted ok, but I really don’t like gooey eggs. Errrr…uhhhmmm… LOL. Anyhoo, I liked their Kaya toasts. 🙂 Kopi Bun next time. 🙂

No IyaYo night can be complete without alcohol. Well, except last Thursday when we went to wee Nam Kee to see out Twitter friends… Hello @pinoygossipboy! Loved spending time with you in Starbucks! Mwah!) Went to Central to see our friends Kiwi and Delight and their other friends. 🙂

Transferred to 7-11 right after Central called it a night. I didn’t want to go home until Haring Araw called it a day. :p

That’s me with Kiwi. We’ve been friends since 2003.

That’s Eunice, my FBFF (Former BFF hahaha) and Neil, our newest boybud.

And of course, I am Iya and she is Eunice aka Yo. Together, we are IyaYo! DUH. Lol.

I love my friends!!!! Thank you God for my friends. They are my constant. 🙂


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Offbeat Cafe at The Collective

I’m glad that one of my favorite distinctive food places, Offbeat Cafe, has moved to The Collective in Malugay Extension. Easier for me to access. Like, 2 cartwheels at 4 na kembot lang, andun na ako.

Joko and I brought 2 of our friends to try the famous (naaaks… bestseller daw sa Mercato Centrale ito) Offbeat Burger aka the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger. Well, Joko also wanted to eat it so she can max out her quota of 1 Krispy Kreme per month. Me, I wanted to try their melon beer.

my Offbeat dinner

Ay grabe. I had to remind myself that the Melon Beer’s errrmmm… beer and not juice. Ang sarap kasi! So refreshing! :p I had the Chili Willie with my green poison. It’s spicy fish sausage with relish and cheese in a soft bread. It was delish, as expected. But I still prefer Uncle Joe’s Sloppy Balls. :p

Vlad and Joko stocking up for Quiz Night at Murphy’s

Uncle Joe’s Sloppy Balls was what the boys had after they scarfed down their burgers in less than 7minutes. Ang tatakaw! LOL. I know that Vlad liked the burger coz it made him want another Offbeat creation. The sloppyjoe, he found good but he was nearing a food coma at the middle of eating it so he wasn’t able to give me a detailed description of how he found Uncle Joe’s balls. :p

with my lunchbud Eric

Eric, on the other hand, blogged his Offbeat experience. You can check out his veneration (lol) for the burger here.

the man behind the great food, Chef Mickey Wieneke (Chef Pancho was busy with his catering biz… miss you, Pancho!)

Talked to Chef Mickey and he said that they still have a stall in the latest craze of the Pinoy foodworld, Mercato Centrale. Ugh. I still haven’t visited Anton Diaz’s baby. I’m still not in my takaw-mode. Hindi pa pang-kaing construction worker ang appetite ko kasi.

Readers, if you plan on visiting Offbeat, visit them soon! They now have a promo of unlimited flavored beers for only P250.00! Which reminds me, I hope their Strawberry Beer is as fab as their Melon Beer. Gotta go there asap to find out! See you! x


For more info, you can add Offbeat in FB and in Twitter.


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Happy 2011!

Here are some pictures of my blissful 1st day of the new year:

Nothing to say, except I really enjoyed because of my 3 favorites: my family, the beach and well… vanity. *sings* Bagong taon ay magcamwhoring na nang lumigaya ang ating bayan! LOL


Happy 2011, everyone! Enjoy!


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Greetings from Bataan

I haven’t been blogging ‘coz I’ve been busy spending time with my family. So far, this is the longest vacay (9 days!!!)  I’ve had and the most fun, too. 🙂

What have I been doing? Of course, what an ordinary vacationing hardworking girl does! Eat, hang, sleep, repeat! :p

Here are some pics from my Bataan vacay.

after the Christmas Eve mass with my cousins

after Noche Buena with cousins, tito and tita and lola

with my favorite cousins Ate Bel and Mafi =)

with my inaanak/pamangkin Breng

Christmas afternoon! Beach with my little cousins! Yipee!

an Absolut cheers to an awesome Christmas

Bataan Christmas sunset

dramang Tabing Ilog sa may Canauan

Fun times!!!

hanging at the hanging bridge

Daddy’s 61st birthday lunch @ Max’s


Daddy and Mama doing the wacky :p

That’s it. Lunch is ready. Nag-ihaw ng fishy and porky sila Mama. Back to vacay mode. 🙂



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Just bring out the Wee Nam Kee!

Two things why the Ayala Triangle Gardens is THE place to be:

Pretty Christmas lights…


promising restaurants!!!

I’d like to commend myself (yay self!) for eating a big merienda, because we waited for almost an hour just to experience the (other) latest chicken craze in town: Wee Nam Kee’s Hainanese Chicken.

There’s also Bon Chon, but that’s for another Friday Foodie Night. :p

Anyway, here’s Enzo with our Wee Nam Kee dinner.

Behind that smiling face is a monster wanting to kill me for prioritizing taking pictures over feeding starving tummies.

Hainanese Chicken (personal set 170php), of course,

Asado Chicken Rice (175php),

Cereal Prawns (375php), and

Barley Juice (55php) and Iced Tea (50php).

The Hainanese Chicken, according to Enzo, was really tender. The meat had just the right amount of spice to tickle the tastebuds. The real McCoy, he thinks, to see if it’s really good is if it’s roasted. Yes, in Wee Nam Kee, you have the option to have your chicken steamed, roasted or in soya sauce.

For me, the Hainanese Chicken was fantastic. It’s now my 2nd favorite chicken dish, after my Mama’s tinola. 😀

The Asado Pork was tender, delicious, but a tad too sweet for my taste. It was quickly remedied by the dipping sauce I made– I mixed 1 tablespoon of soy sauce with 1/50 tablespoon of chili and 1/100 tablespoon of ginger. :p The spices I put were looked close to nil, but I swear, they’re there!

Notice how different my dipping sauce was to Enzo’s. LOL.

As for the Cereal Prawns, it was good, but I liked the cereal better than the prawns! I loved the cereal with the rice of the Asado Pork! I’m not a fan of prawns. Why we ordered it? It was recommended. Bestseller daw. 🙂

The Iced Tea was refreshing. I don’t know how else to describe it, hahaha. The Barley Juice tasted like… ginatan! In a good way, of course! I mean, who doesn’t like ginatan? :p Sort of compensated for them not yet having desserts.

I wanna go back to Wee Nam Kee to try their Roasted Hainanese Chicken, Pork Beggar Ribs and Mango Coconut Milk Sago. I probably will, after I try the other restos in Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Bon Chon, you are next.


I accidentally deleted my picture with the Barley Juice. So here’s a picture of me with my cappuccino in Starbucks, BF.

We attempted to have dessert/coffee at Banapple, but even at 11pm, there were still no available seats.

It’s ok. BF Homes is THE OTHER place to be.



I’m an 80’s baby, and a huge part of my childhood was devoted to watching cooking shows like Let’s Cook With Nora and Cooking With The Dazas. Lee Kum Kee was almost always the key ingredient. Haha, sponsor kasi! And I’m sorry, whenever I think of Wee Nam Kee, I remember Lee Kum Kee (complete with it’s super catchy jingle).

Bring out the Lee Kum Kee! Bring out the Lee Kum Kee!

In fact, when I posted the pictures in Facebook, I put Nee Kam Kee and Lee Kum Kee instead of Wee Nam Kee in all of the captions. Thanks, Mr. Misha Lecaros for the spellcheck.  :p Nadelete ko tuloy yung pic ko with the Barley Juice sa sobrang pagkataranta!


Wee Nam Kee
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave. Bel-Air
Makati City
(02) 8468924


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Trees for Shoppers and Foodies

For the hardcore shoppers, check out this “tree”.

Coincidence that this BIG Outlet Holiday Sale falls on  the week of my birthday? I think not. I better finish my wishlist now! 😀

For foodies, especially those in the Makati area (like me!), this “tree” is for you.

I’m going to have dinner there tonight. Where? In whatever resto with available seats for two. LOL.


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