This is a loooooong overdue post. Here, babatukan ko na sarili ko for being a lazy blogger. *batoks self* Araaaayyyy. :p

Last November 13, Yo, aka @yesyesyo and I, aka @iyassantos (how creative) went to a far, far away land called Eastwood to attend the #ramentweetup organized by @kevinyapjoco. Reasons why we braved the early holiday traffic– (1) We wanted to know if Ramen Bar really has the best noodles in town, (2) we wanted to meet our friends from the twitterverse (yes naman, parang modern mIRC eb lang!) and (3) we wanted to win in the raffle (prizes provided by Leyende , HeyWhereYou , Wright Supply Co , City Delivery , Conti’s and a lot more!).

the tweeps and me (and my palo-palo arms) happy with the tweetup turnout

Eunice and I smiling while waiting for our food (we were also with our friend, Jeman who was the official photographer of the night)

Ok… Food! We had the R.B.S. #1 (Ramen Bar Special #1 priced at 380php). It’s a soy-infused ramen with nori, negi, tamago, naruto, kakuni and chasyu. It reminded me of the ramen Lolo Yamada (my dad’s former boss from Tokyo) used to make when we would visit him in his condo. The ramen was flavorful and filling, but was not as hot as I expected it to be. I hope the next I go there, they serve it to me piping hot-hot-hot! Yung tipong, mapapaso ang ngala-ngala ko. :p

I liked the ramen with the Kakuni Buns (180php). It’s mantao with braised (?) pork, lettuce, Japanese mayo and an unknown yummy brown sauce.

For dessert, we had the Tempura Ice Cream (120php). There’s vanilla ice cream inside the deep fried batter. And yes, of course, it’s drizzled with chocolate sauce. I liked it, but I liked John and Yoko’s Tempura Banana Split better. :p

I failed to take a picture of their menu, so here’s their board. Hehe.

So, eating good food… CHECK! Meeting tweeps… CHECK! Winning awesome prizes… CHECK! CHECK!

I won Leyende products and a Conti’s gc. Yay!

I’d like to thank everyone for the fun night (@tinatonio @jefftagle @iamjoycab @divasoria @dronthego @jploh @ryanyam @farraselda @mylenesarah @adobongsinigang @urbanfervor @chiknilla etc!)

And of course, super thanks to Kevin for doing a great job in organizing the #ramentweetup!

O ano na? #rizaldaytweetup naman! Hahahaha!


Thanks to Jeman for the photos!


Ramen Bar
G/F Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.,
Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City


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@iyassantos @jemanorange @G5

There was a time that I couldn’t stand him. I am amused and amazed that he has now become one of my dearest friends.

Cheers to friendship, Jeman!

after covering a Christmas Ham event in Greenbelt

late dinner at Luk Yuen, Glorietta 5 (loved their seafood soup!)

after attending a bloggers’ event at Seattle’s Best and Reyes Barbecue

after dinner coffee/choco and cake at Bo’s, Glorietta 5 (they have really good, super creamy, delightfully chewy sans rival!)

BTW, Jeman is the Editor-in-Chief of www.orangemagazinetv.com .

This is just in case you are wondering why I’ve been attending so many events as of late. =)


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What is a #Hashtag?

The Twitter World uses “#” signs in front of “keywords”. For example: for the past few Saturdays, people have been regressing to the time of Chikadees, Debbie Gibson and Big Bang sa Alabang through #SENTISABADO. Last night, I flooded the Twitter feed by giving wise words to my teenage self through #tweetyour16oldself. And I almost everyday share my emo juice via #theEXfiles. These so called # groups are called “Hashtags“.

A Hashtag by definition is used to create real time track records of creating groups on Twitter. Placing the # sign in front of keywords or targeted groups, makes it easier to track all conversations in the twitter timeline via search.

Now that you know what a Hashtags is, you are ready for the next step…

Knowing what is HASHTAG RADIO.

Program Manager Marga Deona shares, “Hashtag Radio is a talk show that caters to the emerging market of technology enthusiasts. The program will kick off with the lowdown on the week that was and what to look forward to. In general, it’ll be a “what’s hot and what’s not” program, but with a twist. There will be guest experts every episode, each of them deliberately chosen based on their topic specialty. Apart from tech news and latest internet trends, we will have topics on pop culture, art, and music worth geeking over.”

It’s target break is this Saturday, 4-5pm on DZRJ 810 kHz.

Tweeps to host #hashtag Radio are:

Chuckie Dreyfus: The poster child of the 80s, audio engineer Chuck Dreyfus dreams in stereo.

Jeff Tagle: A human resources and training practitioner who has been on the Internet for 13 years and can give you the lowdown on any sport.

Lawrence Libo-on: Founder of the Philippine Opensource Network and consultant to the CICT.

Isa Silva: The Neutralizer. Art teacher by day, freelancer by night, this self proclaimed technology dumdum will make sure that technology jargon won’t get too technical and confusing for the non-geek listener.

Tonyo Cruz: Blogger, journalist, and political analyst who loves gadgets. Tonyo’s the proponent of the #sentisabado phenomenon on Twitter.

Tune in to DZRJ tomorrow, 4pm for the latest in technology, Twitter and geekspeak! Prizes to be given away! Goooooo!

AND FOLLOW: @Hashtag_Radio and @iyassantos :p


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Ramen + Loveteam + Home > Usher’s Abs

I didn’t go to Usher’s concert last night. Instead, I attended a tweet-up at Wabi-Sabi and went to Paolo&Nicole’s birthday celeb at Handlebar.

I was “shy” in the first 15 minutes of the tweet-up because I didn’t know any of the people there. Sort of except for Thomas, who was anti-social for 9/10’s of the event. Anyway,  yaaaay I got to eat the Ramen in my 3rd attempt! Three is indeed a lucky number!  (Check out Ramen attempt Fail 1 and Fail 2) Loved the ramen! It’s better than their pho in my humble, zero-culinary-knowledge opinion. The Ban Mi Was also good, but I still prefer the ones here in Morong, Bataan because of the presence of liver spread. 🙂 Thomas made bawi (forgive my english-ing, haha) and treated Grace (aka divasoria) and I in B-side. 🙂 <—–  Cranvodka always does this to me– also talking about boys and how stupid and insensitive they are. LOL.

After my 3rd experience in Collective, I went to Handlebar for more alcohol and to share the fun with the awesome couple, Paolo Soler and Nicole Laurel. I was in the mood to listen to kickass rock and roll and Nicole’s band General Luna delivered. Sinosikat and Wally dela Cruz were also there for guaranteed kickass rockin’ and rollin’! Funfunfun times with the friends! I wanted to stay longer, but the besty had to leave because she had a surf trip early Sat and I had to wake up early to go home.

And yep, I am home. I’m in Bataan now with Mama and Daddy.

All the aforementioned are greater than Usher.

But I still wish one of my friends who attended the concert touched his abs for me.


Will blog the ramen pics next week!


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Babasagin ko na ang aking katahimikan.

Well, katahimikan pagdating sa usaping politika. Nangangati na talaga akong magreact eh.

O ano ngayon kung naka-orange baller si Ampatuan? Does that automatically mean na friends sila ni Villar? Kumain ako ng Chowking Orange Chicken to support Jericho. Does that mean na friends kami? Hindi! Waaaah… Echo! Lol, I digress.

Seriously, magbasa na lang tayo ng Time magazine.


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Buy Make-up!

Buy MAC make-up!

Check out my bestfriend Eunice’s site,http://buymakeup.multiply.com

She has new goodies for your cheeks, eyes, lips… She also has pouches and brushes.

Go buy now!!!


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No U-Turn…


After a shitload of recruitment stuff at Cybergate 3, we were picked up by our company van. On our way back to Makati, talking about how the job fair went, Kuya Albert Patrick, Mommy Lee and I didn’t notice the sign of all signs in Pioneer St, so before we knew it, Traffic Enforcer J.D. Delos Santos was already getting Kuya Albert’s license. After careful explanation, the good sir decided to let us go without taking our company driver’s license. We weren’t at all familiar with the area and we were sincerely sorry for not seeing the no u-turn sign. We know that the officer was just doing his duty and that he didn’t want any accidents happening on his turf, because apparently, a minimum of 2 accidents happen there per week. We also know that ignorance is not an excuse, thus I am blogging this to let you all know that there is an ABSOLUTELY NO U-TURN SIGN in Pioneer St. The sign is there at a gas station with a very weird name. (Name to follow, sorry, lost na utak ko sa mga pangyayari.) And I am blogging this to give my kudos to Traffic Enforcer J.D. Delos Santos for doing his job well and for not asking or even implying kotong.

This is me (with my Coke float) and the good sir…

If you see him, give him a high-five for me! And tell him that he can text or call me if he has any referrals for the CSR post. :p

And of course, here’s the sign to watch out for:

So there, Mandaluyong residents and visitors, learn from this!!! No U-TURN ABSOFUCKINLUTELY!!!


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On Overeating, Relationship Status and Vampires

I haven’t stopped eating like a PG (read: Patay Gutom) yet, even if the holidays are over (next is Chinese New Year, which falls on the same day as Valentine’s). They say you will do the things you did during the first day of the New Year, so I’m blaming this to the yumminess of the lobsters, fetuccini carbonara, camaron rebosado, spring rolls, morcon, sweet and sour lapu-lapu, leche flan and ube halaya I had for Media Noche at Donnie’s place. Ewan ko ba. When you say kain, I do lamon!

New Year’s Day didn’t help my dreams of getting my 115lbs-self back. Lunch was sinigang na hipon and Media Noche leftovers. Chili con carne plus corn chips, shrimp bisque and beer for merienda in Mexicali, ATC. Stole a couple of spoonfuls of Joko’s White Hat fro-yo. You’d think that’s good- yogurt being the healthier, diet-friendly option but with cheesecake chunks, I don’t think so. But yaaay for the antioxidants in the cherries.

White Hat froyo with cherries and cheesecake bits

My level of surprise/shock decreases each time I check my Facebook notifications and see more and more of my contacts changing their relationship status to In a Relationship, Engaged or Married. Gawd. Even my non-straight bff is in a relationship now! Is this the newest trend? I still opt not to display my status since I am still waiting for networking sites to create the option I want: Under Construction. LOL.

Since I turned 28, a plenitude of questions with the same gist has been driving me crazy. The gist: Hey Iya, when are you getting married? I’m single and sane, guys. I have not alienated myself from dating, flirting and the other important thing. No need to pressure me. If you’re not the magical matchmaker that the universe designated to shove The One in my face, I say this with a smile… then fucking get off my case.

New Year with the now in-a-relationship besty

In 2009, I read a couple of Anne Rice novels and the entire Twilight Saga. I also watched Seasons 1 and 2 of True Blood. Last week, I started Vampire Diaries. I like it better than True Blood, because it’s more exciting (Joko begs to differ) and more visually appealling. Damon, the older vampire bro is hot! Evil, but hot. And he can kick Edward’s ass any time. ‘Wag lang kay Jacob, at gugulpihin ko s’ya.

Note to self: to be a certified vampire fanatic, watch Cirque de Freak: the Vampire’s Assistant and Daybreakers AND read Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. The evil ex recommended the series, and yes, his taste in lit is the only thing I trust in him.

Love sucks? Baduy ng tagline but the story's great! 🙂

Yep, those are my first few relatively relevant thoughts of the new year.


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Bye, 2K9!

Where did you begin the year 2009? – Playboy Party/2K9 Countdown @ Alchemy with Jessie and Carlo with the special participation of Lars (wth is this guy now? lol)

What was your status by Valentines Day?Single and loved. Enjoyed the day in a bazaar in Eastwood (first big media exposure of the Manila Toffee Company), went to a drinking sesh at CJ’s (got mofukken drunk with matching cry-ola pa but most def not because of a boy), slept at Joko’s and went to Tagaytay (Chateau Hestia) and Rockwell (Grams) the following day

Were you in school anytime this year? The closest I got to Bene was when I went to ATC (Mexicali and TGIFriday’s). I got to go to Peyups for the tapsi and sinigang @ Rodic’s.

Did you have to go to the hospital? Yes, once, when Carla gave birth to my future goddaughter Caitlin Mikayla 🙂

Did you gain or lose weight? Yep, from 115lbs to 128lbs… unfortunately, the latter is the current. Pakk!!!

What food did you get to eat the most? lots of grilled food, Japanese food and grilled Japanese food. Hehe. 😛

What alcoholic beverage did you get to drink the most? Gilbey’s premium, cranberry vodka, tequila, and red wine

What was the best thing someone ever did for you this year? I was given a DSLR. Unfortunately, it was stolen 3 months after. 😦

What movie was your favorite this year? Terminator Salvation just because Christian Bale’s there!

Did you have any encounters with the police? Yes, because I was robbed. Thanks to the Manda Police and SOCO.

Where did you go for vacation? Bataan, La Union, Zambales and Cebu

What did you purchase that was over 100 dollars? Yep, my camphone.

Made any new friends? A lot! Thanks to surfing and jobfairs. 🙂

Other than home, where did you spend most of you time? Hands down, office!

Did you know anybody who got married? A lot! Carla, Hannah, Ledi, Macky, Ate Bec… susunod na rin ako! LOL.

Anybody who passed away? Quite a number of dads 😦

Attend any sporting events? Yes, surfing with Carla. 😛

Have you had any regrets? I should have pressed charges.

Have you watched American Idol? No, didn’t find any of the contestants interesting.

Have you gotten sick? Yep, nothing serious. Thank God.

What concerts or shows did you go to? David Cook/David Archuleta, Pussycat Dolls and Lady GaGa

Describe your birthday: It was a simple and intimate celebration that I’d want to have again. 🙂

You favorite moment(s): beachbumming, seeing my parents, my 28th birthday, eating out, partying, going to jobfairs, falling out of love

Done anything embarrassing? None, it takes a lot to embarrass me. Makapal mukha ko.

Gotten married/divorced? Was in a relationship twice. First, with Ejay. Second, with Nico. HAHAHAHA.

New additions to your family: Sean, my cousin’s son

What was your best month? January and December

How old did you turn this year? The great 28!

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? None.

What’s a song that best describes you during the beginning of the year? Lady Gaga – Just Dance… just because I was always out and partying.

And by the end of the year? Lady Gaga – Telephone… not really but I listened to it a lot during the last few days of 2K9!

Lady Gaga ruled my past year, but The Climb by Miley Cyrus was my song during the harshest part of 2K9.

If you could give your life to get anything back, what would it be? Nothing. Nothing from last year is worth getting back in exchange of my life. Plus, that’s stupid, how’s I enjoy something if I’m already dead? Hihihihi.




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