Morong Weekend – June 2012

Spent last weekend with my parents and Ambo, the country’s first weather disturbance this 2012. Not fond of a dripping sky but because I was feeling lethargic since Friday, the heavy rain and chilling winds made my stay at home much nicer. The couch and I were almost inseparable. What’s good about lying down on that sofa is that it’s right beside the window where I can smell the fragrant suha (pomelo) blossoms from the frontyard. Look at these pretty flowers!


Before I proceed to food and chismis, lemme just share this cute convo I had with my Dad the morning before I left Manila for Bataan.

Daddy: Anak, manonood ka ba ng BSB concert? Peyborits mo sila di’ba?
Me: Hindi. Uuwi ako d’yan ngayon eh.
Daddy: ‘Di bale. Kakantahan ka na lang namin ni Mama mo.

They didn’t get to sing Quit Playing Games With My Heart for me and it was more than okay because well… my parents can’t sing for shit. Hindi ko ‘yan namana sa kanila because I have a wonderful singing voice. *kidlat kulog* Hihihi. :p We watched dvds (Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows and Joyful Noise) and snacked on indian mangoes from our backyard. We read books– Neil Gaiman for me, Bo Sanchez for Mama, and Rick Warren for Daddy. We cooked tortang talong, embutido, and my favorite poor man’s nilaga. I call it poor man’s nilaga because instead of using beef shanks/celery/cabbage/corn, we use pork ribs/pechay/potato/camote. I like it because the camote makes the broth thick and sweet! At natawa ako kay Mama na obvious na matagal nang hindi nakapagluto nito…


Mama: Gaano kadaming saging at gabi ang isasama natin dito?
Me: Saging at gabi? Ginatan ba ang lulutuin naten?!?!
Daddy: May binili pa nga ‘yang labanos eh!
Mama: Akala ko kasi sinigang ang irerequest nitong anak mong matakaw!!!

Ang ending, minatamis na lang ni Mama ang gabi, saging at yung ibang camote. Btw, there was no available yellow camote. We had the violet variety, it’s not the ube that is used for halaya. It’s not as sweet as the yellow. Had I known, I would have let her put banana in the nilaga. Anyway, the nilaga still turned out to be delicious. Kasarap with sawsawan na patis na pinigaan ng calamansi at tinirisan ng sili! Over lunch, my parents asked about my friends and I told them about Jap’s bday and our plan to go out of town or out of the country. Chinismis Chinika ko na rin yung iba pang mga exciting na mga ganap sa buhay nila. And then Daddy asked about *insert my exboyfriend’s name here*

Daddy: Kumusta na si _______?
Mama: Naku naman, Dad! Hindi na sila nag-uusap ng anak mo!
Me: Oo nga, Daddy. Huli ka na sa balita.
Daddy: Isali niyo kasi ako ‘pag nagchichismisan kayo!!!


Moments with my parents are golden! I wasn’t blessed to have siblings but it’s okay because God gave me super loving and super awesome parents. 🙂 I am very very grateful. I know I’ve said this several times here in my blog. This isn’t also the first time that I posted a picture of them holding hands, while walking to the church. The only time I left the house was when we went to Our Lady of The Pillar Church. It was a rainy Sunday morning. I was busy texting so they walked ahead of me. Thus, I had another chance to take a picture of them and get all kilig.

After mass, Daddy went to Pangasinan for Lola Meling’s 40 Days, and when he came back last night, he had a bagful of shrimps (suahe) for us. Yummy! Fave namin ‘yon ni Mama. After dinner, we looked at old pictures. They laughed at me for looking like a boy when I was just a few months old. Harharhar.

It’s always good to be home. 🙂


listening to: Paul McCartney – Maybe I’m Amazed

Burger Machine, Lecheflan-less Halo-Halo, and a Beautiful Sunset

I feel energized!

I went home last weekend to spend time with the greatest oldies in the world (my parents!!!), drink at the beach with my cousins, experience the newly opened Burger King Machine, and take care of my pet plants!

This is my Mama and me before mass in Our Lady of The Pillar church started. I didn’t get to take a pic with my Daddy because Fr. Gerry already arrived. If you’re wondering why I don’t have lots of pictures of my parents, that’s because they aren’t camwhores like me. Hindi ko talaga gets kung kanino ako nagmana. Pumapayag lang magpicture-taking talaga ‘yang mga ‘yan kapag birthday nila or ‘pag Christmas!


The gospel that day was about Doubting Thomas. I think it was a timely reminder for me to stop worrying and just trust God with everything. Everything by Lifehouse was the song on loop in my 3day-vacay. That and Hey Jude by The Beatles. Hmmmm… coincidence?

As we were walking home after mass, I went slow-mo when I saw the newest addition to our sleepy town of Morong, Bataan. BURGER MACHINE. Whooooaaaaaa. This is the first ever fastfood that’s ever been built in Morong. I don’t care if it’s smalltime. Progress is still good no matter how small it is. Today, Burger Machine. Tomorrow, Jollibee! Next year, Starbucks, Next decade, SM!!! Hahaha!!! Oh well, one can hope. 😉


Some of my cousins went with me for dinner there. With the suggestion of my friend Jon, I had the PinakaBurger or Jumbo Burger, the one with everything on it– chili, bacon, cheese, coleslaw! It will never be my favorite burger but it tasted better than a Big Mac that time, because I was very happy. :p I even got my little inaanak a pasalubong. Cheesedog daw sabi ni Reese. Matakaw, mana sa Ninang. 🙂

The following morning, I woke up to this breakfast prepared by my Daddy. Cornflakes, ensaimada, coffee… and a timely article! Hahahaha! Ang lakas lang talagang mang-asar ng tatay ko! My mother also had her turn in talking to me about love over lunch. Yuuuuccckkk. Awkward. Kinwento ba naman uli sa akin ang lovestory nila ni Daddy! Shempre, gumanti ako at nagkwento rin ako tungkol sa mga ex-boylets ko! :))


By afternoon, I hit the beach. I love that I have a cool uncle that owns one of the best resorts in our town. Do google it– East-West Resort. The amenities are not as flashy as the other resorts’ but the beach is definitely better. Feel na feel mo talaga ang probinsya charm. 🙂

Had rumcoke and lots of junkfood with my cousins and talked about school and career. It was my first time to drink with my younger cousins (23 and 17) and I felt that I was the family blacksheep/b.i. na kasing bata ng looks nila. At kasing fresh. Or mas fresh. Bwahahahaha!!! I love my cousins. I hope that I can spend more time with them. 🙂


My third and last day of vacay was spent mostly at home.

We bought sari-sari store halo-halo and for the first time in years, I ate pinipig again. See, I am not fond of halo-halo, unless it’s Razon’s with ingredients so few, ingredients that I all like. Medyo disappointing kahit masarap naman kasi walang lecheflan sa taas. pero may ube sa loob. It’s my Mama that loves it so to fully enjoy our lunch of hilaw na mangga, inihaw na bangus, and pandan rice, I agreed on having the halo-halo for dessert. Funny nga because Daddy forgot to pay Ate Belen. Akala niya, nabayaran ko na. So after eating, he hurried back to the store to pay her. Wawa naman si erpats, ang init-init pa naman! :))

Nakarma rin naman ako because I was Miss Sweaty when I went to the backyard  to check our plants– eggplants, tomatoes, sili, guyabano, dayap, bananas, mangga, blah blah blah. It sorta sucks that the weather is too damn hot, some of plants are dying. 😦 Di ‘bale. My Mama has a greenthumb. Kaya niyang buhayin ang mga pananim!!! Go Mama!


Sinigang was on the dinner menu, so while I was waiting for the pork to cook, I went out to buy pasalubong. Ano pa nga ba, eh di kasuy. Cashew was my colleagues’ requested pasalubong. Dati, suman sa lihiya. Too bad I didn’t get to buy lots of kasuy because it’s still so expensive! Pero ang sarap talaga ng kasuy ng Bataan. Talong-talo ang kasuy ng Palawan at Antipolo!

When I went back home, Mama and I finished cooking the sinigang. It turned out exceptionally delicious even if we didn’t get to put kangkong and labanos. It was just pork, onions, okra, eggplants, and gabi. Patis with siling labuyo as sawsawan of course. And because it was a special dinner (because I’m home) we had Coke. :p


I’m now back in Manila. Arrived this morning. I’ll be counting the days until I am home again. Tonight, I’ll be dreaming of cheap lecheflan-less halo-halo, beautiful sunsets, and the warmth of our comfy sofa…


listening to: Kings of Leon – Notion

Trip to Caliraya

Took advantage of the long vacay and went to Caliraya with 2 of my favorite friends.

The trip started in Alabang where Dave and I bought supplies from my all-time favorite Makati Supermarket, then at Countrystyle Northgate for coffee and donuts while waiting for Colleen to finish her shift. The trip to Cavinti, Laguna was filled with Dave’s old man sounds, my music that can turn anyone into a 12 year old blond girl or a 21 year old nigga in the club, Colleen’s craving for crabs (gusto niyang ngatain sa kotse), and exaggerated usage of our now fave expletives bobo-bobo and tanga-tanga c/o my horrible taxi experience with the driver cursing from Makati to Alabang. :p


Had dinner at Stop Over Kitchenette before heading to the vacation house. We were still full from adobo, tortang talong, and fried tilapia when we got to Sierra Lakes that we only had chips (yung sosyal naming chips hehe) with SML.

Drank at the balcony. Us girls didn’t want to go down to the deck because it was too dark, but we gave in around 3am after Dave assured us that our night-vision will work. Pero sa totoo lang, naawa lang kami sa kanya kasi mag-isa siya sa baba, singing I See A Darkness by Johnny Cash. :p It was a good experience by the lake at 3am. It was serene with hints of scary (may ghost daw dun eh) and annoying (because of mosquitoes). Slept around 4am.

I don’t know why but I woke up early the following day. I had to go to the caretakers’ because I had to ask for onions and garlic. Hindi kasi kami nakakuha sa Makati Supermarket, pero isang case ng beer hindi nakalimutan. :)) I cooked adobo fried rice, corned beef (with lots of onions) and spam. No omelet because we also didn’t get to buy eggs. Oo na. Kasalanan ko na. NOT.


After a couple of hours, we went out to get more supplies– like eggs, tomatoes, and booze. Dave brought us to see the Caliraya Lighthouse and the Japanese Garden before going back to Sierra Lakes.

Going back to the house = going back to the kitchen. I would like to send hugs and kisses to the caretakers, Ate Baby and Mang Guding for helping us in grilling the tilapia, bangus, porkchop, spareribs and making grilled eggplant salad. Ang sarap!!! Goodbye diet!!! Balik na naman ang chipmunk cheeks ko. Bundat lang talaga kami after. 🙂  Nagkwentuhan kami ni Mommy Colleen after and nagbuhay-baboy lang si David at humilata sa favorite spot niya sa bahay. :))


It was chicharon and rhum Coke for our 2nd night of drinking. More interesting topics this night than the first. More interesting topics meant finishing drinks faster. And so, by midnight, we drove to the nearest sari-sari store and settled for a gin-mango mix. I cooked mushrooms al ajillo too. By 5ish, I was already drunk. Don’t know if it was the full moon that made me drunk so fast. :p

Woke up with a nasty hangover. It’s a mystery why I still managed to wake up early and cook! Scrambled eggs with mushroom, fried sausages, fried eggplants for brunch. Lounged and took pictures until 4pm and headed back to Manila. Buh-bye haunted house by the lake. I hope to see you again! 🙂


I loved the soundtrip back to Manila- lots of songs from The Beatles and U2. I also loved making fun of the 3 stuffed toys we were with– Toshi the bear, Wanda the porndoll, and DJ or David Jr the devil. What I didn’t love was the heavy traffic in Pansol. We waited for it to subside. We had dinner in Makiling Onsen Hotel. Their sukiyaki juu, bibimbap, ramen, and sushi tasted were all blech! 😦 Buti na lang I was in good company at na-entertain rin ako nung mga bakasyonista sa pool na nagswimming na naka-shotts at tshirt. :p

I definitely had loads of fun from the vacay. I got to relax, laugh a lot, ate good food, and find out new things about my friends– like who snores. Hahaha!


I hope you also had a great extra long weekend. 🙂


listening to – The Black Crowes – Hard to Handle

Holiday Break 2011

This is my first post for the year and I’d like to talk about the last week of 2011.

I’m still hungover from my loooong vacation in Bataan. I spent 9 days with my family and that length is already a huge deal for me because I don’t get to be home every month.

My Christmas break was spent eating (a lot), sleeping (a lot), joking with my parents, visiting the beach with my cousins, reading The Power by Rhonda Byrne, and thanking God for the numerous blessings He has been showering me and my loved ones.

Here are some of the pictures from my simple yet meaningful stay in Morong from December 24 to January 2.

The Nuestra Señora del Pilar church of Poblacion, Morong, Bataan. This is where we went for mass on Christmas Eve and New Year’s morn.

Elmer, Ate Bel, Therese and I in front of the belen. Yes, eh baket? sa gusto naming mag-pose sa harap. 😛

With Father Gerry Jorge, parish priest. He spearheaded the Angel Tree Project with the goal of giving gift baskets to the 100 less fortunate families of our town.

With my goddaughter/niece Reese and her brother Sean. They visited me Christmas morning. The traditional “pangluluhod” aka aguinaldo time.

My cousin Gerald celebrated his 19th birthday the day before Christmas. I loved the pansit bihon and barbecue. I also got one of the flowers from the cake. Hehehe.

After eating, we watched Praybeyt Benjamin. Naglabas ng projector at screen si Gerald. Ayos, di’ba? :p

Daddy celebrated his 62nd birthday on the 29th. Thank you God for giving me a pogi, loving and superkind Daddy.

After lunch, we watched Enteng ng Ina Mo because it’s our yearly tradition to watch at least one MMFF entry. Then we went to the newly opened SM Olongapo and the jampacked Royal Duty Free.

Media Noche consisted of spicy tuna pasta, 14 fruits, red wine, ham, special macaroni soup, veggie stirfry, rice, lotus cream buchi, sapin-sapin, suman and bread with balsamic vinegar. And also our new favorite dulce de leche ice cream. Busog!!!

I went back to Manila carrying lots of pictures and happy memories from my Christmas vacation. =)

Happy New Year! I wish all your prayers get answered this year!


listening to: Rock Sugar – Shook Me Like a Prayer

Bulalo and Lichens

There were supposed to be 6 of us set for the Tagaytay trip last Sunday, but Kwe got sick, Mari’s family came to town and Shani cannot be contacted. So after quick drinks in Heaven & Eggs, we headed south for the r&r we were all dying to get. Dying? Haha, baka ako lang pala ‘yun. :p

That’s me with my vanilla low-fat milk and my bemused expression. Low-fat to prepare me for the foodtrip hahaha and bemused because I heard a name that I wasn’t prepared to hear double hahaha. Almost choked btw. :p New thing about H&E, they already have live music. We missed Carla because the guy sang The Promise and Mad World. Sayang, walang Jason Mraz. Wahahaha.

After an hour drive  and listening to happy (adjective synonymous to GAY) sounds, we attended mass in Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel. The gospel was about love and hope and forgiveness. Errrr… ahhhh… God naman. Always nananadya. Hehe. :p Lighted a blue candle for me and my loved ones. Good girl na sana, but when we saw a monkey near the parking lot, I immediately called it Jose. When it didn’t respond to that name, I tried ALL names of my exes. I think it warmed up to “Jeff”? Na hindi ko naman ex. Hahaha.

Lunch was at Antonio’s Grill (or The Grill by Antonio’s). Had bulalo, ensaladang mangga and pritong hito with buro. I wanted tawilis but it wasn’t available. Guess I’ll just have it with sinigang the next time I’m in Tagaytay. Maybe in Mahogany Market. The bulalo of Antonio’s was delish but I’ve definitely had better. Like my mom’s or Myrna’s in QC. Antonio’s hito with buro, however, was probably the best I’ve ever had. 🙂

Coffee/tea and cake at Taal Vista Lodge after. This is where I sang Brokenhearted Me to the waitress kaya hindi na siya bumalik sa table namin. Too bad, she didn’t see me singing and dancing to Sexy Back. Hehe. Taal Vista was also where we  talked about condensation, music, love, (amazing) lichens, seahorses et cetera. Also where most of the photos were taken. Most of them of me. :p

Soup and bread dinner in Buon Giorno. Loved my Crema de Funghi and bread with evoo/balsamic vinegar. Looked like Joko was also glad with her Minestrone and Mike was also satisfied with his Zuppa di Zucca Arrosto.  🙂 Dessert was at Mochiko, but I skipped the sweets and just walked around the Cliffhouse.

That was an enjoyable and calming Tagaytay trip.  I wish I can go back before June ends… Or before monster typhoons arrive. 🙂

Ow-kaaaaaayyy… it wasn’t a tranquil trip from start to finish. I kicked the door of Taal Vista’s washroom because someone’s an idiot. :p Good thing the Tagaytay weather was able to cool my head within a matter of minutes. Hahaha!


listening to: Metronomy – On Dancefloors

Belated Happy Easter!

I went home to Bataan for the Holy Week break. The night before I did, the s.o. of one of my colleagues gave us a basketful of Easter treats.

Thanks Tim for the chocolate eggs, jelly beans and mallow chicks!

It’s true. There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with CHOCOLATE.


Good Friday was just spent at home. I finished reading American Gods and started with My Daily Bread. I also stuffed my face with home cooked food and sari-sari store-bought junk.

We grilled some eggplant, fish, squid and porkchop. We also had some burong mangga and freshly picked indian mangoes.

Peanuts, candied beans, chocnut and ube-langka candies for merienda.

I have no right to get pissed for gaining 3lbs over the break.


Went to Mafi’s afternoon of Black Saturday. I will always be thankful that we live so close to the beach.

Despite the sad things going through my mind, I was happy and carefree that moment. Obvious naman sa picture, di’ba? Hehehe.

Eto pa. vanity shot naman.


Had to go back to Manila right after Easter mass and lunch.

My bunnykids (Joko and Kwe) and I changed our profile pics in fb to our Happy Bunny pic of choice.

This is what I chose:

This was in line with my week-long LSS of Daft Punk’s Digital Love.


But wait, there’s more! (lol how unoriginal) I found out from our parish priest that Pope John Paul II held mass at the Vietnamese refugee camp in our town 30 years ago. How cool is that? 🙂

A shrine for him will be inaugurated on May 2 at the former Philippine Refugee Processing Center (PRPC) – now Bataan Technology Park, Inc. (BTPI).

And with that, let me end my Easter 2011 post with a quote from the soon to be beatified Pope.

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”
~ Pope John Paul II



listening to: The National – So far Around the Bend

Beach? Baler! Boom!!!

Done with my beachfix!

We went to Sabang, Baler 2 weekends ago to surf. Okay. Joko, Pedro, Jayson, Marie, Aimee and Enzo went there to surf. I went there to eat and and commune with nature. Fine. Only my feet touched the sea, but I still got stoked! 😀

We left Manila 1:30am and I thought I’d fall asleep during the trip. I should have drank more beer in Chic-Boy before I got my ass in the car. :p The trip to Baler was fun. Except when we got to the part of the rough road where there was a thick fog. Skeri kaya! napayosi na lang ako sa anxiety at sa lamig! Actually, gusto ko lang talaga magyosi haha! We arrived in Sabang around 7. The travel time might have been shorter if we knew which roads to take. Pero kudos to Jayson for driving fast and Joko for being an awesome (and talkative) navigator pa rin. 🙂

Haaayyy… Baler, Baler, Baler… I immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the place. Probinsya kung probinsya. Walang keme keme. It wasn’t sunnywhen we got there so I was a bit worried for my new swimsuits. LOL. Eh sabi kasi ng friend namin na si Jeeves, “If you can’t play, display!” But we were so hungry. I had to choose between stuffing my tummy and hiding behind a cover-up OR starving myself and sporting a flat tummy. Aba, ako ito, so naturally, I chose the former.

Hence, I did not have a flat tummy.

WAHINES! photo c/o Alfred Asuncion


Anyhoo, going back, We had our first Baler meal at Bay’s Inn.

Most of us had the Pinoy Big Breakfast: fried fish, tocino, scrambled eggs and garlic rice. This was served with coffee and juice.

Enzo and I, being the gluttons that we are, also ordered Hot and Sour Soup and a plate of bacon.

We enjoyed our brekky so much that we had all our meals in Bay’s Inn. 🙂 Well, except for one that we had in MM (the lodge that served as our home for 2days). We had pancit canton, red egg-tomato-kamias salad and chicharon c/o Jayson. Sarrrraaaappp!

After eating, we arranged our stuff in MM’s and rested for a few. Ako few hours. Natulog ako agad. Hehe. When I woke up, I watched my friends ride the waves. I also watched Zo’s very first surfing experience.


Basically, the activities were: eating, drinking, dropping witty lined and surfing for them. Eating, drinking, dropping witty lines and watching for me. We got to attend 2 parties. The first one sucked. Won’t detail na lang baka may makabasa at ma-offend. LOL. The second one seemed fun. Can’t really judge the 2nd coz I had an in-between drinking spree. Mmmmmm… 50php sangria… mmmm… :p  The only things I saw in the 2nd party were an awesome poi exhibition (galing ni Joko!!!) and a big bottle of Baler lambanog. Ang sarap. May raisins pa! We were all asleep by 2am.

The Hot Happy Hut Crew minus Aimee (tinulugan kami eh hehehe), photo c/o Gillian Largoon

We all got up by 7. Shempre, early to bed, early to rise. The earlier you get into the water, the more waves you can catch. Whuuutttt? :p

No brekky this morning, unless we count the Nutrigrain (healthy poptarts… fine masarap naman pala) from Joko and mineral water. Everybody was too excited to surf. Here’s a pic of Zo carrying the longboard for his 2nd surfing lesson. Yung lalake na nasa kaliwa na bato-bato ang katawan, instructor niya from Mahdox Surf. It’s not Madox. it’s MAHDOX.

And here’s moi, holding his Lumix. Ang bespren ko habang lahat silang lahat ay nasa dagat!

And here’s me with my NFF, Kyla. Ang local kid na gustong magpicture-picture! :p

After a heavy brunch in our Happy Hut (the coolest hut in Bay’s Inn… kasi doon kami nakatambay hahaha)

and a light merienda of beer and mojos sa harap ng dagat,

we packed our stuff and said goodbye to Baler.

Bye-bye, state of the art, MM Lodge! We’re gonna miss our 700php for 4 fanroom! :p

More kulitan on our way back to Manila. May stop over pa at LJ’s Kainan. Hindi eatery. Hindi karinderya. IT’S KAINAN. I hope the next time we go to Baler, it will be as chill and as fun as this first time. =)

Baler beach hits! BOOM!


listening to: Smashing Pumpkings – Bullet with Butterly Wings

Carla and I should buy rashguards.


Poser kung poser. Hahaha.

Got back from the La Union surftrip last Sunday night with Joko, Carla, Kwe, Kassy, Frey, Tamille, Christian, Richard, Ryan, Marie, Kuya Brother Lo, Baby Brother Lo and Girlfriend Lo. Lahat sila nag-surf. Kami ni Carla, as usual plato ang sinurf.


It was fun! I wanna go to the beach again! Real, Quezon? Tara!

Will blog about the LU trip as soon as I am not so busy anymore. Ugh, realities of the metro. Bleh. Take me back to the beach!



listening to: LU Girls – Come, Fighting Spirit

Last Week’s LU Adventure

One week has passed since I was in La Union with the go-go friends. I already miss it. i already miss them. 😦

Here’s some kwento and snapshots from one of the best weekends of my life.


Carla and Iya are definitely not anorexic and bulimic.
One of the certain clues that one is a Bene girl is the hefty amount of food she eats. Pag kain karpintero na parang naghunger strike ng isang linggo, yun na yon! Why do you think the pocket of a Bene uniform skirt is rabbithole deep? Kasi puro chibog ang laman!!! Or baka kami lang ni Carla ‘yon! Gawain nung GS and HS, gawain pa rin ngayon! Sa LU, lamon kung lamon. Lafang kung lafang. Para may congregation ng mga anaconda sa mga tiyan namin at hindi naman kami ang nagsusurf eh kami ang laging naghahanap ng nutrients. :p Hindi pa gutom, kain uli. Oh well. Life is too short to waste on crazy things like anorexia. Cardiac delights rock! Go bacon! Go chicharon!

mcdo billalunch

Who’s the coolest Jesus?
Baby Jesus? Adult Jesus? Teenage Jesus? Teenage Jesus!!! Not to provoke the wrath of the higher power through blasphemy but this was an integral part of the Tell a Joke Session in Normi2’s. Mika Nisce is the shit! And Joko and Ejay and the two Tims, too! Ang killer nun, pinaghandaan pa nila ang jokes. May mga kodigo pa! Hahahaha! I couldn’t say the jokes here because they require heaps of facial expressions and hand movements to make them effective. Remind me to deliver them when we see each other. :p But you gotta trust me. Teenage Jesus is the coolest!

panda1 panda2

Midway is The Way.
They say you are not a certified LU surfer if you don’t go to Midway. So… certified surfer na ako? Hehehehe. Akala ko diner type of goodies lang sineserve nila. But noooooo… Ang daming laman ng menu. Too bad I followed a self-imposed rule na ‘pag breakfast, dapat magbreakfast meal. Hindi na kami natuloy doon maglunch, so I only got to order the Midway American Slam. Eggs, toast, bacon, sausages, and superyummy hashbrowns! Oh and a spoonful of Kassy’s colossal ice cream with brownies and Kwe’s waffles. I have to go back for the baby back ribs! And at least half of what’s in the menu! Hehehe!

midway americanslam

You just gotta love Law #10.
According to the 48 Laws of Power, you have to avoid the unhappy and the unlucky people. I’m happy and lucky that I was with happy little punks in San Juan: the LLs Joko and Carla, Kassy (who took one for the team), Kwe (watch Dice and K-9’s Rendezvous video to see her shoulder moves), Cute 1 and Cute 2 Richard and Maia, Ejay (aka Kuya Kuneho to Joko’s Baby Baby status… ako si Lola Bunny), Carlo (na humabol lang kasi nag-effort na bumili pa ng Yellow Cab pizza bago bumiyahe ng LU), Daryl the Aussie Surf Coach (errr.. wait, hindi yata siya pasok sa category), Cashmere Bangbang’s “mom and dad” Tim and Mia, Tim Lansangan (dapat daw complete name eh), the Nisce Bros Mika and Ross, Abe my LFF and steady people whose names I don’t remember but I’d want to see again. 🙂

normis kwes

Who loves Carla? I love Carla! Luke does too!
Finally saw Luke Landrigan in flesh. Akala ko kasi dati alamat lang siya. More than half yata ng friends ko na nagpupunta sa LU para magsurf eh laging may Luke Landrigan stories. Pogi nga naman. And sexy! And maganda ang resort n’ya. (You. Yes you. Go visit San Juan Surf School! Billabong!) And mabait! And what timing! I asked him to participate in the I LOVE CARLA Project because his alamat-status makes him a celebrity in his own right. Then I found out the other day that he’s gonna be part of a TVC that is Carla’s account in McCann. Small world! But tell me, ako lang ba or hawig niya si Jesus? Teenage Jesus is that you? :p

luke1 luke21

and of course…

Ride the wave.
Or just watch them ride it. 🙂 Sorry naman. Kung gusto ko ng thrill sa buhay, tatawid na lang ako ng EDSA. Kahit si Brad Pitt pa magturo sa akin magsurf, tatanggi pa rin ako. But I was entertained watching my friends (and the hot tourists) ride the LU waves. Sobrang steady. Upo sa buhangin, kinig sa ipod (na puro Kings of Leon and Pussycat Dolls… what a combo), inom ng Red Horse, yosi yosi… perfect. I got stoked! Mwehehe. Feelingera.

sanjuan steady

Wanna wanna go back. I love you, LU. I love you, my go-go friends. 🙂


listening to: When in Rome – The Promise

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