On Overeating, Relationship Status and Vampires

I haven’t stopped eating like a PG (read: Patay Gutom) yet, even if the holidays are over (next is Chinese New Year, which falls on the same day as Valentine’s). They say you will do the things you did during the first day of the New Year, so I’m blaming this to the yumminess of the lobsters, fetuccini carbonara, camaron rebosado, spring rolls, morcon, sweet and sour lapu-lapu, leche flan and ube halaya I had for Media Noche at Donnie’s place. Ewan ko ba. When you say kain, I do lamon!

New Year’s Day didn’t help my dreams of getting my 115lbs-self back. Lunch was sinigang na hipon and Media Noche leftovers. Chili con carne plus corn chips, shrimp bisque and beer for merienda in Mexicali, ATC. Stole a couple of spoonfuls of Joko’s White Hat fro-yo. You’d think that’s good- yogurt being the healthier, diet-friendly option but with cheesecake chunks, I don’t think so. But yaaay for the antioxidants in the cherries.

White Hat froyo with cherries and cheesecake bits

My level of surprise/shock decreases each time I check my Facebook notifications and see more and more of my contacts changing their relationship status to In a Relationship, Engaged or Married. Gawd. Even my non-straight bff is in a relationship now! Is this the newest trend? I still opt not to display my status since I am still waiting for networking sites to create the option I want: Under Construction. LOL.

Since I turned 28, a plenitude of questions with the same gist has been driving me crazy. The gist: Hey Iya, when are you getting married? I’m single and sane, guys. I have not alienated myself from dating, flirting and the other important thing. No need to pressure me. If you’re not the magical matchmaker that the universe designated to shove The One in my face, I say this with a smile… then fucking get off my case.

New Year with the now in-a-relationship besty

In 2009, I read a couple of Anne Rice novels and the entire Twilight Saga. I also watched Seasons 1 and 2 of True Blood. Last week, I started Vampire Diaries. I like it better than True Blood, because it’s more exciting (Joko begs to differ) and more visually appealling. Damon, the older vampire bro is hot! Evil, but hot. And he can kick Edward’s ass any time. ‘Wag lang kay Jacob, at gugulpihin ko s’ya.

Note to self: to be a certified vampire fanatic, watch Cirque de Freak: the Vampire’s Assistant and Daybreakers AND read Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. The evil ex recommended the series, and yes, his taste in lit is the only thing I trust in him.

Love sucks? Baduy ng tagline but the story's great! 🙂

Yep, those are my first few relatively relevant thoughts of the new year.


listening to: Incubus – Redefine

Bye, 2K9!

Where did you begin the year 2009? – Playboy Party/2K9 Countdown @ Alchemy with Jessie and Carlo with the special participation of Lars (wth is this guy now? lol)

What was your status by Valentines Day?Single and loved. Enjoyed the day in a bazaar in Eastwood (first big media exposure of the Manila Toffee Company), went to a drinking sesh at CJ’s (got mofukken drunk with matching cry-ola pa but most def not because of a boy), slept at Joko’s and went to Tagaytay (Chateau Hestia) and Rockwell (Grams) the following day

Were you in school anytime this year? The closest I got to Bene was when I went to ATC (Mexicali and TGIFriday’s). I got to go to Peyups for the tapsi and sinigang @ Rodic’s.

Did you have to go to the hospital? Yes, once, when Carla gave birth to my future goddaughter Caitlin Mikayla 🙂

Did you gain or lose weight? Yep, from 115lbs to 128lbs… unfortunately, the latter is the current. Pakk!!!

What food did you get to eat the most? lots of grilled food, Japanese food and grilled Japanese food. Hehe. 😛

What alcoholic beverage did you get to drink the most? Gilbey’s premium, cranberry vodka, tequila, and red wine

What was the best thing someone ever did for you this year? I was given a DSLR. Unfortunately, it was stolen 3 months after. 😦

What movie was your favorite this year? Terminator Salvation just because Christian Bale’s there!

Did you have any encounters with the police? Yes, because I was robbed. Thanks to the Manda Police and SOCO.

Where did you go for vacation? Bataan, La Union, Zambales and Cebu

What did you purchase that was over 100 dollars? Yep, my camphone.

Made any new friends? A lot! Thanks to surfing and jobfairs. 🙂

Other than home, where did you spend most of you time? Hands down, office!

Did you know anybody who got married? A lot! Carla, Hannah, Ledi, Macky, Ate Bec… susunod na rin ako! LOL.

Anybody who passed away? Quite a number of dads 😦

Attend any sporting events? Yes, surfing with Carla. 😛

Have you had any regrets? I should have pressed charges.

Have you watched American Idol? No, didn’t find any of the contestants interesting.

Have you gotten sick? Yep, nothing serious. Thank God.

What concerts or shows did you go to? David Cook/David Archuleta, Pussycat Dolls and Lady GaGa

Describe your birthday: It was a simple and intimate celebration that I’d want to have again. 🙂

You favorite moment(s): beachbumming, seeing my parents, my 28th birthday, eating out, partying, going to jobfairs, falling out of love

Done anything embarrassing? None, it takes a lot to embarrass me. Makapal mukha ko.

Gotten married/divorced? Was in a relationship twice. First, with Ejay. Second, with Nico. HAHAHAHA.

New additions to your family: Sean, my cousin’s son

What was your best month? January and December

How old did you turn this year? The great 28!

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? None.

What’s a song that best describes you during the beginning of the year? Lady Gaga – Just Dance… just because I was always out and partying.

And by the end of the year? Lady Gaga – Telephone… not really but I listened to it a lot during the last few days of 2K9!

Lady Gaga ruled my past year, but The Climb by Miley Cyrus was my song during the harshest part of 2K9.

If you could give your life to get anything back, what would it be? Nothing. Nothing from last year is worth getting back in exchange of my life. Plus, that’s stupid, how’s I enjoy something if I’m already dead? Hihihihi.




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Tik Tok!

So which came first, TIKTOK or 2012?

I have no idea, but I think both are doing a great job in getting all of us to care about our environment.

Tik tok tik tok. It’s time for climate action!

our friend Paolo and his thought bubble

Let’s Rok it?

Let’s go!


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WTG Pacman!


Didn’t get to watch Pacquiao’s game live, because I did not wake up until 3pm. Saw the delayed broadcast over lunch/merienda/early dinner. Wow. So Manny’s got a new knockout victim! Gotta give it to Cotto though, the man’s pretty something to make it to the 12th round even though he was barely alive.

I’m not a fan of Pacquiao, but I guess I’m beginning to get fond of him already, YOU KNOW? I might even watch his movie, Wapakman this coming MMFF.

Hehe, seriously now… congrats, Pacman! May your next KO victim be Mayweather.


listening to: noise of teenagers talking about DOTA

2012 and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

God knows I can’t write movie revs for shit, but lemme just tell you… gusto ko nang magpakabait at mag-take ng swimming lessons. Damn movie scares me. Yes, scares. Present tense. 😦 Ganda kasi ng effects eh. Parang kasama ako sa mga malulunod dahil sa tsunami. Oooops sorry. Spoiler!

Anyhooz, Joko said after we watched 2012, “My sci-fi heart just went boom boom pow!” It’s that good! Go watch!

I’ll blog again when what I write won’t be considered spoilers. Pero sa haba ng pila ng mga nanonood nito ngayon, I gotta feeling I can blog sooner. Like tomorrow. Hehe.


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Seen. Heard. Literally.

So I’ve been told that I’m in the latest ish of Playboy Phils.

Not as a bunny, you idiot. I need to triple, maybe even quadruple my chest size to become one. Anywaaaaayyy… it’s because Joko, Kas, Carlo and I went to their wine and cheese party in Barcino last February. I don’t have a copy of their latest issue yet (slash 2nd anniv ish,) but I do hope I look fine – if not fantastic – in the glossies.

I’ll settle for these photos:



Haha, I just found out from Kas that these are not the pics in Playboy. *whew* Good thing I didn’t buy it.


Mikiboo is now one of the deejays of NU 107. She’s in this radio prog called Ballad of The Times. It was her 2nd time to dj there last Thursday night and it was a joy to listen to her. You go, my little bighalfbrit star!!! I’m mighty proud of you! Today, dj-ing! Tomorrow, vj-ing! Woooot!

Miki, if you’re reading this, can I request Paris is Burning by Lady Hawk? :p



Ejay and his co-instructors were featured last night in Jessica Soho’s prog. It was a summer epi and it had a segment about surfing without going faaaaaaar awaaaay from the metro. Hence, they showed Surf Coach Eej in action. =)

Ampogi ni bf sa tv! Hehehe. :p



Speaking of surfing, another surfbud (gahd, the way I talk as if I surf din, ang feeling, hehe) was featured in a mag. Luke’s in this month’s ish of 24/7 Nocturnal Navigator. He’s in the article, Surf’s Up: Advice From The Expert.

Expert? Huwaw! Nakanaaaaang! WTG, Lukiiiieee! =)



Wait, wait!

I’m now also seen in twitter.


And in tumblr.




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Adios, 2008!

Where did you begin the year 2008? At home with my parents. I wanted a quiet start of the year with lots of introspection and left-over Media Noche goodies. I answered a year ender survey just like this. Actually, I just copied what I wrote in that survey. Hahaha! At least next year I can write something different! God bless Playboy and Alchemy! Oh, oh wait… I checked my Multiply, and I just realized I also went to Donnie’s house with Carlo. We went to the church and pigged out in Minute Burger. Then I went to Joel’s with Jap and went to Seattle’s Best after. Soooo… I did a lot of things pala. Haha!

What was your status by Valentines Day? Single and happy, but I felt broken and murderous the following day. Damn that boy.

Were you in school anytime this year? I only went to UP once, that was to give Japjap a tour of my favorite spots in QC. Please please please don’t ask me about my master’s thesis….

Did you have to go to the hospital? Yes, 4 times. Twice in V Potenciano (the nearest to where I live) to get med-certs, once in Makati Med to have my left-eye checked (thank God I’m still a 20/20), and once in St Luke’s to visit cousin Aaron after the Genesis bus accident.

Did you gain or lose weight? Both, like any normal person! My weight range for 2K8 was 118-123 lbs. Love it!

What food did you get to eat the most? Sushi, maki, sashimi, gyoza, Double Happiness bibingka, hiu tieu (Vietnamese soup), and a whole lotta junk from KFC, Jollibee, and McDo!

What alcoholic beverage did you get to drink the most? Strong Ice and a lot of mized drinks with tequila, rhum, or vodka.

What was the best thing someone ever did for you this year? A lot of people have shown me kindness this year and I thank the Supreme being for that. Pat Montojo stood out. Albeit upsetting me with anonymity, he is continuing to inspire me to be kind, fair, and creative. Thanks Pat!

What movie was your favorite this year? Hands down, The Dark Knight! I love you Papa Christian!!!!!!!!

2008Ever been a fight this year? Verbal kung-fu only with one of my elder cousins.

Did you have any encounters with the police? Uhhhh no, unless you count the time I got lost in Subic. I asked one for directions. :p

Where did you go for vacation? I went to Bataan with friends, Jap, Colleen, Eunice, and Levi. It was the first time I brought people to my hometown. Sana maulit this year! We have yet to go trekking and swimming in the lake!

What did you purchase that was over 100 dollars? One, my Ultra Mobile Personal Computer! No post about him yet!

Did you know anybody who got married? Two of my colleagues, Jasmin and May.

Anybody who passed away? None, but one of our company drivers, Kuya Bobby got into an accident last December 30. He passed away midnight of January 1, 2009. May God keep his soul.  

Attend any sporting events? Uhhh, no. I didn’t even get to watch even a single game of basketball. Totally unsporty year!

What concerts or shows did you go to? Myx Tour in Saguijo, Red Horse Rockademics in Chakiks, 6CM gig in 70’s Bistro, and (technically) the Wolfgang concert in Eastwood.

Describe your birthday: My 25th 27th was most def more laidback than my 26th. No JA, no dramarama. I lovelovelove my friends, except those who promised to go but didn’t show up. Uupakan ko kayooooo!!!

You favorite moment(s): Clubbing with friends, visiting BF to drink and be merry, sleeping over at Jap’s and raiding their kitchen, hanging out in Shang with Ate Dona, going home to Bataan to see my parents, bonding with cousins, and seeing a handful of longlost acquaintances and former flames.

New additions to your family: Zero, but I got to see my niece/goddaughter, Reese for the first time last Christmas. She’s adorable! Well, mana-mana lang ‘yan. Hahaha!

What was your best month? December! Very busy, heaps of fun, loads of food, and lots of money (Well, for the early part only, hehe. I am now semi-broke. Haha!)  )

Made any new friends? I met a lot of people, but only made a few new friends. I’m just glad I still have all of my old ones! :p


Other than home, where did you spend most of you time? Uhhh… work? Grabe, I badly need a vacay!

How old did you turn this year? I’m a 27 year old vixen of life! Nyahaha. Kelangan lang may ka-rhyme eh! :p

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? I just promised myself to be fiercer and to seize more opportunities.

Have you had any regrets? None. Everything that happened this year was inevitable and vital. —> same answer as last year. The only “sayang” part of the year should have been realized and fixed almost a decade ago.

Done anything embarrassing? Nah, I don’t have a habit of embarrassing myself. An earth-open-up-and-swallow-me-whole moment happened during our company’s Christmas party though. My friends introduced me to my crush. the introduction was sooooo trite and old school. It involved, “Hi, can we get your number? By the way, this is our friend Iya.”

Gotten married/divorced? I wasn’t even in a relationship! haha, but I had a one-minute boyf on New Year’s Eve. Hahahaha!

Have you watched American Idol? Yes, almost all episodes, and to think I don’t watch telly a lot! The best AI season! I can’t wait for the next!

Have you gotten sick? Sick in the head since birth. —> Still am! :p

What’s a song that best describes you during the beginning of the year? David Cook – Time of My life and Dolly Parton – Jesus and Gravity. The 1st part of 2008 was full of trials for me, and these songs inspired me to hold on to my life objectives and just fight fight fight.

And by the end of the year? Rihanna – Breakin’ Dishes because I’m fierce. Haha! And The Killers – Mr Brightside, just because wala lang! Hehe!

If you could give your life to get anything back, what would it be? My Southside life. I miss the South my heart bleeds just thinking about it.

But oh well, this is a brand new year! Things change and I better make sure they change to my advantage!

Goodbye, 2008. I can’t say I’ll miss you. 🙂


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Simon Cowell-Possessed

Despite the media reports that this season of A.I. has been getting the lowest ratings, I believe that this is the hottest of all 7 seasons.

Now, let me pull a Simon and allow me to just bitch and blog about the Idol Top 12. 🙂

Amanda: What’s up with the hair? Woke up one morning and thought, “Ooh, I wanna be a skunk today.” You turn even the sweetest melodies into rock and roll. You bore me to tears.

Brooke: You should have been Carly. As in Carly Simone. You look like her, except you’re prettier. You have nicer lips. Nicer nose, nicer hair. Fine. You don’t look like her at all! Haha, But hey, I like you. But I don’t like you that much. I like you because you didn’t fuck up Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles. I don’t like you that much because you didn’t own the song.

Carly: You are just a tad better than Amanda. I wish you’d hide your tattooed arm even once. I think it’s scaring Simon. One time lang, magpaka-girl ka naman. Sing Don’t Cry for Me Argentina in the Andrew Lloyd Webber round!

Chikezie: You took the extra mile to suck when you brought out your harmonica and played it. That’s it. I have no more opinion of you.

Kristy: Your eyebrows have evolved through the entire season, except your voice. Let Kelly Pickler and Carrie Underwood handle all the country shit. Anyway, you have what those two lack, a pretty pretty face! Model or act. Just stop singing. Please.

Michael: I’m still disappointed that you got booted out early. Too early IMHO. I loved your version of Aerosmith’s Dream On and I think it’s just sad that your dream ended with that song. 😦

Ramiele: I’m happygladjoyfulelated that you went bye-bye. Understand that your singing prowess (?) is normal to my ears. I’d rather listen to Lani Miasalucha at any given day. You don’t give me Pinay Pride. I don’t remember you being hugged by Ellen. Or Oprah.

Syesha: I have three words for you. You go girl! I just hope that you start singing upbeat songs because no matter how good you a singer you are, I have yet to see you just enjoying the moment on stage. Let loose, girlfriend!

David A: You’re a darling. A lying, little son of a bitch, but still a darling. I agree with Paula when she said, you can sing to us the phone directory and you’d still make us fall in love. Anyhoodles, you’re so cute you make me want to cheer, “Go, baklita, go go baklita go…” Go fig.

David H: Uhhh… forgettable. I didn’t even realize that there were three Davids in the Top 12 until I stole these pics from the site. Oh well.

Jason: You are the long-haired, thinner version of…. *drumroll* John Travolta! You’re pretty, boy. Pretty pitchy. You never cease to distract me with your kilometric eyelashes.

David Cook: I LOVE YOU! Just when I thought Billie Jean would be your best performance to date, you triple wowed me with Always Be My Baby. You will be the next American Idol. You will make gazillion records and you will make Justin Timberlake eat shit.

That still wasn’t Simon-ey enough. I know, I know. I’m not as articulate.

And I’m not as mean. 0=p


Down to the Top 6: Brooke, Carly, Syesha, David Archuleta, Jason, and David Cook.

Next stop: Andrew Lloyd Webber night.


listening to: David Cook – Always Be My Baby

Reminiscing Good Old Bubble Gang

Remember the time when Pinoy comedy acts consisted of translating Tagalog OPM hits into English? My ultimate favorite is Ogie Alcasid and Michael V’s version of the Eraserheads’ superhit Pare Ko.

The original lines of the song:
O Diyos ko, ano ba naman ito?
Di’ba, tang ina, nagmukha akong tanga…

Bubble Gang’s version:
Oh my God, what is this?
Isn’t it, orange juice mother, I looked stupid…

TANG nga naman talaga!

Bwahahaha. La lang. I obviously have a lot of time in my hands. Server’s down and this is what you call boredom management. :p Oh well. Off to doing reports. 🙂


listening to: Utada Hikaru – First Love

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