The End (It’s About Time) of The Twilight Saga

The last installment of the Twilight Saga is actually pretty good. And no. I have not gone cuckoo. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the best (but this ain’t saying much hahaha) among the 5 movies.


And the reasons why I think so are…

1. Forget Edward the constipated-looking vampire. Forget Jacob the pedo-werewolf. Ang gwapo ni Carlisle!!! Ampogiiiii!!!


2. Fine. Forget Carlisle. Ang ganda ni Alice!!! I happen to have a girlcrush on Ashley Greene. I really think she’s gorgeous. And fyi, she and Olivia Wilde have some girl to girl action in quite forgettable movie, Butter.


3. Her name is weird but Renesmee is pretty cute. My imagination’s pretty spot on when I was reading the book. The kid in the movie looks exactly like the kid I pictured. And yeah. I read all 4 books. You can ask me why but I do not have to answer. Hehe.


4. The father and daughter scene made tear up because I remembered my Daddy when Charlie was attempting to crack a joke even when he looked as if he’s gonna break down any minute and I was so happy for Kristen Stewart for showing some semblance of emotion in that scene.


5. I did not expect such awesome fight scenes. The battle of The Cullens (and friends) versus The Volturi entertained me more than the whole of Skyfall. Ang daming pugutan ng ulo! Yehey!!! Bwahahaha!!!!!


6. The OST is beautiful. I don’t care what you think, music snobs. I’m downloading the entire album and listening to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.


I’m happy with how the movie version of the Twilight series ended. And some are just happy that it finally ended. Haha.


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I <3 Zubuchon

I like lechon Cebu. I like it because I can enjoy it even without the hideous looking liver sauce that I really find blech.

CnT was probably the most popular roast pig from Cebu until acclaimed author and chef Anthony Bourdain called Zubuchon “the best pig in the world”.

Haters Friends told me Zubuchon is¬† saltier, more expensive (+50-70php… so it’s around 480-520 a kilo?), and less fatty (an atrocity to my cholesterol-loving bud na itatago ko na lang sa pangalang Dave Abelarde).


Thanks Zo for the pasalubong!

When my friend Enzo went to Mactan and asked if I wanted otap or lechon for pasalubong, of course I answered lechon!!! Kasi hello, bakit naman otap ang pipiliin ko? Haha, it was the opportune time to try Zubuchon and see if my friends were right.

Zo gave me a kilo of frozen lechon. I fried it. Three words- FRIED.LECHON.SKIN. Thanks to my Cebu-based friend Carla for introducing me to this gastronomic delight! Bless all piggies for making me a happy little foodie.

I served the fried Zubuchon with white rice topped with garlic chips, sliced cucumbers with a dipping sauce of cane vinegar, red onions, cracked black pepper, and brown sugar.


fried Zubuchon for lunch (the first of many hahaha)

Did I like Bourdain’s favorite pig? Yes! I didn’t find it too salty. I was able to enjoy it without rice. Ewan ko lang ha pero sa CnT ako naaalatan. I like CnT lechon pero hindi ko kayang papakin kasi feeling ko magkakasakit ako sa bato on the spot. Zubuchon’s less fatty. Yay for me, boo for Dave. My bad cholesterol’s slightly elevated so I’d like to believe that this lechon is diet-friendly. I also liked that the lemongrass taste was more pronounced. But hey, I got it frozen so I have yet to eat and judge when it’s freshly roasted.

And so, for that… Cebu, see you next year! ūüėČ


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Halloween 2012

I will share bits and pieces of my October 31 to November 4. It’s Halloween and All Saints and All Souls and regular days but I don’t want to¬†name this entry¬†Undas Weekend! :p


As mentioned in my last post, I have not experienced trick-or-treating yet. In fact, the most Halloweeney thing that happened to me last October 31 was when I ate (beef) papaitan for the first time. Thanks¬†(?) to Enzo!¬†To those who do not know what it is, it’s INNARDS STEW. It’s a bitter soup with¬†tripe, heart, liver, intestine and others. What makes it bitter? BILE. I quickly drowned the icky taste with beer. Much as I did not enjoy this first time,¬†I can’t say it’s also¬†the last time because I promised myself that someday (hopefully not soon) that I will eat papaitang kambing. Yes, goat. Meh!!!


Mang Rudy’s Grill Beef Papaitan. Charming, isn’t it?


I spent November 1 mostly at home. Only went to Cash & Carry to get some toiletries andsatisfy my craving for gyoza and bibingka. Weird combo eh? Try mo. Masarap.¬†Thought of watching a movie alone but¬†they weren’t screening Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay, so I went home instead and read a Gaiman book.


November 2, I was in the office. Yeah, you read that right. I worked during the holiday. Nothing new. And in observance of All Souls’ Day, I watched Casper. Devon Sawa was a cutie! Also saw some baduy Tagalog horror movies in Cinema 1.


November 3, I was comfortably lying on the sofa watching a dessert challenge in Masterchef when my friend Jero invited me out to eat. Busog pa ako so I said yes but suggested we see the latest Bond movie tooРSkyfall. So we went to Resorts World. Dinner at Kenny Rogers first before the movie.


Kenny Rogers Healthy Plate + muffin

I had this embarrassing convo with the waitstaff:

Me: Miss, isang Healthy Plate sa akin.
Waitstaff: Okay, ma’am.
Me: Miss, pwedeng pa-change ‘yung kasamang iced tea to soda?
Waitstaff: Ma’am, hindi po.
Me: Ay, bakit?
Waitstaff: Hindi na po healthy ‘yon.

The customer is always right? Wrong. ay point nga naman si ate. Oo nga naman. Ako na ang hindi tumutupad sa rules ng isang healthy plate! :p



the 23rd spy film in the James Bond series

Skyfall. Mmmm hmmm mmmm, Skyfall. It was okay. Sorry, Bond fans. It was JUST okay. The first half was interesting and promising. The 2nd half was dragging and I had to fight to stay awake. It’s not as sexy and action-packed as I expected it to be. And sorry, I do agree that Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva is one of the creepiest Bond villains ever but I wish he was made more sinister.

Too bad Bond girl Berenice Marlohe’s character did not live long. Sayang. Ang sexy pa naman niya! And sorry friends, Adele’s song is also just okay for me. I don’t regret watching it though.¬†¬†Loved the chase in Turkey and the word association. While the serious¬†dialogue was blah, the humour was good. I’ve always been a sucker for dry, British humour.


And lastly, November 4. The highlight of this day was the service at Victory Pioneer. The last leg of the The End Series was about heaven,¬†aptly called The Never-Ending Story. I don’t know about you but I believe in heaven and hell. I would like to go to the former and one of the¬†best things I heard about what kind of place heaven is is this:

“Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people.”

Sabi nga ni Pastor Robert,¬†Creation happened in only 6 days, and it’s magnificent! What more ang heaven, eh¬†more than 2,000 years¬†nang pine-prepare ni¬†Jesus ang heaven para¬†sa atin. To listen to The End series, please visit ūüôā


Belated Happy Halloween! ūüėČ


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Friday Five: Little Iya

I¬†had a pag-iinarte moment last Halloween when I called my Dad to tell him, “Hindi niyo ako mahal!!!” because¬†I did not experience trick or treat when¬†I was a kid. He had to remind me na hindi uso ‘yon sa lugar namin sa Bataan and that nakarami naman ako nang napuntahan ko na mga fiesta. Point taken. :p

I was just kidding when I told him that, you know. I had a wonderful childhood. In fact, I’ve been posting a lot of old photos on my Facebook wall lately just because it makes me remember how much my parents have always loved and adored me. ūüôā

Here are my top 5 fave posts:

{biik na may mischievous smile, baka basa na lampin ko}

They said I was such a well-behaved baby. I wonder what happened over the years… Bakit MAS well behaved ako ngayon. Hahahah!

{gigil sa mukha ni Mama, pakita ng pwet ang pornstar bebe}

It was very easy to make me smile or laugh. Bungisngis daw ako. Obvious naman, di’ba? Hanggang ngayon naman ang babaw ko pa rin.

{ebidensiya na mahilig ako sa fried chicken}

Wala daw akong arte sa pagkain. Lahat daw nilalamon ko. But I was not so fond of chocolates and fruits like other kids.

{sino nagsasabing mukha akong maldita? angelic kaya. ANGELIC!!!}

SERIOUSLY, I was never spoiled. I was never a brat, too. Errr… okay, sige… slight. Slight lang. Takot ko lang kina Daddy at Mama!¬†Mapapalo talaga ako!¬†My parents were strict until I was in college. Hindi ako makapag-inarte sa kanila dati kaya ngayon ko na lang ginagawa. :p

{who’s a daddy’s girl? meeeeee!!!}

I have a lot of kengkoy conversations with my Daddy and¬†I am indeed a daddy’s girl. But hey! I’m a Mama’s girl, too! Wala naman ng alternative si Mama kasi ako lang ang anak nila! Yep, to those who still do not know, I am an only child. Only problem, sabi nga ni Daddy dati. (Loko ‘yun ah. Hehe.)

So, yeah, not being able to dress like a vampire or witch and get candies from the neighbors did not stop me from having a happy childhood. I would still wanna dress up for Halloween next year though! :p

Belated Happy Halloween!


Advance Merry Christmas!

AND OF COURSE… ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! ūüėÄ Cheers to remembering happy times and pressing on to make happiER times!


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Hot Dinner Date in Chihuahua

…with¬†JAN! ūüėõ

Jan who happens to be my newest favorite person! Our friendship is on fire and well, I was craving for something spicy. So there. HOT DATE. :))

{Ay, Chihuahua!}

I used to frequent the Makati Ave branch and it was my first time to eat at the Gb store. Also, I was supposed to blog about Chihuahua a long time ago, but I accidentally deleted the draft. :p Anyway… I wanted something meaty yet light so I had the Carnitas Burrito (slow-cooked pulled pork, 295php). Ang idea ko kasi ng heavy eh ‘yung Steak Burrito. Hahaha! Chicken Tacos (295php) and Quesadillas (can’t remember how much). The price is okay for the servings and the taste. I liked the burrito, but I still prefer the one with steak. ūüôā We loved the quesadillas! The taco was so-so for Jan (gusto niya may cheese pala kasi); I liked it slathered with lots of sour cream.

Pero grabe!!! 80php for a bottle of Coke! Oh well, Makati price. I wouldn’t have my meal with any other drink though.¬†That or margarita!!! Too bad I had an early call time the following day and my alcohol tolerance has been really embarrassing lately. Here’s an old picture of me (well my hand) with Joko (her hand, lol)¬†and Jeeves holding Margaritas and Michelada (195php each). What is a Michelada, you ask. It’s a beer-based cocktail with tabasco, worcestershire sauce, lime juice AND Maggi seasoning.¬†Uhhhh… it’s an acquired taste. I have not acquired¬†it yet. Mwehehehe. I’m sticking to Margarita.

{1: the hotsauce wall, 2: my fire liquids of choice, 3: compulsary vanity shot, 4: Jan talking to a cute baby she doesn’t know}

Noticed that they didn’t have the Charlie Sheen Crazy Sauce and Crazy Mother Pucker’s Hot Sauce. Settled for the Ass Kickin’ Original Hot Sauce, Caramba Chili Verde, and the Red Devil. The spiciest was sauce #1 but I loved the red Devil the best. Ang sarap with the burrito! Truly made my dinner with Jan a hot date! :))

{Kudos to the owners of Chihuahua Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar!}

We were lucky for ariving there before 7. By 8pm, the place was already packed with families and yuppies. I hope that¬†Chihuahua¬†will add more items like potatoes with cheese and sour cream.¬†Or rice with¬†shredded barbecue. I have a feeling that they will soon. ūüôā


Chihuahua Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar
G/F Greenbelt 2
(02) 625-0106


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My GS BFF’s Wedding

It was only July this year when I reconnected with my classmates from Mountain View Village School*. Jonalyn was one of my dearest friends back in gradeschool and¬†Jero was ¬†our classmate/my childhood enemy.¬†Ang galing talaga ng¬†social media. If it weren’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t have talked to them again and¬†I wouldn’t be able to see Jhona get married last Friday. ūüôā¬†

{with SpiderKid}

It was the first Iglesia Ni Cristo wedding that I witnessed. It was a good thing I decided to bring a shawl. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be let in because the dress I wore was sleeveless. I removed the shawl as soon as I was seated though. Hehe. It was a small and intimate wedding attended by the couple’s closest family and friends. Feeling special tuloy ako na andun ako. Jero (my +1 by default) wasn’t able to wake up in time for the wedding because salbahe siya he was so exhausted from work. Okay lang. I befriended one of the guests– a five year old kid named Miguel who told me he’s Peter Parker.

{with Andy the groom and Jhona the bride}

As expected, I cried when I saw my friend (who looked so radiant!!!) walk down the aisle with her dad. I think, when it’s my time to get married masisira ng bongga ang eye makeup ko. Nyahahahah! The service was short. As in parang kalahati ng sa Katoliko. The minister (?) talked about Adam and Eve and what¬† husband should be to a wife and vice versa. Medyo nagtaka lang ako na parang emotional si Brother. I forgot to ask if he’s a close friend of the couple or kung mabilis lang talagang siyang ma-move ng story ng first parents natin. ūüôā

{elementary batchmates}

The reception was held at the function room of One Rockwell. Seatmates ko si SpiderKid and his mom Ava. Miguel calls her Mary Jane. :p I had to meet Jero outside because maarte siya he’s shy to enter the venue alone. On my way outside, I felt¬†a spray of identified goo, Waaaahhh! Yung isa sa mga kalapati na pinalipad ng couples shit on some of us! Hahahaha! mabilis pala tumigas ang poo ng dove. Anyway, hindi naman ako maarte. I just wiped it off using my bare hands. And I wanted to strangle Jero kasi malas siya.

{childhood nemesis}

I liked that the celebration was short and sweet. Hindi ko kasi makita ang logic ng mahaba at madaming palabok na kasal. Seeing Andy gaze adoringly to my friend made me smile ‘coz I’m baduy like that. ūüôā And cheesy ako. I like seeing evidences of love. Natuwa rin ako to see their relatives get along. I felt that suportado talaga nila ang union ni Jhona and Andy. I pray that God will bless their marriage with a happy home, cute and kind kids, and great adventures!

{I was in Makati but my heart was out of town. Nyahaha.}

Oh, and guess what… I caught the bouquet.

Ano nga uli ang sabi nila ‘pag ganon? :p


* I transferred to Benedictine Abbey School (now San Beda Alabang) after 4th grade in MVVS.


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BonChon. HoHum.

I decided to give BonChon Chicken another try. I had it way back when it was still new in Ayala Triangle Gardens. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t ewww but it sure wasn’t wooow either. It was a disappointment since a lot of people were raving about it back then. I had high expectations when I first ate it.

{Drumsticks/ Thigh Ricebox 2pcs for 145php, small soda for 28php}

I had the mix and match ricebox, with one soy garlic and one spicy glaze for dinner a couple.of nights ago. I enjoyed the crispy skin and I liked that it wasn’t greasy. Honestly, I didn’t quite taste the difference. They both tasted mildly hot.

{What is tuyo?}

I didn’t like the meat. It’s not moist and it’s not flavorful. I still don’t get why people like it. Well, I don’t like Korean food in general. So there. I guess I better stick to KFC. Or Kenny Rogers. Or Andok’s. Or yung fried chicken sa may kanto sa amin.

If I had to eat at BonChon’s again, I will probably just order their Fish Taco or Ginger Tofu Salad— just because they look pretty in pictures.


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Real Coffee Calamansi Muffins

Last year, my buddy Jeeves brought some Real Coffee Calamansi Muffins for me and Joko to taste.

It was love at first bite. Calamansi has always (and probably will forever be) my favorite citrus fruit and I like desserts but I’ve never really been a fan of anything too sweet!


So when my friend Argel said he’s going to Boracay, my auto-reply was, “Calamansi Muffins!!!”. Being the good person that he is (or being the nakakaawang patay gutom that I am), he came back to Manila with these¬†quickbreads that I craved for almost a year!

Real Coffee & Tea Caf√© has been around since 1996. It’s in White Beach, Station 1 and it’s open from 7am to 7pm. That is, according to the¬†blogs I checked. :p

I have not been to Boracay yet so I don’t know exactly how to get there. I just googled and unfortunately, the directions I gave Argel are if he’s coming from the beachfront. Eh hindi. Gaaaaah. Kawawa naman. Nagkaligaw-ligaw tuloy. (Sorry! Mwaaah! Fistbump!)


I called the store and they told me that coming from the main road, at the Milflores gate (in front of Metrobank) is a small walkway that will lead to the café.

Another thing that one ought to know is, boxed muffins should be reserved a day in advance. If not, you can have the muffins put in a paperbag. A calamansi muffin costs 45php. The paperbag says it’s made with love…


Well… Nalasahan ko naman!!! :p

I had it with a Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino. The soft, zesty muffin and the creamy sweetness of the drink… Panalo!

Aprubado rin sa mga pinatikim ko sa office. Kahit doon sa mga hindi mahilig sa maasim. All agreed that it goes very well with sweet and creamy coffee.


So to friends who will be going to Boracay, kindly take note of what pasalubong I want. I promise to also get some of these little pieces of dessert heaven for you when I finally have my Boracay vacay. :o)


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Ang Sabaw. Bow.

I love soup. I’d have soup even in the middle of summer. I’d choose soup over dessert any most of the time.¬†I don’t like it chilled. I like it hot. Very hot. Ika nga ng daddy ko, ‘yung “makapaso ngala-ngala”.

I also thought of blogging about soup so I can finally delete these images from my phone. :p

Ang sabaw. *bow*

{warms the tummy, makes me happy}

1 Squash Soup
Pizza Hut Bistro, Glorietta 4, Makati
100php something/bowl
Errr… well… it tasted like squash alright. It’s not as thick and flavorful as I hoped it would be. ūüė¶ Made me miss the yummy goodness that is Murphy’s Pumpkin Soup. Too bad I don’t have a picture of it.

2 Crabmeat and Corn Soup
Floating Island Restaurant, Makati Medical Center
180php, good for 2
Slightly better than Knorr’s instant crab and corn soup. I liked that they drizzled some sesame oil. It gave it a delicious aroma and nutty flavor.

3 Tom Kha Gai
Soms Noodle House, Alger St., Poblacion, Makati
220php, good for 2
This is Thai chicken soup in coconut milk. You can taste the lemon grass and ginger. But I guess it’s this rhizome native to Thailand called galangal which tastes like ginger. This soup is best paired¬†with Fried Tonto Fish. Haha. Tonto.

4 Pho Tai Gau
Vina Pho, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati
This beef tenderloin with fat brisket noodle ftw! Firm noodles, excellent broth, and¬†almost-melts-in-your-mouth meat! It’s comfort in a bowl! Writing about it makes me want a bowl right now. It’s good with the Shrimp Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce.

5 Bulalo Espesyal
Bulalohan sa N.Ramirez, Galas, Quezon City
This is the kind of bulalo that would make me travel to QC instead of Tagaytay. Well-seasoned broth and easy-to-get marrow. To those planning on going to Bulalohan sa N.Ramirez, there are two faces of the resto. One looks like a carinderia. One sorta looks like a resto. Don’t worry, the bulalo is the same.

{wow, sabaw!}

6 Wild Mushroom Cappuccino Soup
Momo Cafe, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati
Earthy and frothy, satisfying and enjoyable. This is a must to get in Momo for mushroom soup lovers like me. And between this and their Herb Pumpkin Soup, this is the better choice.

7 Monggo Soup with Kangkong
Katvanria Eatery, St Paul Rd, San Antonio Village, Makati
Ay grabe. Ka-sarap nito. May chicharon pa ‘yan. I love bringing this to the office to share with my colleagues. Hands down, this is my favorite ulam every Friday. I love this with paksiw na bangus belly. Ayayayayayay. Tapos may ice cold Coke. *tulo laway*

8 Hot and Sour Soup
Hao Hong Kong Diner, Jupiter St., Makati
True to its name, it’s indeed sour (duh) and spicy. It’s also thick and hearty. Best to have this after drinking Hao’s Spiked Margarita Tea with Shitake Mushrooms with Fried Cheese for pulutan. Click here for my entry about Hao Hong Kong Diner.

9 Hototay
Panciteria Lido, Marvin Plaza, Pasong Tamo, Makati
120php/good for 2
I had this last Mother’s Day because¬†I couldn’t be with my mom. Eto kasi favorite soup ni Mama. I’m sure she’d also like this because ang daming sahog! ūüėõ I had this with the Drunken Lechon Macau, but I think it would have been better if I paired it with the 3 Cups Chicken– ¬†which btw, for me, is the best dish of Lido.

10 Nido Soup
Gerry’s Grill, Glorietta 5, Makati
This no nonsense hot delight is my favorite pangpa-sober when I drink at Gerry’s. I also like to have this with their Adobong Beef Ribs and Kilawing Tanigue.

My top 3 are

Pho Tai Gau
Bulalo Espesyal
Hot and Sour Soup

Cheers to more bowls of soup! ūüėČ


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