Retromillenia Collection

RJ, 1/3 of the male-secret-recruitment-agent-triumvirate (that I’m part of, hahaha) shared this video¬†with me. He said I could blog about this. I thought, what the fuck for? So, I watched the 1-minute vid and let me just say that I am thankful or even grateful to the many designers that did not allow me to wear coiled aluminum and meters of fishnet in my daily struggle called life.

I read once that technology-snobs from the early 1900’s considered the TV as the most idiotic invention ever made. Who would want to stare at a wooden box, they argued.

I don’t know about you, but I lovelovelove my TV. For me, it’s the best invetion ever made, after the electric can opener.

The 1970’s movie Soylent Green, a futuristic movie about euthanasia, pictured this millenium as a time when Earth would be severely populated, to a point that we’d be eating dead humans.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall ever having been in danger of eating a freshly mercy-killed somebody. The closest I’ve ever gotten was eating siopao, I guess.

So, maybe the clothes in the Glumbert video would also come to being soon. Who knows, it might even be the next haute couture clamour.

And who knows, I might go to work one day dressed in one of those 1920’s collections. The waist-high slit is something to consider. Hehe.

Yeah, probably! Six months to go before Halloween! :p


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