Putting things off is waaaay better than complaining about things in front of you. Well, at least for now because I just can’t deal with them yet! Booya for procrastinating madness!

Tomorrow is another day. Another year!

2007 is going buh-bye and some things should go buh-bye as well.


Where did you begin the year 2007? At home with my parents. I wanted a quiet start of the year with lots of introspection and left-over Media Noche goodies. I answered a year ender survey just like this.

What was your status by Valentines Day? Singular. What’s new?

Were you in school anytime this year? I visited UP twice this year I think. I should go to UP more often this 2008. Hello? I have thesis left. And double hello? I miss the isaw in Ylang!

Did you have to go to the hospital? Yes. Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia was a bitch!

Did you gain or lose weight? Both, like a normal person. I was 125lbs when the year started. Midyear, I was 110lbs. Now, I’m 119lbs. Just the way I likey.

What food did you get to eat the most? Holy cow bakulaw! Where do I even start? Arrrrgggghh… Pizza, sushi, hotdogs, shawarma, twister fries, fried chicken, sinigang na baboy, cheesecake, salpicao, crispy pata…

What alcoholic beverage did you get to drink the most? Strong Ice and Tequila… and Rhea Rubbing Alcohol. Mwahahah!

What was the best thing someone ever did for you this year? I can’t single out anything. Basta someone really made me feel special through a series of surreal events.

What movie was your favorite this year? I didn’t get to watch a lot of movies. Olats. I still even haven’t seen Beowulf, Enchanted, and errrr… Titanic. Haha! Good thing there’s cable.

Ever been a fight this year? No. I don’t like fighting kaya.Hmpf.

Did you have any encounters with the police? No. The only police kwento I know involved one of my workfriends, Mary Jane and the Rockwell Police. :))



Where did you go for vacation? I went to Bataan twice. First, to meet up with my cousins from Cali. Second, to attend my pamangkin’s christening. Both short vacays were fun, but I’m still a tad disappointed that I didn’t even have time to go beachhopping with friends. Oh, I have high hopes for 2008!

What did you purchase that was over 100 dollars? Dill, my baby! My digicam!

Did you know anybody who got married? Yeah. Ate Ching, Mary Anne, Kuya Relly… all three are my cousins. I don’t remember anyone from my barkada tying the knot this year.

Anybody who passed away? My mentor, Dr. Robinson Soria did. 😦

Attend any sporting events? None! Not as a player. Not even as an spectator.

What concerts or shows did you go to? A couple of Orange and Lemons and Six Cycle Mind gigs. I heart 70’s Bistro!

Describe your birthday: It was a night of many firsts. :p

You favorite moment(s): I have waaaaaaay too many. 1st quarter: teaching in Informatics was my opium. My students rock! 2nd quarter: gigs, gigs, beer, gigs and more beer. 3rd quarter…. holyshit. I have nothing for this q. I hated this period. 4th quarter: getting new work, starting a new career, dating, hanging out with friends almost every day…

New additions to your family: Yes. Thank God not from me. :p

What was your best month? September was like Spring to me. 🙂

Favorite night out? Foodtrip mania with Ate Dons, Donnie, and Jap, 70’s bistro gigs with ONL and 6CM with my ILTD lovelies and cousins, nights out with Sandro


Made any new friends? No way. I’m waaay too snobby. Haha jk.. I have, and they’re awesome. Well, they have to be, I’m super selective about who I kick it with. (You’re right, Emcee.)


Other than home, where did you spend most of you time? The drinking strip of BF Homes :p

How old did you turn this year? 26 years young. Too young to care, old enough to know better! (Well, that’s the ideal.)

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? Yes, a few. I have to re-evaluate my standards about a lot of things.

Have you had any regrets? None. Everything that happened this year was inevitable and vital.

Done anything embarrassing? Yeah, but I just laugh about it now. It’s not like it was the first time I got drunk in front of a lot of people. Galera’s still the shit.

Gotten married/divorced? Hell no.

Have you watched American Idol? Blake Lewis is love.

Have you gotten sick? Sick in the head since birth.

What’s a song that best describes you during the beginning of the year? Wilson Philipps – Hold On / Twista feat Faith Evans – Hope / Sheryl Crow -All I Wanna Do / ONL – Let Me

And by the end of the year? Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten / Wilson Philips – Impulsive / Rihanna – Don’t Stop the Music / Sergio Mendes – What Do We Mean To Each Other

If you could give your life to get anything back, what would it be? Nothing worth all that trouble.


Wow. I’m tired now. I’m off to Donnie’s!



listening to: Nicole Scherzinger : Baby Love

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