Against all things sane and practical…

I was sleep deprived and had to go to work very early the following day. Plans were murky and two of the people I was counting on being with couldn’t make it. But because I am still considerably enjoying breaking all things sensible and ideal, I went on and saw my friends anyway.

cimg4133 cimg4143

me with Felipe * friend of Oryx, moi, and Claudio

Went to 32nd Street first for a couple of drinks with Paco, Creon, Oryx, and his-cousin-who-could-pass-for-his-twin Steph. When we got tired of dancing, we went to Tabu to see Mea and Toni. Thursday’s Brazilian Night indeed. Half of the crowd were Brazilians and the other half were feeling Brazilians. Hahaha. Yaaay. Oryx introduced me to a couple of boys. Haha mga malalaking katawan at matatangkad na 20 years old and below! Hahaha, except for Claudio who I think is my age. He invited me to go surfing and it sucked that we’re going to La Union on different dates. Well, I already went to LU last weekend. He’s going this Saturday, me thinks.

dsc-0401 dsc-0414

Toni, Steph, Oryx, me * Mea and Oryx

Went to sleep 6ish (I still uploaded pics when I got home) and I was already in the office at 8:55am. Wrong if you think I slept throughout my shift. Nah-uh-uh! I was too excited thinking of what to pack for the Baguio-LU trip with the go-go friends.

If I collapse out of sleep deprivation and body strain one of these days, the universe is just going to laugh its cosmic ass off.

dsc-0382 dsc-0413 dsc-0390

Stef & Oryx * Adriano and Me * Mea and Me =)


After guessing a random Brazilian’s age…

Paco: Guess how old I am.

Me: Hmm… if you tell me you’re 20, I’d believe you. If you tell me you’re 25, I’d still believe you. (Because I’m gullible.)

Paco: Uhmmm… I’m actually 19.

Oooooops! 😛


listening to: Kings of Leon – The Bucket

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