Fill up my cup. Mazel tov!

I had a feeling that last night was gonna be a good night… hehe. It was bv-detoxifying! Well, except for the 5-sec epi with the ex (lover. lmfao!) and the morning after hate-text from some pussy who doesn’t know what trust means. But weh, last night was fab. Thanks to the friends and red wine and imported beers.


Grunge Night @ Al’s Bar


with Cedric of Loch Ness (didn’t get to wait for their set, sorry Ced!)


college kada get together @ Tavern Asia (happy birthday to Arthur! sana naging maligaya ka sa dagat! hehe)


I like this pic kahit na nakapikit ako. LOL.


bugnot sa paghihintay sa wala… putanginang buhay ‘to o.


so, picture-picture na lang.


after Tav, Kiw and I went to LAX to see Pao (nagspin si Mr. Banez) and we went to Distellery Jupiter NOT Fort, haha epic fail move


me with Kiwi and Guiness in the fg :p Tim Yap (who was really gwapo last night gotta admit) in the bg


with mia boo! dj! dj! comedy cartel soon! funclub! wOot!


HOE daw o. haha. thumbs up!


exactly 2 mos ago, he wrecked his car. and i… i let someone wreck my life. lol. i’m made of cheese. haha.

I wanna keep this feeling of knowing I went out and smashed it like oh my god.

Haha, no more buzzkill.


listening to: Sean Kingston (errr yeah, sorry!) – Fire Burning

I don’t drink anymore

but I don’t drink any less!

More than half of my 100+ albums in Multiply are about drinking.

Here are some of the pre-bangenge pics. Of course, I’m not going to post the incriminating ones. Haha, and there are so many.

with my Dad * with Debbie and MC * 70’s Bistro with cousins * with my non-biological Tita’s


Gweilos Eastwood * Chef and Brewer with co-trainers * Jap’s bday * 70’s Bistro with ILTD

70’s Bistro again * Maginhawa St. * with the Inner Circle of Nico * with my students

Central with JA and my students * somewhere in QC with Gil and co * Brown with my students * Tides with JA and J3

Tita Cay’s * my 26th Bday * Blue Wave with Gio * Tides with the Boys


my 26th bday with the ex-SKT * with Enzo * Tiananmen with the Recruitment Team * N-Los with Kram


Tides with Anton * Vday at Jap’s * Carlo’s Bday * Lomo Manila Event

Sheeesh. I need a new photo opp.

Eunice, do you have a bright suggestion? Say, something that involves your favorite photographer. :p


listening to: my convo with Eunice on repeat mode in my head

Moving on up.

The recently concluded week wasn’t spectacular in different levels, but it surely was better than this one.

I’m okay with not-so-spectacular. I’m just happy that I didn’t let the BS of last, last week get the better of me. I’m moving on up. Going where I’m supposed to go.

Pero hindi naman masyadong up. Heaven na ‘yun eh. :p


Yehey! I’m done with my me-time! Hindi na ako uli antisocial! 🙂

Tuesday night with Mea
kaladkarin, just socially active.

Sunday Beauty Bonding with Joel
After ranting about the quasi break-up

Saturday midnight with Anton
Hulaan niyo naman kung ilang taon na siyang nabubuhay sa mundo!

Saturday night with Joko (and Miki & Carla)
We ate at Le Grand and that deserves a separate post.

Sunday noon with Jap
Before meeting up with Donnie at BoNa

Seems that I’m just going around in circles. But trust me, I am moving on up. 🙂


listening to: Eve – Cowboy 


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