Not So Big and Not So Tasty

I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds in the last couple of years weeks but I had to give in to the latest addition to the McDonald’s Philippines’ menu– the Big N’ Tasty. I also thought it’s a great way to cheer me up after the bogus turnout of the Pacquiao and Bradley match.

So I went to the nearest McDonald’s to overwhelm my senses. Well, at least, that’s what their ad says about the burger…


A large meal (burger, drink, fries) costs 165php. The burger patty is the same size with what they use for the Quarter Pounder. Tomato, check. Lettuce, check. Onions, check. Cheese, check. Smokey Sauce… I didn’t really taste the smokiness. Maybe the kitchen crew didn’t put enough. *shrugs*


The box says True Greatness, and I simply must disagree. I lovelovelove McDonald’s but it’s a letdown for me. Not saying that I hated the taste, it’s just that it wasn’t what I was expecting. Nothing impressive about this product. It’s just so-so. 😦  But hey, I was pretty full after eating the meal. Which is a mystery how I manged to devour a plateful of TGIF’s Nachos after 2 hours… Hehe.


{my “eto na yon?!??” look}


listening to: Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

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