Birthday Wishlist 2012

Ask and you will receive… so here it goes! Here’s my birthday wishlist for this year. :p


leather bags (in camel, caramel or any nice shade of brown… white is also okay) * jewelry or accessories (i prefer rings and bracelets/bangles) * makeup (eye shadow, bronzer/blush) * iPad, iPhone or Galaxy Note * maxi dresses * watch (black, gold, or rosegold) * flatscreen tv


flowers (pink, yellow, white, peach) * boots (camel or black) * running shoes and gear * aviator sunnies * promise to bring me to Tagaytay, Vigan, Boracay, Bicol this 2013 (of course I expect you to keep your promise) * dinner in Spiral/ Antonio’s and the likes




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Birthday Wishlist 2009

(written yesterday, late post :P)

One month to go before Christmas means one month minus five days to go before I turn a year older! Ergo, you have that much time to get me a gift! :p This year, this almost-28-year-old demands desires the following:

1. Statement Tees – long ones, preferably up to my hips

2. Necklaces – long chain, large pendant (no stars, no hearts)

3. Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol – eff you if you send me a .pdf file

4. Board Shorts – throw in a flaming red rashguard if you think I can learn to surf this lifetime. Haha, you prolly don’t, so won’t :p

5. Cute Bed Covers – with equally cute cases for large pillows

6. The Nanny/ Mr. Belvedere DVDs – ask your friendly debede suki to find the complete series

7. 2010 Planner – non-Starbucks, please

8. Embellished Clutch – non-matrona style, chicas!

9. A Boo Doll – been wanting once since I lost my doll, Twinkle… so that makes 5 years! Oh, the never-ending separation anxiety!

10. Knee Length Dresses – which I can wear to work and still be fab in when I go grab dindin in GB after

11. Hella Huge Purse – that I can stuff my essentials into.. you know I’m a girlscout!

12. Jericho Rosales – haha, this is so 3 years ago, but maybe this year will be different… *ahem PSA friends*

13. A Small Unforgettable Celebration – that can get me drunk without passing out, hence– no local beers!

14. Lots of money – so you can relax and let me worry about the shopping. :p

Will post more gift ideas! You know I will! 😉


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Sure na. Here’s my wishywishylist.

updated 12/17

Sure na.

Christmas inuman: December 20, Saturday, 9pm at Tides, Aguirre Avenue, BF Paranaque

Attire: Red or green only. Bawal magwhite! Ako lang may karapatan! Angal? Baket, birthday mo ba? 😛

At dahil birthday ko nga, here’s my wishlist. Ang hindi magbasa, panget!!!

* Dell/HP notebook (haha, asa pa ko.)
* alarm clock
* brand new tarot deck
* cigarette case
* mineral make-up (like Maybelline Mineral Makeup, 500php, Curlylash Mascara)
* SE/Motorola mobile phone or  LG KP500 (haha, asa pa ako uli)
* Moonlight Path by Bath & Body Works Body Splash (influenced by Jen)
* Revlon Ruby Lounge nail polish
* 2G flash drive in pink!
* pink/green/white/black hoodie
* 2009 planner
* statement shirts
* Olay Body Daily Purifying with Sea Salts and Microbeads body wash (can be found in SM Supermarket/Watson)
* Vanilla body wash (Marks and Spencer for more or Heaven on Earth for less?)
* St Ives Eye Stress Gel (can be found in SM Supermarket/Watson)
* L’Oreal Antifrizz Serum
* Rum Cake! Rum Cake!
* American Psycho DVD
* portable debede player (asa na lang ng asa, hehehe)
* banner and balloons! :p
* bags! accessories!
* blue/yellow/pink bedsheets! throw pillows!
* cookbooks!
* John Lloyd Cruz
* white, pink, peach, or yellow flowers
* colorful belts
* shawls

Mag-iisip pa ako! Basa lang ng basa!


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One Month Flat

My dearest friends, colleagues, co-bloggers, lover(s), relatives and stalkers, you have exactly one month to get a birthday gift for me. :p

Hala, sige. Mag-impok na para may pambili!

Here’s a list of the things I want and expect to get.

01 Poetry
Write something for me. Unleash your creative pambobola.

02 Flowers
Except red roses please. Potted flowers are welcome. ‘Pag pangit, ibabato ko sa ulo mo ‘yung paso.

03 A turquoise two-piece swimsuit
Or hotpink. Or sunshine yellow.

04 Original Good Girl Gone Bad album
Yeah. The one by Rihanna. I have a big lesbian crush on her. Not.

05 The World’s Greatest Salesman or 48 Laws of Power
Damn the asshole who stole my books.

06 All expense paid B&B
Preferably here. Haha. Ilusyonada.

07 Harana
I’m not talking about the song of Parokya ni Edgar!

08 Victoria’s Secret Blossoming Romance
This smells yummy.

09 A Boo Doll
Boo – that cute kid in Monsters Inc.

10 Gigantic poster of Justin Timberlake
Or better yet, give JT to me. Blindfolded. LOL.

11 The Godfather Trilogy DVD
And watch it with me.

12 A date
Friendly dates are welcome. 🙂

13 Compilation of my favorite 90’s dance hits
Don’t forget Dying Inside by Timmy Thomas! Hahaha!

14 Dinner in Sophie’s Garden
Complete with dress-up.

15 Tequila
Dangerous, but well…

16 A BIG bag.
Camel or ecru would be nice.

17 Enchanted Kingdom Tickets!
Let’s go! Pwera sa Space Shuttle!

18 Vacation Leave
Ahem, ahem… calling my Sup!

19 BTS with 26 candles
Better Than Sex from Gayuma

20 A locket
With my picture. Haha. Or yours?

21 Pillowcases
Star and Moon design

22 Red stilettos
Size 9. Yeah, yeah. I have big feet.

23 An ADMU jacket
Don’t ask. Basta, I want one.

24 “UP ako. Eh Ikaw?” shirt
Please check the University Mall.

Just to emphasize. Hehe. I don’t think you understood the first time.

I trust that you can think of something nice to do and make me happy.

Please make me happy.



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