‘Tis The Season. ‘Tis The Reason.


I saw this image on Pinterest and it instantly made me tear up. I am guilty of not always remembering why we are celebrating Christmas. God loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son to save us and someday bring all of us who believe home. It’s not just the highlight of, but the reason of the season.

We’ve become so busy making wishlists, buying gifts, preparing the noche buena, planning vacations, that most of us have forgotten to prepare ourselves in honoring the birth of our Savior. I’m sure that He approves of us celebrating this special occassion with being with our loved ones eating good food and exchanging gifts because we are sharing our blessings to one another, but hey… Wouldn’t He like it more if we’d all take a moment to reflect on who Jesus is to us? It’s His birthday. Do we already have gifts for Jesus? How about we start with a heart that remembers, recognizes, and rejoices that He is our greatest hope, strength, courage and joy!

Jesus, thank You for everything. May we honor You with how we celebrate Christmas.

Happy birthday, Jesus!!!


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Mama’s 60th Birthday

My wonderful mother celebrated her 60th birthday yesterday. 🙂 Thank You God for blessing me with an angel for a mommy. She is the most beautiful, kindest, most prayerful woman I know. I love her so much. 🙂

(pic taken when I was 1 1/2 years old and Mama was 31)

I don’t have any party pics to show because she opted not to have a grand celebration. My original plan was to throw a party for her at my uncle’s beach resort. Ayaw daw niya. Gusto daw niya simple lang. ‘Wag daw kaming makialam. Siya daw ang may birthday so siya ang masusunod. Ma’am, yes ma’am! I thought we were going to Subic to eat lunch and watch a movie like what we do when it’s Daddy’s birthday but she said she just wanted to cook some of her favorite dishes and give them to our relatives and neighbors.

It was also a blessing that we didn’t go out anymore because I suffered from fever (with chills! scary! :S) from Saturday to Monday. I think God just took pity on me when I asked Him to make me well because I didn’t want my Mama to worry about me when she should be stress-free on her birthday.

We cooked and gave away food a day before her birthday. She didn’t want to do it on Feb 22 because it’s Ash Wednesday. Here are some of the food we made:

Chunky Chicken Macaroni Salad. The one you see in the picture is the sald before I mixed everything together. This is Mama’s specialty savory salad. Her dessert salad specialty is Chunky Buco Pandan. Yeah, we like our salads chunkee! Funny coz I was the one who taught her how to make these, but she does it much better than me. 😛


Maja con Quezo. This was supposed to be maja blanca topped with latik (fried coconut milk curd)  but we were to tired to make latik that we used cheese instead. Mama makes excellent maja. This has been a fave of mine since childhood. 🙂


Suman sa Lihiya. This is soaked glutinous rice treated with lye. Mama’s besty Tita Nida made this as a gift for Mama. Well, at least she attempted for it to be a surprise, pero fail kasi sa amin siya humingi ng banana leaves na pambalot. So, buking! :p I brought a dozen suman to the office with grated coconut and sugar. Was too lazy to get panocha. :p


Bibingkang Kanin. This was Mama’s birthday(rice)cake. Haha she detested my suggestion that we put candles on it. :p When I was still a little Iya, I’d scrape off the sweet sauce on top and give the rice cake to Mama. Haha, salbaheng anak ko lang talaga dati. :p This is my favorite kakanin after bibingkang malagkit aka bibingka that we usually see during Christmastime.


Pansit Bihon: Our quintessential birthday dish because they say it represents long life and because we just really love pansit. :p And even if I was suffering from toncilitis, Mama allowed me to drink Coke because it sucks to eat pansit without Coca-Cola. 😀 And reward ko kasi napagod ako sa kakahalo ng 3 kilo ng pansit!


I’m glad that Mama got what she wanted, a simple celebration spent with me and Daddy. She also got a pretty yellow blouse and fab clutch bag from me. :p I stayed home until early morning of her birthday. Haha, I demanded a picture before I left for Manila. Kebs na kung bagong gising at nakapantulog pa. Here it is:


That’s one of the best mornings of our lives. 🙂 Thank You God for giving us Mama! 🙂


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Everyone is the age of their heart.

My colleague RJ asked me what it feels like to be 30. I’ve been getting the same question since December 20 of last year. That, my friends, was when I entered my third decade. Hrrrmmm… being 30 feels like being 29. Or 25. I don’t know if I’ll still feel the same when I turn 31. Nonetheless, it’s a positive feeling and I guess I owe it to the wonderful people around me, my renewed faith in God and a balanced diet. :p

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The pictures from Mike’s camera were sent to me by Joko yesterday and I am overwhelmed by gratitude that I have reached this age with lovely memories outweighing the bad ones and possibilities that seem more opportune than fearsome.

I’m 30 and I am young. I’m 30 and I am mature. I’m 30 and I am happy. I’m 30 and I’m bound to grow older and happier. 🙂

Cheers! 🙂


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So it finally happened. I turned 30.

A lot of people have been asking me how it feels like to be 30 and then I tell them I fucking hate it and wait for them to turn pale and try to change the topic. Then I say I’m just kidding and 30 feels like I just became more awesome. Doesn’t sound possible but I don’t know. FEELING NGA EH. :p

(see 29th, 28th, 27th, 26th birthdays)

My 1st 3oth birthday cake (with 29 candles lang na nasindihan hahaha) AND with Peewee na may sign dapat na I ❤ Carla (thanks for the roses!)

I’d like to thank the 483 people who remembered my special day and greeted me. Oh yes. I counted. Para sa mga alam kong nakaalala pero nang-deadma lang, mga pakkshet kayo, may araw rin kayo sa akin. >:) Not that stepping into 30’s made me unforgiving. I just realized that I should not take bullshit from ANYONE. Even if the person is hot. Harhar.


Posing with my 2nd birthday cake with a ? candle mwehehe AND me declaring my age or I could just be doing a W-O.

Extra special thanks to the friends I was with at Whistlestop for my salubong. Good mix of girls and boys from my teen life and my early (?)  adult years.  I got the simple get-together I wanted. NO BOYS, NO DRAMA. I’m glad I did not invite he-who-must-not-not-be-named. Birthday sex wasn’t part of my wishlist. :)) NO FRILLS, NO PROGRAM. Haha, but I liked the Iya Trivia questions that Joko and Donnie prepared.

The Iya Trivia questions AND some of my guests … lovelovelovelovelove ’em both! FYI, mas mahal ko si Christian bale kaysa kay Jericho Rosales.

Birthday proper, had dinner at Cafe Breton. I loved the fresh mango smoothie and Crepe Excalibur! Name pa lang, love ko na. :p Then we went to Bistro 121 for quiz and dinner, well… my 2nd dinner- of mushroom soup, chicken kebab and 3rd birthday cake.


Feeling dainty sa Breton enjoying the crepe i chose because of the name AND kumo-construction worker appetite sa 121.

We owned the 80’s OPM category- thanks to The Vlad! Dinner and quiz was a good choice for my first night as a 30 year old. I was well-fed and quite entertained. 🙂 Cheers to more days of eating out and non-partying! LOL Thirty na nga talaga ako. :p


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My 30th Birthday Wishlist

I’m turning 30 in a week and I’m excited, anxious, happy and scared all at the same time. Oo,  nababaliw ako na magte-trenta na ako! :))

Been think of crazy things to do before I hit the big 3-0 and I have thought of a few. Not gonna share ’em until I accomplish everything though. That is if I get enough courage to do those things! Pero sabi ko nga lagi, there are things that will look stupid if done in one’s 30’s. Pero sinabi ko rin ‘yan nung 19 ako a couple of days before I hit 20. :p

Anyhoodles, here are the things that will make me VERY happy on my 30th. =)

Behold my 30th birthday wishywishlist!

SMALL CAKE (with candles!)

FLOWERS (pink, yellow, peach white roses or tulips)


NECKLACE (with thin long strand/s)

OTTERBOX case for a Samsung Galaxy W

SHAWLS (black, purple, pink, green… plain is ok, if not, make it floral)

CARDIGANS (mustard, dark pink, green, lavender, royal blue)

HOODIE! (black, pink or red)

NAIL POLISH (dark red, dark gray)

BELTS (red, black, cream BUT preferably brown, and braided)

BAGS (handbag with long strap or big bags, dark pink, red, brown/cream or floral)


MAKE UP (bronzer, blush, eye liner)

WATCH (black)

FOREVER 21/CONTI’S/SM/AYALA GC’s or the likes hehe

on December 19, 10pm-godknowswhen at Whistlestop, Jupiter Street. That’s where my birthday salubong will take place. If you know I don’t wanna see you, be faaaaarrrr away from that area. Like a region away.

or send ’em to my office (Recruitment Office, BPI Buendia Center) on December 19 any time from 9am to 5pm. :p

And nah, I don’t have a Christmas wishlist. MY BIRTHDAY is my special holiday. =)


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Happy birthday, stoked bunny!

Today is my besty‘s special day.

Today is the day na magka-age na kami. Twenty-three! Mwahahahaha!

Our quiznight team gave her a pre-birthday surprise last Tuesday. Shani bought cake from Claudette’s. Bloo got balloons, a banner and a card (that we found hard to write on kasi musical hehehe). Jeeves, Vlad, Rudi, Maj, Marie and Aji coordinated with the Murphy’s staff and decorated the PG corner. It was my task to get her away from the preparations by bringing her outside Murphy’s and ranting about how my health’s affected by my douchebag ex. Effective, naniwala naman! If I’m scared daw to go see the neurologist, sasamahan daw niya ako! When Rudi and Marie called to say we can go in already, I told her, “Ah ewan. Basta bahala na if I talk to him, basta….. happy birthday nga pala!”

Chedeng! Turon!

The whole bar broke into song. We even got the quizmaster to bring her the cake. I looked at Joko anbd she absolutely stoked! :p

I made a special quiz for her called THE Joko Magalong quiz– 10 items of Joko trivia related to general knowledge questions. Sample trivia: Joko’s queen is Britney Spears. Question, her name is an anagram of what religious group? Answer: Presbyterians. :p There were also questions about Cueshe and about bunnies being crepuscular.

Haha! Fun times!

We’re happy that she loved the suprise.

(superyummy cake!!!!)

We love our resident artistic and cultural latina! :p


For her birthday salubong, we went to Som’s and Chihuahua.

Bagay na bagay lang sa Asian-Latina birthday girl! Hihihi!

Pictures to be posted soon. 🙂


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Yes, folks. I just turned 29 last December 20. I’m still waiting for Joel to upload the pics. Tagaaaal. :p Excited! Anyway, just wanna share some kwento and some of the pics from my and my friends’ camphones.

I attended the simbang gabi (anticipated) in Sacred Heart because I believe there’s no better way to welcome my birthday than thanking God for my awesome 28th and seeking guidance for my 29th. When I got home, a gift from my roomies was waiting for me by my bedroom door. 🙂

When the clock struck 12, I was overwhelmed by the flood of greetings in my Facebook wall, Twitter feed and phone. I spent 2 hours replying to friends and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I busied myself with chores so I won’t kill myself from anxiety for waiting for my celebration in BF. Yes. Naglaba pa ako sa mismong araw ng aking kaarawan. Nag-general cleaning pa ako ng kwarto. :p By 6ish, Joko picked me up and we headed to Conti’s for my birthday dinner. We were joined by Donnie and Kassy.

We had tofu steak, baked prawns, chicken teriyaki, caesar salad, gambas and pumpkin soup… the best part of the meal though was a gigantic bouquet of flowers delivered to our table. 🙂 Thank you, LLB for sending me flowers. And thanks to Joko for being an accomplice. Thanks also to Donnie for giving me another bouquet. Of mums, me thinks. Akala ko talaga, yellowbells ang matatanggap ko.

Went to Le Souk right after to meet our other friends. 🙂 My 29th birthday celeb’s the chillest celeb ever. 🙂 Mas chill than last year’s. First birthday na hindi ako na-stress. Steady drinking and hardcore kulitan lang. 🙂

And I didn’t have a cake this year. I had creampuffs. Thanks Kassy! My friends put “2” and “9” candles together so that I make a birthday wish. Wait for the picture.

Pakkshet sa lahat ng pinagbaliktad ang candles at ginawa akong lola na 92. Hmppppf. Mga daot.

I didn’t get buzzed by choice because I didn’t file for leave the following day. All I could do was kiss the bottle of Absolut. Thanks Enzo! 🙂

After the drinking, bonding and smoking shisha… it was time to go home. Well, at least for my friends.

Zo and I still stopped for a late night/early morning snack (?)


Got home around 5:30 and I didn’t sleep until I opened all of the gifts! 😀

Most of my friends did not follow my wishlist. I doubt if they read it at all. :p Doesn’t matter though. They still made me a very, very happy birthday girl. 🙂

Belated happy birthday to me. 🙂


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My 2010 Birthday Wishlist

No kilometric intro needed. Give me! Give me!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Here are the things I’d like to receive on my 29th birthday.

A birthday cake! With candles, of course! Please do not deprive me from… errrm… blowing. :p

Flowers! Ibalato niyo na sa akin ang magpaka-girly-girl sa birthday ko.

A digicam with at least 10 megapixels. I’m good with Casio, Olympus, or Canon.

A notebook like an HP Mini or a Dell Inspiron Mini.

(I have been delaying getting a camera and a laptop because of the bad, bad experience I had last year. You know, when my gadgets and other valuables were stolen. 😦 )

Zara Intense 🙂 or…

Cherry Blossoms by Bath & Body Works Body Cream/Body Splash/Body Wash… I also like Bath & Body Works’ Moonlight Path

Mini handbags


and Totes! Only in neutral color or red, please!

Accesories! Necklaces and earrings preferably from F21, Accesorize or Parfois.

Cute dresses! 🙂 Large or medium! Alam ko, balingkinitan ako, pero hindi ako magkakasya sa small. :p

Other stuff I want:

make-up (for oily skin po. Can anyone please get me a MAC concealer?),
cardigans (preferably pink, red, or gray),
shawls (black, gray, or cream),
belts (especially the braided ones),
gift certificates (food, footwear, clothes…. AYOKO ng spa/beauty gc’s)

on December 20, 9pm-godknowswhen at the 2nd Floor of Le Souk, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque (let’s party!!!!)

or send it to my office. :p


You can also accompany me to the simbang gabi on December 19 for my birthday salubong! Of course, you have to give me bibingka and coffee after. Haha!

Wheeeee! Advance happy birthday to me!


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Happy birthday, Ace!

To my boss, Ace… I hope you get all your good heart’s desires.

We love you soooo much! Lolay Lolay you’re the best! Lolay Lolay above the rest! Woooooooo!!!! *cartwheel*

L-R: Pat, Trish, Ice, Me, Mommy Joyce, Ace and Eumir @ the Island Exhibit Job Fair

Happy 30th!!!!!!


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