The Unfinished Birthday Song

If you need more love, you know where to find it.
If you need more love, you know where to find me.


Your birthday is just around the corner and that means two things. One, you’re getting older. Duh. Two, I’m getting older, too. Double duh. Remember some years back when we talked about where you might be, what you might be doing when you turn 30? Fate has been kind to you, I think, because what we talked about then seems to be what’s happening to you now. Fate has been kind to you, but I can’t really say it has been fair. Simply put, I don’t think you deserve all the things you have now.

You have turned into a lying, cheating, manipulative prick.

You gorgeous lying, cheating, manipulative prick.

You know I don’t like what you’ve become and I know that you avoid talking to me about the more important things in life because you can’t handle the truth especially if it comes from me. Me, your more-than-a-decade reminder that you have gone to the dark side.

Sorry, your birthday means another thing. You’re going to collect a gift from me.

You have two options.

Get the love you want. Get the love you need.

The love I give is the love that I deserve.

I love you, though when it comes to you, I am almost always not sure what love really is.


Of course I’m not going to make a song for you. I trust you know me well enough not to assume otherwise.


listening to: Justin Timberlake and Timbaland – Chop Me Off


Today is my birthday. And this is one helluva happy birthday! 🙂

I finally got the small, intimate celebration I’ve been wanting since I got sick and tired of organizing wasakan drinking sessions slash reuniting Christmas parties in the South every time I turn a year older. Time to move on from the place I used to call home and from some of the people who used to mean the world to me. It’s not sad, really. It just means I’m in a different place now and I have changed. 🙂 But what didn’t change is my favorite combo of friends + alcohol + food + dancing.

with besty Joanna aka my teenage bunny and besty Janice aka Tita Pussy…cat

besty Eunice aka Yo… put us together and we’re IyaiyaYowwww

Last night, I got together with Jap, Eunice, Joko, Kassy and Kwe for my birthday salubong in A.Venue Suites (Thanks, Joko’s Mommy! Biological Mommy, hehe!). We watched Stardust; ate chips, ambrosia, Yellow Cab pizza and pasta (4cheese and Corona, Charlie Chan) and caramel cake from Costa Brava (which is my 2nd favorite cake na, 1st pa rin ang rhumcake! :P); talked about the best and the worst of 2009; and of course, we camwhored. And we laughed. We laughed a lot. The bunny ears, Kwe being mistaken for a whore (I have morals, 1M a night!), the butas cardi of Jap and how to hide it in really weird ways, Joko’s kwento about seeing her crushie the other day (and the difference of reactions pag friends vs crush), Yo’s baking adventures (whipped cream fail) and Kassy’s pigletness (kirengkeng!!! congrats!).

bunny family with ears from Star City (thanks Joko! Loves it!)

with Kassy ze Piglet

Ten-sec countdown before my birthday… and *wooooooooo* I blew my 28th candle. My wish? I’d tell you if it happens already. I got a feeling it’s going to happen soon enough. Like sana, mamaya. 🙂 Haha, speak of, by 12:05 it was VIBES time, made me miss Carla a lot! LLB, if you’re reading this, I hope next year, the whole Panda family will be present in my birthday :p Or kahit ‘wag na kayo ni Mike, kahit si Caily lang hehe.

chocolate mousse c/o Jap & Yo

Yum yum chocolate mousse + lemon vodka + Gilbey’s premium (my local poison of choice).
Rich dropped by (sana kasama rin si Maia), so my celeb was 95% estrogen lang. Hahaha. If Donnie and Joel were there, baka 93% lang. 😉

We went to Tabu for a couple of hours because I wanted to dance and I wanted to be in my comfort/partyzone. Plus, I really miss Oryx. Much love to the dj who played almost all the songs I asked for. More alcohol! Yaaaaaayyy!

Tabu with ze ladies (Oryx, I miss you!!!)

with DJ Mark Nicosia

Back to the condo for rest, food, alcohol and Mia (who gave me a bottle of Patron). More food, more booze and more pictures.

By 5ish, Mia went home, Kwe went to Quezon to surf, Joko went to sleep and Kas and I stayed at the balcony and flashed Makati looked at Makati and talked about the heavy stuff. Life and Love. It didn’t bring me down because I still got ze birthday buzz. :p

with Miaboo

ahhhm… do I have another bunny daughter?

Slept around 6ish, got up around 11. Joko and Kas dropped me off and I slept again until around 2 hours ago. Kinda like a regular night out, but it’s my special day and I’m happier. 🙂

src=”” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”213″ />

My first morning photo as a 28 year old.. Good morning, Makati!


Mama and Daddy, thanks for everything. I’ll see you this Christmas and you can give me the mini lobsters you promised me. I love and miss you both.

Friends, thanks for making my birthday extra special. 🙂 Mga sira ulo kayo. Hehe.

Universe, thanks. Friends na kami ni Echo sa Facebook. Wala na bang mas ibibilis ang kilos mo? Haha.


listening to: Glee – Sweet Caroline

Pre-Bday Celeb V.2

Tired, but not too tired to party!

LOL. Really, it was just a simple get together at CJ’s last Friday night, a Rotaract meeting turned vodka session aka my 2nd Pre-Birthday celebration.

I was the oldest one in the room, *cringe* and it made me remember that I’m still as crazy as early-twenties-friends. I am probably crazier. I also remembered how much I love pansit guisado with redbell peppers (kudos to Cj’s househelp!) and Caramel Popcorn (na ayaw kong i-share kahit hindi naman sa akin… haha parang boyfriend lang ng iba). What I discovered were: I’m good friends with vodka again (hindi na niya ako pinapatumba) and my latest chaser of choice is *apir*. Yep! Apir as in highfive, smacking of palms in the air. I don’t normally require a chaser, but this one is too cute to ignore. :p

Me holding the caramel popcorn, Joko, Sab (not bitchilla), Noreen and Reena

Meeting? What meeting? President Van, care to explain?

My version of getting ready for work the following day. Saturday ba naman eh.

(A) Nagpe-pray over? (B) Nagsasayaw sa saliw ng tugtuging Hot Stepper or (C) naghahanap ng signal

Teka, bakit parang ako lang ang nakapambahay? :p

Wait. Not all Rotaract meetings are like this. Not all.

Just most.


listening to: Glee – Hair/Crazy In Love

Pre-Birthday Surprise!

After a 3-day job fair, my original plan was to head straight home and re-watch my favorite episodes of Glee for more Puck happy moments, but when Joko said the CHILI’S and DINNER I knew I just had to change plans.

Good thing I did because…

I had my very first 28th birthday blowing of candle. Miki said she wouldn’t be here for my celeb, because she’s going to Thailand next week, hence the surprise! surprise!

I don’t get tired saying how much I love my girls. Too bad Carla and Kwe weren’t able to make it last night, though.

Miki invited her nff Justin (profile: Atenean, Finance student, full China, vacay-ing from Sydney). When I asked him what animal represents him and he said rabbit, I stretched my arms and exclaimed, “My son!” LOL.

We made fun of so many things like Math, killer Christmas trees, mongrels and these reindeers, They look high, don’t they?

That’s Kassy hanging Christmas balls for charity. I’m officially beginning to feel the holidays. 🙂

Last night made me very happy. 🙂

And an awesomefantasticexcellent news this afternoon made me so much happier.

Stay tuned.



listening to: Mean Girls – Jingle Bell Rock

Attack of The Birthday Blues

This is the first time in almost 28 years that I will not be throwing a party to celebrate my birthday. The reasons being:

1 I’d rather use ze moolah for my Dad’s 60th birthday celebration on the 29th. It will be held in the province, so just thinking of the number of guests is enough to make my wallet combust.

2 I’d rather do something charitable, pay-it-forward style. Any suggestions? Please email me

Well,  that and that and it’s just really tiring and sometimes frustrating to organize my birthday. This year, I just want to chill with my beloved few.

No concrete plans yet of how to chill. Believe me, stuff like this cannot be left on fate alone. With Manila traffic getting worse every day, we need to have a plan.

So far, the only thing sure is I want to have a salubong. I don’t even know what color to wear this year! I always wear red, except for one year that I wore green because it’s such a pretty tube top. And one year that I wore black, a sign to the barkada that I am no longer a baby. And last year when I wore white, because I was feeling virginal. LOL.

One of my boybuds said one of my boys (plural? kahit yata singular, wala eh haha) might do something special to wow me on my special day. Sana ‘wag. I have zero plans to invite any of my crushes or exes. Based on historicals, I always do something stupid each time an s.o. is present in my birthday. The moststupid-est of all was on my 26th with all incriminating photos and videos to remind me.


Fifteen days to go before I turn less young. By the time I turn 28, I’m already an old woman.

Universe, give me a sureball birthday plan ASAP!


listening to: Ja Rule – Always On Time



LLBs in Midway Grill, La Union =)


AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY to my food soulmate, dear batchmate, psychic energy drainer, dear dear friend CARLA BIANCA MARFORI VILORIA… (at talagang may dot dot dot… hihihihi) I LOVE YOU, LLB


listening to: Drake Bell – Makes Me Happy


Overwhelmed :)

Yeeeesssss… I turned 27 today!

The festivities started yesterday in the office, Rockwell, EDSA, and Metrowalk. Thanks to my ePer friends, Pat, Joko, Carla, Miki, Kass, Jeman, and Carlo.

I welcomed XXVII with flowers, japanese food, chocolate overdose, oysters, crispy pata, laughter, and friends.

I love you, guys.

But wait… there’s more!

Party ko pa mamaya!

I can’t wait!

Happpppyyyy birthdaaaaayyyy toooooo meeeeee!


listening to: the happy voice in my head

For Joanna and Dominic Ü

To the two stellar beings I absolutely adore, happy birthday! 🙂

Joko : July 21

I have this strong feeling that we were sisters in the past life. Or that you were my daughter. Even apo. So my dearest Joanna Katrina, listen to your Lola Wabbit and hop your way to your inner rabbit.

Nico : July 23

You might have been the love of my life in the past life. Now reduced to a what might have been. Haha. Love New York all you want just save some for me.  I miss you so much. 

I love you both dearly.


listening to: Dishwalla – Every Little Thing

Birthday Salubong

So, today is Dec 11. Walong tulog na lang bago ang salubong sa aking kaarawan! In English, eight sleeps only before running over my birthday! Bwahaha! Napakalabong translation. Dinaig pa ang “Be aware of dog” sign na nakita ko dito sa Makati. Anyhoodles, I’ve decided to celebrate my 26th birthday in a tad different way. First time na salubong. Dati kasi, batas ng buhay ko na mismong birthday ko dapat magcelebrate. Ngayon, dahil dapat mag-adjust sa sched ng guests at para maiba naman ng konti, pumatol na ako sa ideya na magkaron ng Birthday Salubong.

Heto ang mga detalye:

Iya’s 26th Birthday Salubong Painom
December 19, 2007, 9:00 pm
Pizza Niro – Tides, Phase 3, BF Homes, Paranaque
We’re gonna have fun! >:p

The breakdown:

December 19, kasi nga birthday salubong. To be more specific, hanggang 3am ng December 20. Shempre naman, hihintayin na mag12 midnight para makantahan ako ng Happy Birthday To You. Sana ‘wag kalimutan ni Jap na magdala ng cake na may candles dahil wala akong balak na flame lang ng lighter ang hipan ko pagpatak ng alas-dose.

9:00 pm. O ayan. After dinner na ‘yan. Meaning, kumain na ng hapunan dahil wala ako balak gumastos ng limpak-limpak. Magpapa-inom lang ako. Don’t worry. Ako rin ang sagot sa pica-pica. Masarap ang nachos dun at sisig. Hindi naman bakal ang puso ko. Kung makita ko man ang guest ko na tumitirik na ang mata sa gutom, io-order ko naman ng Rice Toppings. Masarap ang chicken teriyaki sa Tides. Pero para makaiwas na sa pagtirik ng mata at pagbulagta sa sahig, kumain na sa bahay ng hapunan. Okay? Okay.

Tides, BF Homes. Malamang kasi taga-South ako, di’ba? Sana ‘wag magfeeling ‘yung isa kong ex na magcelebrate ako sa Manila. Ano naman ang bearing pa niya sa buhay ko para doon ako magparty? Ang kapal talaga. For the 3rd time, iniinvite na naman niya ang sarili niya sa birthday ko. At gusto pa bitbitin ang buong tropa niya. Arrrrgh. The nerve!!!

We’re gonna have fun? Aba natural. Kelan ba naman ako naging boring kasama? (Yessss… the nerve ko rin! Hehe) Isali pa ang isang dosena at kalahati kong mga sira-ulong mga kabarkada. Mejo magiging mini-reunion rin ito ng college friends ko. Pero okay lang ‘yun. Come one, come all. The more, the manier. Fun, friendly people naman kami. Di naman kami nangangagat… lagi.

Pinagpaplanuhan na rin namin ni Bestfriend Donnie ang games. Oo. Gusto ko ng games. Motto ko nga in life eh “To play safe is to not play at all. Let’s play!” So far, ang naisip pa lang namin eh ‘tong mga ‘to:

* Habulang Gahasa sa Sucat Road
* Patintero sa Aguirre Ave na naka-blindfold
* Pin the Tail On the Donne at
* Patayin sa Sindak Si Iya, Ang Pagbabalik.

Don’t worry. I play fair. 😉

At shempre may prizes. Secret muna kung ano ‘yung mga ‘yun. Sali kayo para malaman niyo. :p Walang kasamang house and lot. Trip to Jerusalem for two lang. Bigyan ko kayo ng mga silya na iikutan.

Hayayay! I’m super excited! Kulang na lang eh magjaja-jumping jacks ako sa gitna ng EDSA sa tuwa.

Kung matagal mo na akong kilala, or kung kilala mo na talaga ako ng mabuti, malalaman mo kung gaano ka-bigdeal sa akin ang birthday ko. Sa isip ko, secret national holiday ito na miniscule fraction of the population lang ang nakikicelebrate. Kaya sa mga taong nagconfirm na na pupunta sila, kasiguraduhin nila na ‘wag silang magbabackout kung ayaw nilang kalmutin ko mukha nila using a picthfork. Excused lang ang absence nila ‘kung nakaratay sila sa operating room or kung ikakasal na sila. Sadista na kung sadista, pero utang na loob. Once a year lang ako hindi nagmamartyr-martyran. Pagbigyan niyo na.

Sa mga nagtatanong tungkol sa wishlist ko, kung ano pa daw ang pwede nilang bilhin. Or kung ano pwede nilang bilhin na hindi masyadong mahal…

Heto pa ang mga bagay na ikatutuwa kong makuha sa Dec 19/20:

* Big black bag
* Black/cream/red purse
* Elizabeth Wakefiled’s Secret Love Diary #3 (Yep, Sweet Valley!)
* Chandelier earrings (Oo, hindi na siya uso, pero wala ng pakialaman.)
* Mouse Pad
* Skirt/s
* Boardshorts na maiksi, para mashow-off ko ang beautiful logs ko. Este, legs.
* Scrapbook
* Statement Shirts (sana from limiTADO… sample: “Mabuti nang tamad kaysa naman pagod.”
* Flip-flops
* Orig CD ni Papa Justin Timberlake
* Cookbooks

Ayan. Bahala na kayo. Pero shempre, ang mga pinakagusto kong ma-receive eh ‘yung nandun sa orig wishlist ko. ‘Wag niyo na pala ako ikuha ng cake kasi promise ni Besty Jap siya na magbibigay. Ihuhulog ko sa bangin ang mga alagang pusa niya pag hindi niya tinupad.

Para sa mga nagtanong kung ano dun ang PINAKAgusto ko matanggap na realistic (Mga punyeta, hindi ba talaga realistic si Justin Timberlake?)  eto ang klarong-klaro kong kasagutan:


Flowers, dahil gusto ko lang. Basta. Gusto ko ng flowers. White, peach or pink roses to be exact. Para siguro gel na gel ang pakiramdam ko. at connected ito sa childhood ko. Bastaaaaaaa.

Harana, kasi… eh basta uli. Please lang, ‘wag pakantahin si Donnie. Baka magdilim lang ang paningin ko. Or baka paningin niya ang magdilim ‘pag nasapak ko siya. (Joke lang bes!)

Ateneo jacket, kasi since 2003 ko pa gusto n’yan. Parang hindi ko rin naman nasagot ‘yung tanong. Haha.

So there. Kita-kits sa Dec 19. Mag-mensahe na lamang sa akin ‘kung ikaw ay makakapunta o gustong magpadala ng regalo.


Pahabol! Addicted ako ngayon sa kantang Low. Wag pakantahin si Donne, pero pwede s’ya sumayaw nito. May pole naman sa Tides eh. Haha. Or showdown kami. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha!


listening to: Flo Rida feat T-Pain – Low

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