Phunk! Pump! Pow!

Partied the night away at the MOA concert grounds for the Black Eyed Peas concert. Well okay, not the entire night as there were dragging moments when I wondered why they didn’t get someone to host the event and moments when scenes from Apl de Ap’s Maalaala Mo Kaya episode flashed in my mind. And Smart launched their new logo. Errrrr. Whatevs. I hated that I had such a hard time using my Smart line at all last night to update Fb and Twitter!

Oh well. Aside from the Will.I.Am, Apl de Ap, Fergie and Taboo performing their worldwide hits such as Shut Up, Don’t Phunk With My Heart, Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling, Dirty Bit/Time of My Life, Don’t Stop The Party and Where Is The Love, there was also a portion when Wil.I.Am did some freestyle rap and wowed the audience with his mixes that included samples from Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Journey and Usher.

The US Ambassador graced the event and announced that he’s making the Fil-Am Apl de Ap an adviser to the US embassy in recognition for his charitable projects. Apl also talked about his foundation and performed a song with kids holding lots and lots of yellow balloons. Yellow, because the We Can Be Anything Campaign is a partnership between Apl de Ap’s and The Ninoy & Cory Aquino Foundation.

I just got to say that Fergie’s absolutely gorgeous and I loved it when she came up the stage wearing her pink dress with lights. Her performance of Big Girls Don’t Cry is still stuck in my head.

Got nothing to say about Taboo except I love his new hairstyle. Nagmukha siyang hot! 😀

Rain, Vincci, Ace and me!

BEP amused the audience by saying Tagalog words. My most favorite albeit it’s in Taglish was, “Ready na ba kayo mag-party???” I replied with, “That’s what I came here for!!!” I think I said that too loud ‘coz the people stared at me for a good 3 seconds. Harhar. But hey, that’s the truth! 🙂

No doubt that the Black Eyed Peas is one of the best groups EVER. I’d be glad to break the collarbone of anyone who wants to disagree. Hehe. :p I felt for Fergie when she started crying and said, “This concert is our graduation. And we are the Black Eyed Peas!”

The night ended that we were all sweaty from jumping and dancing and singing and screaming. Everybody’s feeling that the night’s gonna be a good night was right. 🙂

Thanks, BEP! I hope it’s just really a break that you’re taking. The world needs more feel good music and stellar performaces. And thank you so much for performing PUMP IT. It’s my all-time favorite hit. It has also been my alarm tone for several years. 🙂


Congrats to Futuretainment for producing an awesome show! Can’t wait for the next! 🙂


listening to: Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry (ang perfect song sa drama ko kagabi after ng concert hahaha)

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