Return to Offbeat

Went to Offbeat Cafe again last Friday. Told you I was gonna give the burger another chance. :p

Yaaaay! The burger wasn’t soggy anymore! The donut was zapped into perfection. And I am relieved that the side dish wasn’t Chippy. Hello, taro chips!

What really made me happy, though was their Bread Pudding a la Mode. It reminded me of Cafe Juanita’s Sticky Toffee Pudding. Yes, the heavenly delight that Joko and I can eat all day.

But boo! I’m still sad that there was no panna cotta again. 😦 So, that’s another reason to go back. Like my Wabi-Sabi experience, perhaps luck will be on the 3rd try. 🙂


PS Pasensiya na sa picture. Nalulusaw na yung ice cream. Hindi ko agad napicture-an kasi busy ako makipagdaldalan sa labas. Hahah!


listening to: Kelly Rowland – Commander

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