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Circles Event Cafe in Shangri La Makatihas been around for years and (1) it was just my first time to go eat at  last month.

We didn’t know that we had to get a reservation. Good thing we arrived early (very early, actually), so they were able to find a way to get a table for us. (2) They asked if it was okay for us to be seated right in front of the singer. Wala namang kaso sa amin ni Enzo ‘yon as long as hindi judgmental ‘yung singer!  Masaya naman ‘yung thought na may sume-serenade sa amin habang nagpapaka-bundat kami. Nyahahaha! :))

{some of the buffet sections}

We first checked all sections so that we can think of our individual strategies on how we can get our money’s worth. (Well, his money’s. Thanks for the treat, Mr. Trajano!) We went there for Saturday dinner, so the buffet rate is around 2k each.

Once we knew the dishes we wanted to get, we attacked. Shempre, deadma na sa mga dishes na madali lang mabili at maluto sa bahay.

{more buffet sections}

I was too hungry to take pictures of all the buffet sections. Basta, if my memory serves me right, there sections are: Japanese (sushi, sashimi, maki), Seafood (crabs, oysters, mussels, scallops…), Grill (lamb, prime rib, pork, chicken), Mediteranean (make your own shawarma), Indian (sorry, I heavily dislike this cuisine so I didn’t bother to look), Pasta (they will cook it for you), Salads (super fresh veggies, fruits, dried fruits, nuts, cheeses), Dessert (cakes, chocolate fountain, pastries, cookies, fruits, ice cream, sorbet), Bread (didn’t bother to check this because I didn’t want to get full on carbs) and Drinks (iced tea, wine).

{Enzo said I should have at least 5 plates, excluding dessert.}

(3) The 5 things that I liked the most were: lechon— with meat so succulent and tender and skin so crunchy/ salmon sashimi— buttery texture, very fresh/ the salad I made – romaine lettuce, arugula, pecans, dried apricots, smoked salmon, vinaigrette, and blue cheese/ angelhair pasta with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms and olives— very simple, but the sauce was simply superb/ raspberry sorbet— perfect mix of sweet and tart, refreshingly flavorful!

{Circles rocked except for…}

I can’t think of anything negative to say. We were pretty full and satisfied from it. Si Enzo nga nauna pang nag-tapout kaysa sa akin. Mwahahaha! But wait! (4) Yeah… there’s one thing we didn’t like! Something that Circles should consider changing– the salt and pepper shakers! The colors are so close to the color of the tables that we didn’t notice them until we were already having dessert! HAHAHAHA. May masabi lang! :p Seriously, I couldn’t think of anything negative about my Circles buffet experience.

And what is (5) ?

My maxi dress.

{one of the very rare moments that I wore a long dress}

It’s my first time to wear a maxi dress. Thanks to all those who liked that picture on Facebook, I am sure to wear more long dresses in the near future. Also, I am sure to go back to Circles. I wanna bring my parents there. Probably on their 33rd wedding anniversary this January 2013. 😉


listening to: Casting Crowns – Lifesong

Whatta Mix!

Saturday, 7:30pm is probably the worst time to want to dine in Yakimix – Greenbelt— or any branch for that matter. The line was loooooooong and my patience was short. But because we wanted to eat Japanese, Sugi was far away and I didn’t want to walk and Nanbantei also had a waiting list, we sucked it up and dealt with it.

After an hour and a couple of minutes, the attendant called my name. Available table daw. Kaso lang for sharing. Grrrr. I said a silent fuck you and told her we’d wait until we get our own table. After 5 minutes and maybe 5 seconds before I thought I was gonna pass out, we got in.

middle part of the buffet (salad and desserts)

Everything looked good. I didn’t know where to start with their wide selection of Japanese, Korean and Cantonese offerings. Haha, as if! I started with Japanese, of course. :p

my 1st plate– sushi, tempura, sashimi, sauteed stuff (haha I don’t know what else to call it) and sukiyaki

Everything tasted good, except for the Hawaiian Maki. But then again, I hate everything with pineapple. Also, I wish they used Japanese rice for the sushi and maki. Nakaka-distract yung medyo matigas yung mga butil ng kanina kasi. Hehe. My favorites were the Unagi Sushi, Ebi Tempura and  Sukiyaki.

my 2nd plate– fruits and salad (plus pahabol na ebi tempura)

The veggies and fruits for the salad were all fresh. There were 4-5 dressings to choose from. I chose the lemon-something (whaaaat, I’m no kitchen genius) and liked it. Their melons were pale and not so sweet. Fail. The dragonfruit was surprisingly good though. Kung saan mababa ang expectations ko, dun naging Pass. Haha.

what was on my 3rd plate…marinated pork, chicken and beef

No doubt about it, the grilled bacon was the best. Followed by the chicken.

a closer look at desserts, there’s ice cream on the other side

my 4th plate… chocolate mallow cups, butter ube spongecake and cheese ice cream

I did not like those mini-cups at all. I suggest they take it out their buffet. The cake and ice cream were ok. Goldilocks and Magnolia, go fig.

my dinner buddy, the grill master. if he could do it, so could you :p

It seemed fairly easy to operate the table grill even if we had to call one of the staff to help us. I didn’t get to try it. I was useless. Hehe.

and that’s me, very hungry hindi lang halata

I enjoyed the Yakimix buffet. For 600php, it was ok. Meaning, don’t expect anything extraordinarily yummy! Pumunta ka sa Little Tokyo kung demanding ang tastebuds mo! :p Also I enjoyed because I did not charge the buffet like Enzo (the bear) did. I chewed my food slowly and practiced pacing. I also did not have more than 1 glass of soda (add 65php for drinks), so I did not have an aching tummy (what is empacho? lol) after.


Yakimix, Greenbelt 3
3/F, Greenbelt 3
Makati City
(02) 475-5153 to 54


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