The Best Buffalo Wings (and Tenders!)

After months of invites from my former classmate Perry, I finally got to go to Bugsy’s 2 nights ago. Fabulous way to start February! We had to endure 30 mins of  going around Makati first, because noone of us knew where it is. :p I remember a hungry, irate Joko screaming, “Their food better be worth it!!#$@#!!!!”

The verdict? The reviews are correct. Bugsy’s has excellent buffalo wings! Chef Joko said it’s because of the butter! Their country fried steak, chicken caesar salad, southern fried pork chops, all American bacon burger and chocolate almond cookie with ice cream were all scrumptious, too. Thumbs up to the drinks, as well. But then again, only an idiot can fuck up vodka-Sprite and rum-Coke. Must go back to try the drink Bugsy’s Delight and the steak (?) The Godfather. Hmmm… fun and foreboding? :p

What else? Nice ambience, good yuppie crowd ((a few “thundercats”) and quite near my office. I’m definitely eating there again!

And yep, I think Joko thought the Bugsy’s experience was worth the minutes of getting lost in Makati. :p

Bugsy’s Bar & Bistro
San Agustin St, Salcedo Village, Makati
Somebody give me the number. Now!

Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro, Pasig
Unit C 105 City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Ave.
Pasig City, Metro Manila
(02) 489-4985

Photos from: the fantastic Michaela Giles


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