Sticker, Baby, Sex, Pita, Smoke

These are the things that made me happy in the last 72 hours…

A picture from Carla’s birthday salubong uploaded by Tamille in Facebook. I love my inaanak Caitlin. She’s the cutest! And I love the blue lighting!

A sticker from the funrun attended by my boss. Pasalubong ko daw. Baka daw kasi sabihin ko na ‘di niya ako love. Hehehe. Thanks, Acey! :p

Got dvds of seasons 2 and 3 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl from my suki, Ate Sally. Saw this line on season 3’s cover: “It’s been a business doing pleasure with you.” :p

Dinner at Rustan’s Gourmet-to-Go. Had this delicious and light Mediterranean Pita with snowpea (or was it split pea) soup. Also ate half of Joko’s lasagna that she paired with creamy tomato soup.

My favorite ex visited me and brought his favorite book. I’m not a fan of Gaiman, but I’ll read this while waiting for him to bring me Hunger Games. Plus, reading has become my substitute for  smoking.


listening to: Katy Perry – Damn

Baby Awesome!

I’d like to share my current camphone wallpaper…

Isn’t my goddaughter so dang adorable?

Time flies so fast. She’s not tiny anymore! And it’s only been three and half months . I think my theory is correct. Carla is already feeding Caitlin lechon and chicharong bulaklak.

Baby, wait for Ninang Vibes. Don’t go on a foodtrip alone!


listening to: Britney Spears – Sometimes

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