Baptism, Mojos, Holmes and Burgers

After 36++ hours of being sick and paranoid, I was rewarded with a fantastic Sunday with the girlfriends.

We first went to St Andrew the Apostle Parish in Bel-Air for Caitlin’s baptism. Finally got to see my inaanak. I’m still afraid to hold her because she looks so tiny and fragile that I might accidentally crush her.

Mike, Carla, Caitlin and the ninangs 🙂

Shakey’s jupiter for the reception where the anacondas in my tummy writhed in delight (pakk, parang nakakatakot yun ha hehe) because of the mojos, pizza, pasta and chicken. I just had a hard time resisting drinking Coke. I couldn’t drink anything cold now because of my laryngitis. Hence, smoking is also a no-no now. Anyhooz, instead of smoking, I just laughed and clapped (by shaking my hands like an idiot, kasi wala ako voice) from the tons of jokes over merienda.

(= Kwe . Miki . Kassy . Joko . Iya . Carla =)

This really cracked me up:

Joko: Ako si Miley Cyrus. Si Iya si–
Me: Taylor Swift
Joko: Ikaw LL, sino ka? Demi Lovato?
Carla: Ayoko dun!!!
Joko: Ok, do you want to be Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Tisdale?
Carla: Vanessa Hudgens!
Me: Errr… in ferla, sa kanya si Zac Efron.
Joko: Ikaw Kassy sino ka?
Kassy: Selena Gomez.
Miki: How about me?
Joko: You can be Camilla Belle?
Carla and Me: Potah. Sino yun?
Joko: *googles* Here she is o. Maganda ‘yan!
Miki: Yeah she is! Ok, I’ll be Camilla Belle.
Kwe: *jumps up and down* How about me??? Sino ako???
Joko: Ikaw si Erich.
Kwe: Huh? Sino ‘yun?
Joko: Erich Gonzales ng Katorse.

Lol. We love you, baby bunny Kwe! Even if sobrang alaskado ka na naman kahapon especially about your alias Florahbhel. :p

Entertainment continued at R.O.X. where we looked for surfboards. Correction, Kassy and Joko checked our boards, Kwe played with the indoboard and nonsporty chicks Miki and moi sniffed at least 10 kinds of soaps and body butter. Banana milk, anyone?

After which, we went to see Holmes. The movie’s absolutely terrific! Gusto ko ulit panoorin! Hell, I’d even wait and buy an original dvd! Blueray!!! I love Ironman! I love Alfie! And errrr… I love girlfromTheNotebook, Rachel McAdams :p She is my girlcrush. Only, she’s not blonde in this film. Oh well, lovelove her role as Adler. Can’t wait to see the sequel! 🙂

newest addition to my favorite movies

Last stop, Brother’s Burger. God, I love burgers. And large fries. And insane friends. And not smoking not only because I’m sick.  And not throwing a fit if I can’t drink Coke.

Oooh, and I love this photo of me by Miki. She’s awesome. Like me. Hehe.

Kung si Kwe, Katorse... Ako, Bente-Ocho.

See? Happy Sunday! I’m still sick but with all the happyvibes I got from yesterday, I can manage. 🙂


listening to: Geri Haliwell – Circles Round The Moon

Cebu 2k9

My first intention was to flood my trip to Cebu entry with photos, but I figured most of the people that care about it can see the pics in my Facebook and (soon) in my Multiply anyway.

With that, let me just share the most significant moments in the Queen City of The South immortalized in digiphotos. Three per day!

Day 1 / August 6 / Thursday


I experienced my very first plane ride. I shit you not. Yaaay! Loved it– especially the take off– except the pain in my ears! Props to Joko for being by my side even if she placed me nearest the emergency exit. Hence, the prayer “Dear God, please help me because I need to help others as well. Amen.”


Day 1 was historical pasyal day. Places visited: Magellan Shrine, Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Magellan’s Cross, Fort Santiago, Basilica Minore de Santo Niño etc etc. I’m sharing this pic from Alegre Guitars just because I think it’s o for owww-some! Thanks to Mikiboo and her owww-some skills and cam!


My trip would not be complete without a gimik night! Went to Vudu (as recommended by at least 5 people from my FB contacts). It was Band Night. Pandora was great. Kickass vocalist (ex-vox of Cueshe). Yaaaay for Mr. Brightside and Katy Perry songs! Another small world incident. Met three guys from the south. Not south as in Cebu– ALABANG. Sphere of existence. Hello TJ, Paco and Gelo!

Day 2 / August 7 / Friday


Despite my six-hour sleep, I woke up at 10ish for my first Casa Escano breakfast. Daing na bangus, fried egg, garlic rice, achara, sikwate, banana-walnut waffle, cinnamon french toast and hash browns. Sino ba naman ang hindi gigising para d’yan?


I went back to bed after my big breakfast and woke up at around 5pm to go to Waterfront. For what? Dinner! Say what? Oo, na. Dinner. Gumigising lang ako para kumain. I was that sleepy and I am this takaw. Yum-yum-yummy dinner c/o Kasuy who celebrated her 25th birthday with lots of red meat, good friends and dozens of pictures.


Margaritas before going to bed! When we wake up, we will be wearing dresses the same color as our margaritas… So excited for Carla and Mike… 🙂

Day 3 / August 8 / Saturday


Daddy Panda and Mommy Panda are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Manaloto! Their wedding’s the most beautiful I’ve ever gone to. Love was all around. I felt it in my fingers and I felt it in my tores. LOL. I would like to have that kind of wedding someday. Someday, like tomorrow.


Vistamar with 1/3 of the entourage in the afternoon. Surreal looking at Carla and Mike knowing they’re already husband and wife. Nakanang…. ang galing! *apir pandas!* Anyhoots, one good reason to go back to Cebu: beachbumming!!! We were too tired and too late to enjoy Mactan. We lounged by the pool instead…


and ate a lot! Wooooot for the 50% off! Yaaaaayyyy sinigang and chicken chicharon and eggplant-mango salad! And free ice cream c/o Kassy’s sugod-kusina moment. Hahaha. Fun times with great friends and great food.

Day 4 / August 9 / Sunday


Joks and I woke up early to have breakfast (huhuhuhu last Escano breakfast) and to go to Tabo-an. Wheee! Danggit! Longanisa! Dried Pusit! Otaaaaaapppp! Amoy danggit pa rin ako pagbalik namin sa Casa Escano. Good thing we listened to the Cebuanos not to take a bath before going there. :p


Lunch @ Mike’s (we love Casa Manaloto!!!) then Taoist Temple at Beverly Hills before going to Crown Regency for the Skywalk and Edge Coaster. Nope, I didn’t brave the heights. Pwede ba, sa elevator pa nga lang, I was freaking out na. Hehe.


Had dinner at Mike’s after the thrill of heights. Nasabi ko na ba na we love Casa Manaloto? Hehe. After a fast and furious dinner, we headed to the airport and bid Cebu farewell. Sorry hindi ko natutuhan what’s bye-bye in Cebuano. No worries, aalamin ko ‘yan when I go back.

I am most def going back to Cebu!

Hoy Lechon, magtutuos pa tayo uli!!!


listening to: Lady Gaga – Eh Eh



LLBs in Midway Grill, La Union =)


AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY to my food soulmate, dear batchmate, psychic energy drainer, dear dear friend CARLA BIANCA MARFORI VILORIA… (at talagang may dot dot dot… hihihihi) I LOVE YOU, LLB


listening to: Drake Bell – Makes Me Happy


Carla and I should buy rashguards.


Poser kung poser. Hahaha.

Got back from the La Union surftrip last Sunday night with Joko, Carla, Kwe, Kassy, Frey, Tamille, Christian, Richard, Ryan, Marie, Kuya Brother Lo, Baby Brother Lo and Girlfriend Lo. Lahat sila nag-surf. Kami ni Carla, as usual plato ang sinurf.


It was fun! I wanna go to the beach again! Real, Quezon? Tara!

Will blog about the LU trip as soon as I am not so busy anymore. Ugh, realities of the metro. Bleh. Take me back to the beach!



listening to: LU Girls – Come, Fighting Spirit

Food, Project & Food Project

I had two nights out last week with the girlfriends. First one was last Wednesday with Joko and Kwe. We had dinner in Plate and Yummy in A Venue. Weird yet delicious pad thai and crunchy savory sisig! Don’t ask me why the pad thai was weird. I’m not a food expert. Tagakain lang ako. :p But I think I heard something about the mushrooms. Weh, basta, masarap! Vanilla frappes after in Coffee Bean while having a Manila Toffee Company meeting and waiting for Doc CJ to give us the pasalubong from Baguio. Chocoflakes and lengua de gato! Mmmmmmm!




Ako tagakain? Wait, hindi lang pala ako tagakain. Tagabenta na rin pala ako! 😀 Kinikilig ako na dumadami na ang bumibili sa amin ng homemade truffles and toffee. 🙂 Dark chocolate tablea is still the best seller! Favorites rin ang white chocolate vanilla and English toffee. Interested? Email me so I can give you more details. and

Second foodtrip night was last Friday with the girls minus Kwe (hardworking kasi, pfffftttt!!!). We were supposed to eat at Mister Kebab in West Ave but the damn place was packed. We were 20th in line, so we decided to go to Eastwood instead kaysa tumirik ang mata namin sa gutom. Teriyaki Boy! Dindin c/o my LLB Carla. If you still don’t know what LLB means, it’s Lesbian Lover sa Bituka. Carla is the only person is this natural world whose bituka can feel the needs and wants of my own bituka. Hence, she’s my numero uno lamon partner. Unagi, gyoza, maki, teriyaki, tempura, tofu, etc etc! Sarap! At double sarap kasi libre! Hehehe! Dairy Queen for dessert. So happy with their Banana Split Blizzard. At mukhang lahat rin sila na-happy dun, dahil lahat yata kami nakakain dun sa 12oz na in-order ko. Yummmmyyy! Noted: Oreo Cake for Carla’s 28th birthday. Hehehe.




Projects, projects… I have two. First is to get more people to enjoy the truffles and toffee. Again, email me for more details! And two, my food photoblog. I’ve put events into motion. It’s only a matter of time. Trust me, this is going to be goooood. 🙂 Just wait for it, wait for it. WAIT.FOR.IT!

Speaking of projects, I would like to congratulate Carla for getting Jake Cuenca to love her. SERIOUSLY LOVE her.


O diba. Serious! Hahaha! After hundred of iloveCarla photos, LLB, you finally got Jake to love you. I’m so happy for you. Is Daddy Panda Mike happy for you, too? Hehehehe. Belated happy monthsary, pandas! XOXO Mommy Bunny (part panda) IYA


listening to: U2 – Magnificent

Dindin Slash Retreat


Had an impromptu dinner cum retreat last Monda with Joko, Carla, Kwe, Miki, Lucky (Joko’s baby squirrel) and Pandy (Carla’s baby panda) last Monday night in Tiananmen. We learned a great deal about each other like:

* It will take a nuclear bomb to shake Carla. And if she were food, she’d be Lechon Cebu.
* Kwe needs to know what helicopter is. She also needs to convince her parents not to make her Operations Manager yet.
* Miki is the only non-late bloomer amongst us. And she’s quite extreme when it comes to leaping.
* Joko’s not only maalaga- she’s motherly. She’s made herself adventurous but she’s still working on taking risks where it counts.
* And I… well, I really am a bitch (na nasa lugar daw) who doesn’t know if she wants to be in a relationship.

I loved my first ever Introspective Q&A with the go-go girls. I can’t wait for the next one. I already have harder, more exciting questions prepared. Some involve pairing. Some involve a bit of math and geography. Ang panalo, di’ba? Haha, prolly not the math part. But I’m sure kaya ni LLB Carla yon. Gusto nga daw niya magturo ng Accounting eh!

Anyhoodles, another highlight of the dindin/retreat was the call-the-boys part. May usapang chocolates, LU, paggawa ng baby, and pinili na ang anniv sa 15 para sweldo! Me thinks them boys should be present the next round of Introspective Q&A. That should be interesting. =) Hopefully in LU as soon as Carla returns from her training in Vietnam.  If not LU, Tiananmen is still ok. I want more of their lumpia with sesame seeds and lechon sisig and lemon chicken…. what? I need nutrients to answer the questions! :p


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Status: Seen

Luke told us last night that our I Love Carla pics from LU were posted in an online mag.

Carla and I were surprised and a half because we had no idea how it got there. Well, aside from the fact that the article was about Luke Landrigan. Anyhoodles, I just saw the pics. That’s me, Carla, Luke, and the I Love Carla sign alright. A link to my blog underneath. Yaaaay for acknowledgement!

Check out statusmagonline.

It’s a great read! And I’m not just saying because I got my pretty (smug) face in one of the articles.

Read to believe. Go!


listening to:  Groove Armada – Superstylin’

Valetine’s 2K9


Valentine’s 2009 was everything and more I ever hoped it would be. Well, I didn’t have the ideal rooftop dinner for two with flowers, candles, wine, steak, and fondue, but let’s not go down that miserable road. May next year pa. Hahaha.

First item semi-checked in my Valentine’s list. Watch a romantic comedy to infuriate self. I was supposed to watch John Lloyd and Sarah G’s movie but I ended up buying a debede of MMFF entries plus new movies. So, I watched Tanging Ina Niyong Lahat and Status: Single. Ang masasabi ko lang eh ang batang masipag, pag laki, pagod! Kaya hinay-hinay lang para may energy pang lumandi ‘pag nagdalaga na. Hahaha.

Second, went to the Qtv 11’s Valentine’s fair in Eastwood to support Joko and Kwe with their chocolate biz and be with Kassy and Jessie and see Richard and Maia, too! Napagod ako sobra. Napagod ako magstaple ng calling cards sa flyers at kumain ng truffles, ganache, at toffee! Panalo ang mga tsokolate nila! Go order!

After the immensely tiring bazaar experience (haha feeling!) we went to Rufo’s for dinner. I didn’t want to order at first, because I already had some burger and fries in Eastwood and I have a self-imposed rule that I will only eat a lot when I am with my LLB Carla. So I told the waiter, “Kuya, hindi ako gutom. Something light lang. Coke at isang t-bone steak nga. Damihan niyo yung rice at gravy ha!” Sabay decide na ita-tag ko na lang si Carla sa Facebook sa picture nung steak.

Then, Joko, Kass, and I went to Joko’s Mom’s flat to rest and freshen up. Kwe went home already because our baby panda-bunny was dead tired. Jessie also went home because requirement ang ovaries para makatapak dun sa place nung mommy ni Joanna Katrina. Ewan ko lang kung may ovaries yung 2 gigantic na mga aso dun sa harap ng bahay na tahol ng tahol sa akin ‘pag nagyoyosi ako sa labas.

Third item checked: attend CJ’s party. We picked up Carlo in Makati Ave (haha parang ang sagwa ng dating) and joined Doc CJ and friends until the break of dawn. Highlights: yumyum mixed drink a la mudslide, Carlo’s dulcolax poker face, Kassy’s Binibinang Pilipinas mode, Joko’s killer 5 sec-time frame to cook up a new packaging method for the ganache, joke time with Van and Glen, southside namedropping with Sonny, and pang-aagaw ng GranMa shots from people.

This is definitely not item in my Vday to-do list: dahil sa sobrang dami kong nainom, sa sama ng loob ko sa isang area ng buhay ko (not lovelife, promise), at baka dahil rin sa Schumacher driving ni Joko, nagthrow up ako somewhere sa SLEX (without damaging Jake the car, of course) and may pahabol pa sa harap ng bahay nila Joko sa Laguna. Tumba na ako pagpasok sa kwarto ni Jokjok at ang chorva dyan, umiiyak (hagulgol level) pa ako habang natutulog at nina-nightmare. Salamat sa concern ni Joko at ni Visa. Nice to get drunk and cry it all out. It’s so hard to be a badass-goodgirl-workalcoholic talaga. Anyway, since part pa rin yan pala ng overnight ko kina Joko, fine. Item number 4 checked pa rin.

After a weird albeit yummy lunch of sinigang, ensaladang mangga, rice, at macaroni salad (at wag ka, may sunny-side-up pa si Joko) and watching the Grammy’s and Music & Lyrics, we went to Las Pinas to fetch LL Carla. Ang darkness nung trip papuntang Silang with my hangover, naghihilab na sikmura, uphill-downhill roads, and Joko’s slamracing moves. But but but when we arrived at Chateau Hestia, nawala instantly lahat ng sakit na nararamdaman ko. The place is so pretty! Mala Secret garden ang effect. Love it so much! Super sarap pa ng food. We had onion soup, osso buco, pizza marghreta, seafood pasta, panna cotta with passion fruit, chocolate with pears, and caramel bread pudding. Nagmistula kaming bookclub nung nasa labas kami. Very Jane Austen feel. Dapat next time pumunta kami dun complete with long dresses and corsets. Okay, 5th item checked.

At as if hindi pa enough ang togetherness namin, pumunta pa kami ng Rockwell to have dindin and see Kwe. Kakatawa yung moments ng Princess Riri (may herpes siya?!?) and Chris Brown concerns namin and the Mary J Blidge impersonation ni Joanna Katrina. Joko gave us heavenly cheesecake balls. I got the cookies and cream cheesecake ball covered with chocolate. Yum. Ang sarap mabuhay! Hahaha. Then, Grams Diner. The LLB tandem went for the kill again! As if hindi lumamon sa Chateau Hestia, nalagyan pa namin ni Carla ng Country Fried Chicken, Roast Beef, at Shoestring Onions and mga bottomless pits este mga tiyan namin.

Camwhore-an and wi-fi galore after. Then surf-surf ng NegativiTEE shirts in Multiply. Sutil! Echosera! Malib*g! Feeling! Antipatika! Kaliwete! Haha, ang saya!

Like I said, my Valentine’s 2009 was everything and more. Yaaay for more! Sana next year uli ganito, but I wouldn’t mind kung matuloy na rin ‘yung rooftop-roses-fondue-and-the-works dinner na ‘yan.


listening to: The Real Thing – You To Me Are Everything

Last Week’s LU Adventure

One week has passed since I was in La Union with the go-go friends. I already miss it. i already miss them. 😦

Here’s some kwento and snapshots from one of the best weekends of my life.


Carla and Iya are definitely not anorexic and bulimic.
One of the certain clues that one is a Bene girl is the hefty amount of food she eats. Pag kain karpintero na parang naghunger strike ng isang linggo, yun na yon! Why do you think the pocket of a Bene uniform skirt is rabbithole deep? Kasi puro chibog ang laman!!! Or baka kami lang ni Carla ‘yon! Gawain nung GS and HS, gawain pa rin ngayon! Sa LU, lamon kung lamon. Lafang kung lafang. Para may congregation ng mga anaconda sa mga tiyan namin at hindi naman kami ang nagsusurf eh kami ang laging naghahanap ng nutrients. :p Hindi pa gutom, kain uli. Oh well. Life is too short to waste on crazy things like anorexia. Cardiac delights rock! Go bacon! Go chicharon!

mcdo billalunch

Who’s the coolest Jesus?
Baby Jesus? Adult Jesus? Teenage Jesus? Teenage Jesus!!! Not to provoke the wrath of the higher power through blasphemy but this was an integral part of the Tell a Joke Session in Normi2’s. Mika Nisce is the shit! And Joko and Ejay and the two Tims, too! Ang killer nun, pinaghandaan pa nila ang jokes. May mga kodigo pa! Hahahaha! I couldn’t say the jokes here because they require heaps of facial expressions and hand movements to make them effective. Remind me to deliver them when we see each other. :p But you gotta trust me. Teenage Jesus is the coolest!

panda1 panda2

Midway is The Way.
They say you are not a certified LU surfer if you don’t go to Midway. So… certified surfer na ako? Hehehehe. Akala ko diner type of goodies lang sineserve nila. But noooooo… Ang daming laman ng menu. Too bad I followed a self-imposed rule na ‘pag breakfast, dapat magbreakfast meal. Hindi na kami natuloy doon maglunch, so I only got to order the Midway American Slam. Eggs, toast, bacon, sausages, and superyummy hashbrowns! Oh and a spoonful of Kassy’s colossal ice cream with brownies and Kwe’s waffles. I have to go back for the baby back ribs! And at least half of what’s in the menu! Hehehe!

midway americanslam

You just gotta love Law #10.
According to the 48 Laws of Power, you have to avoid the unhappy and the unlucky people. I’m happy and lucky that I was with happy little punks in San Juan: the LLs Joko and Carla, Kassy (who took one for the team), Kwe (watch Dice and K-9’s Rendezvous video to see her shoulder moves), Cute 1 and Cute 2 Richard and Maia, Ejay (aka Kuya Kuneho to Joko’s Baby Baby status… ako si Lola Bunny), Carlo (na humabol lang kasi nag-effort na bumili pa ng Yellow Cab pizza bago bumiyahe ng LU), Daryl the Aussie Surf Coach (errr.. wait, hindi yata siya pasok sa category), Cashmere Bangbang’s “mom and dad” Tim and Mia, Tim Lansangan (dapat daw complete name eh), the Nisce Bros Mika and Ross, Abe my LFF and steady people whose names I don’t remember but I’d want to see again. 🙂

normis kwes

Who loves Carla? I love Carla! Luke does too!
Finally saw Luke Landrigan in flesh. Akala ko kasi dati alamat lang siya. More than half yata ng friends ko na nagpupunta sa LU para magsurf eh laging may Luke Landrigan stories. Pogi nga naman. And sexy! And maganda ang resort n’ya. (You. Yes you. Go visit San Juan Surf School! Billabong!) And mabait! And what timing! I asked him to participate in the I LOVE CARLA Project because his alamat-status makes him a celebrity in his own right. Then I found out the other day that he’s gonna be part of a TVC that is Carla’s account in McCann. Small world! But tell me, ako lang ba or hawig niya si Jesus? Teenage Jesus is that you? :p

luke1 luke21

and of course…

Ride the wave.
Or just watch them ride it. 🙂 Sorry naman. Kung gusto ko ng thrill sa buhay, tatawid na lang ako ng EDSA. Kahit si Brad Pitt pa magturo sa akin magsurf, tatanggi pa rin ako. But I was entertained watching my friends (and the hot tourists) ride the LU waves. Sobrang steady. Upo sa buhangin, kinig sa ipod (na puro Kings of Leon and Pussycat Dolls… what a combo), inom ng Red Horse, yosi yosi… perfect. I got stoked! Mwehehe. Feelingera.

sanjuan steady

Wanna wanna go back. I love you, LU. I love you, my go-go friends. 🙂


listening to: When in Rome – The Promise

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