Tis the season to be jolly!

Holiday parties here and there! Dresses bought in the last minute, killer heels endured for hours, alcohol consumption doubled, diets broken, merrymaking galore!

Our company, Eperformax celebrated our Christmas party in SMX last December 4. The attendance was amazing considering it rained the entire day. We came in our  Hollywood glam ensemble. or at least, we tried! :p Food was provided by Bizu. There was unlimited wine and beer. Gadgets and gift certificates were given away, as usual I did not win anything. :p The different departments gave us spectacular performances. And our teammate, Mommy Riz won in the singing contest! Congrats, Mommy! We had a jolly good time!

Ali, Mommy Riz, Terry, Eumir, Me, RJ

my maton pose- aylavet!

I had a jollier time in Team Recruitment‘s Christmas party in Joya, Rockwell. It’s a BIG improvement compared to last year’s (and last last pa pala) venue. As in, from slums to shala! :p

There were also lots of grub, lots of booze, prizes and of course… photo op! :p Loved that we had a cartoon theme. I went as Tiger Lily. Meron ding Tarzan, Pocahontas and Peter Pan! Mabuhay ang mga taong gubat! And of course, mabuhay ang Team Recruitment! I sooo love being a part of this talented team. 🙂

Team Recruitment! 😀

Tiger Lily with the Team’s official pgotographer, my babest Homer :p

I hope that you are all also having an awesome time this holiday season! The next party I am look forward to is the most important for me– my 30th! My Picture Perfect 30th birthday salubong! Aaaaaaahhhhhh! I can hardly wait for Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy weekend everyone!


listening to: Timbaland – Marching On

Red & Black Ball 2010

Eperformax had another red-hot party last Saturday, December 11 at the A.Venue Hall!

I received another award (though it’s a downgrade from last year’s, hehehe),

X-Factor Awardees Anna, Nikki, Ana, Apol and me with Mr. Justin Myers and Sir Ding

displaying my X-Factor certificate and huge ampaw with Ep dollars and pin

I spent time with my fabulous colleagues (esp Team Recruitment and GCMA),

Pat (staring at Rain), Ace, Ryan, Anthony, Vincci, Anna, me, Mommy Lee and Kat

RJ, me and Marc

and I was entertained by the amazing production numbers of our accounts.

my favorite prod: the love of Cleopatra and Mark Antony (effect na effect si Nikki!)

Also, most of the time I was sober and just enjoyed how some people act so differently when drunk. :p Hahaha.


Thanks to Boss Vincci for the photos!


listening to: Ja Rule – Put It On Me

I’m passionate. With proof.

I’m passionate and I have a medal to prove it!

sabi ko sa’yo may proof eh, hehehe :p

I received the Passion Award last Sunday in our company Christmas partyat the A-Venue Hall. 🙂 I can’t wait to show it to my parents when I go home for the holidays. :p Hihihihi! I can almost hear Daddy’s “Congratulations! Keep up the good work, daughter!” and Mama’s “Wowwww! galing naman ng baby ko! Ano’ng prize?” Haha, at least I’ll be happy to tell her the medal came with cash and gc’s. 🙂 Yaaaaaay! Upgrade! Last year may X-factor lang ako (award I received last year) ngayon, pumapassionate na. Hahaha, I can’t get over the adjective. It’s gotta be one of the most terrific awards thought of ever. EVAR!!!

with my boss, Ace who also got an award for Results-Orientation

Alex, Me, Ace and RJ * collectively known as Team Events and Reports :p

I’ve never looked more mestiza. Babaeng Espasol!

Simplified. I kicked my dress’s ass and put on my jeans.


listening to: Jason Mraz – Winter Wonderland

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