Pasko 2012

I woke up tired on the 24th because of the travel from Makati to Bulacan to Bataan the day before. I do not regret going to my cousin’s wedding and my niece’s dedication in Malolos though! I loved that the event was elegant yet casual. Ang sarap makakita ng couple na alam kong nagmamahalan talaga. Ang sarap rin ng may bagong inaanak lalo na kasing cute ng inaanak ko. At shempre pa, ang sarap ng pagkain sa Kulinarya Tisa, win ang pastel de lengua! Congrats and best wishes, Kuya Edmund and Herchell! Be dedicated to Jesus forever, Baby Alfa!

{with Lola na super bata with her jetblack hair / with one of my favorite couples / yiheee kissy!!! / with Alfa cutie patootie}


I got my heart trampled on a couple of hours before the Christmas Eve Mass. God sent encouragement through an unexpected person. :p Sorry God for the brief moment of letting my heartache snatch the attention that’s supposed to be for Jesus’ very special day, and thank You for using my bestfriend as an instrument of Your unfailing love for me. 🙂

The message was this:

“Your most profound and intimate experiences of worship will likely be in your darkest days- when your heart is broken, when you feel abandoned, when you’re out of options, when the pain is great- and you turn to God alone.” – Rick Warren


We didn’t have Noche Buena in Lola’s house because the family gathering was moved to Christmas afternoon. We found out the itself so we only had a short time to prepare. We had only 4 kinds of food but it was just right for us… hello, tatlong piraso lang kami sa pamilya! We had ham with honey glaze, Pinoy spaghetti (with lots of hotdogs and mushrooms), ice cream (Coffee Crumble and Cookies & Cream), and butterscotch! Saraaap! Ang lakas nga maka-children’s birthday party ng handa namin, ‘no? But sabi nga ni daddy, fitting naman daw kasi birth daw ni Baby Jesus. Oo nga naman!

{Merry Christmas from our family to yours… Malayo man kayo, malayo rin kami! Hehehe!}

Pero sa totoo lang, mas bet ko ‘yung food namin ng Christmas lunch… ‘yung nirequest ko na bulanglang (bunga ng malunggay + kamote + fish + bagoong), rigadillo, lechon paksiw, minatamis na saging… kaya naman ako nasasabihan ng mga kamag-anak ko na MALUSOG. :p Thank you Lord for the bountiful blessings! 😀


Spent Christmas day waiting for my godchildren, nephews and nieces to visit me at home. The first kids that visited me were- my nieces Michaella and Madison. The little girls were accompanied by their parents Ate Ching and Kuya Shawn. They are very lucky to have such adorable daughters! I’m kinda bummed that I won’t be able to see them again before they go back to Greece end of this month. 😦

My other cute pamangkins Reese, Sean, Verene and Seth also came to visit. We saw the rest of the kids in the afternoon when we went to the beach for our clan’s get together.

{kengkoyan time with Ate Ching, Mica and Madie}

There were lots of food in the get together. Our contribution was my Mama’s specialty suman sa lihiya (that she made with the help of Tita Nida, and si Daddy ang pinagsungkit niya ng niyog at pinakuha ng dahon ng saging na pambalot, hahaha). There’s also puto with anise, cuchinta, lechon, chopseuy, menudo, dinuguan (my favorite), pansit malabon, fruit salad and lots of buco.

There were a lot of kids that attended the party becauseof the games. The event was spearheaded by my cousin Mafi and her hubby Jeric. Ako ang official photographer na taga-upload agad ng pics sa Facebook for the benefit of our relatives abroad that we miss so much  and sana makasama namin next Christmas!!! The games for the kiddies were basagang palayok, facedive sa flour, sack race, ang walang kamatayang Bring Me, and patagalan ng Merry Christmaaaaaaasssssss. There was also videoke for the kids at heart. :p

{with my nephew Rion / pabitin aka the hang-game nyahahaha / with my pudrakels, mudrakels, and grannygoose / cutie maddie!!!}

So obviously (and thankfully), YES is the answer if you ask me if I had a merry Christmas. I hope yours was merry, too. 🙂


listening to: Wham! – Last Christmas

‘Tis The Season. ‘Tis The Reason.


I saw this image on Pinterest and it instantly made me tear up. I am guilty of not always remembering why we are celebrating Christmas. God loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son to save us and someday bring all of us who believe home. It’s not just the highlight of, but the reason of the season.

We’ve become so busy making wishlists, buying gifts, preparing the noche buena, planning vacations, that most of us have forgotten to prepare ourselves in honoring the birth of our Savior. I’m sure that He approves of us celebrating this special occassion with being with our loved ones eating good food and exchanging gifts because we are sharing our blessings to one another, but hey… Wouldn’t He like it more if we’d all take a moment to reflect on who Jesus is to us? It’s His birthday. Do we already have gifts for Jesus? How about we start with a heart that remembers, recognizes, and rejoices that He is our greatest hope, strength, courage and joy!

Jesus, thank You for everything. May we honor You with how we celebrate Christmas.

Happy birthday, Jesus!!!


listening to: Christmas carols

3 French Hens, 2 Turtledoves and an SMDC Condo Unit

We only have a small (depriving) Christmass tree in our house, so when Jeman of Orange Magazine TV invited me to attend the Grand Christmas Tree Lighting in MOA, I readily said YES! It was a fun, colorful event that kids of all ages, shapes and sizes enjoyed! The world-renowed UST Singers and premier opera singer Rachelle Gerodias put us audience in awe with their superb renditions of various Christmas songs.

Speaking of songs, my 2nd favorite Christmas song is 12 days of Christmas (1st is Winter Wonderland) and I guess, it is a favorite of the generous SM people. After switching on the specially created 50-feet tall Christmass tree, an announcement put us in awe. This holiday season, they will be giving away 12 special gifts to their lucky shoppers! That’s a total of 78 prizes to be given away! And no, there will be no ladies dancing, pipers piping and golden rings up for grabs! Instead, there will be…

12 winners of beauty services from Univers Kaizen Salon
11 microwaves ovens from Elba
10 gift passes from Toy Kingdom
9 Extreme Magic Sing
8 iPods from POwerMac
7 tablet cellphones from Berlein
5 laptops
4 Honda motorcycles
3 trip for two packages to Malaysia
2 Suzuki cars


1 Sea Residences condo unit from SMDC

Shoppers are entitled to one raffle coupon per P1000 purchase at any participating MOA stores from October 25, 2010 to January 9, 2011. Purchases made with BDO credit cards are equivalent to two raffle coupons. All coupons can be redeemed at the booths located at the main mall and entertainment mall.

I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Steven T. Tan, MOA’s tall and goodlooking AVP, and I asked him if there’s still a 13th day of Christmas, what would the Santa of MOA give to its shoppers? He answered LOVE in a split-second. :p As MOA is the premier spot for quality items and services, they are committed to give people the best shopping experience. As their catchphrase says, NO OTHER MALL COMES CLOSE! I belive this, albeit in my head it’s still We’ve got it all for you! :p

Because they really got it all! Including Santa! Jem and I refused to let the night end without us getting to sit on Santa’s lap. Boohoo for Santa, I hope we didn’t break his bones because we’re soooo heavy. Had too much of the pinoy spaghetti, ham pan de sal, bibingka, puto bungbong and sago’t gulaman served at the event.

One more time without breaking Santa’s legs!

I told Santa I’ve been a good girl this year and asked for the condo unit prize. I hope his “Ho ho ho!” means yes!


listening to: Wham – Last Christmas

Christmas 2009

I don’t remember much of this year’s Christmas Eve because I was too sleepy and too bored. Sleepy kasi I left Manila for Bataan at 3am. Wala ng tulugan para sureness na maaga sa biyahe at hindi ako mag-Pasko sa daan. Sorry Lord, pero tinulugan ko yata more than half ng simba. Bored kasi parang nag-eat and run lang kami sa Noche Buena kina Lola. Note to self: next year kung kina Lola uli ang noche buena, I’ll organize it. Magkaka-production number na ang bawat pamilya. Kebs na kung kelangan kong kumanta at sumayaw. Mamatay man ako sa hiya or masuka man sila sa diri, eh ano ngayon, pamilya ko naman sila.

sinabitan ni Daddy ng mga parol na gawa ng mga bata at mga ornaments namin sa Christmas tree (Lolo ng street namin si daddy ko, tropa niya mga chikiting patrol ng Morong)

Maffy, Ate Bel and Me… I love my cousins!

Nafeel ko lang yata ang Christmas nung nag-inuman kami ng 2 of my most favorite cousins, Ate Bel and Maffy. Shempre, left-overs ng noche buena plus more ang handa namin. Zinfandel (white, strawberry… yum), Vodka (cheapo vodka you prolly know of as The Bar. In ferla, ok ang green apple), ham, roasted chicken, pansit bijon plus supersarap (ouch sakit ng batok ko) chicharon and balot (na muntikan ako himatayin sa sisiw. yuck. so itim, parang hindi bibe eh. parang uwak.) Hardcore catching up inuman since madalang kami magkita. Naglabas pa si Ate Bel ng ancient pictures. Sakit sa bangs.

Grabe, Maf is so slim now. Kelangan ko nang habulin! :p

Mas nafeel ko ang Christmas when Mama, Daddy and I went to Subic to watch an MMFF entry and to eat at Aristocrat. Yearly tradition kasi namin ‘yan. At dahil 2 movies lang ang showing sa Subic, pinatos na namin ang I Love You, Goodbye kesa naman Panday. In ferla, ok naman ang movie nila Angelica/Derek/Kim/Gabby. In ferla kasi, kahit na predictable ang story, maganda acting nila. Kahit sa acting ni Gabby, hindi sumakit ang ulo ko. Probably because rin ang dami namin nakain nila Daddy na froyo. Good for ze health. Dindin at Aristocrat was great. Parang good ol’ times lang. 🙂

Ang pila sa Time Square Cinema sa Subic for I Love You, Goodbye

Daddy’s and Mama’s

post-Christmas/pre-Daddy’s bday dindin

Yun na yon. Yun na ang Christmas ko. Sana mas exciting yung sa’yo.

Belated Merry Christmas to you and you and you!


listening to: kids playing Counter Strike (?) or DOTA (?)

What I am excited about this Christmas…

(Warning: there are only a few things!)

1. Going home. I call Bataan home, but it’s only due to default my parents being there. I’m confused where home really is.
2. Seeing my parents. I haven’t seen them in over two months.
3. Eating lechon and misua con patola. This Christmas combo only exist in our household, I guess. Bakit ba, eh sa misua ang gusto kong kasama ng lechon!
4. Sleeping! I haven’t had decent sleep since I don’t know when, and I intend to use Christmastime to catch loads of zzzzzzz’s.
5. Lounging at the beach. I just have to be careful, I don’t want to get sunbaked again.

Errr… that’s it. I’m not that psyched to see my relatives. I’m not into reunions. And I am definitely not looking forward to my duties as ninang and tita. Not that I don’t care about the Santoses, of course I do. It’s just that I don’t like getting all too senti during holidays. It just seems fake in some ways. I’d rather spend time with them during ordinary days. That’s just me. I’m not a big fan of Christmas.

Anyhooz, not that gifts and food are most significant focal points of Christmas.

6. Be quiet and converse with the birthday celebrant. Preferably right after #3 and while #5.


listening to: Kesha – Tik Tok


Someone reminded me that I should bring back the child in me so that I’d feel the yuletide excitement again. So I did.

Mmmm-hmmmm… family, friends, ice cream, carols, gifts and a whole lot of attention.  🙂

Amazing. I was un-scrooged! This Christmas is drama-free and happy. 😀

cimg69312.jpg cimg69472.jpg

cimg69542.jpg cimg69523.jpg cimg7005.jpg cimg6982.jpg

 cimg7028.jpg cimg6962.jpg

Too bad I hafta go to work tomorrow. Hehe.

Merry Christmas to all!


listening to: Mariah carey – All I Want for Christmas  

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