DAGIM is the first horror movie I’ll watch (without being forced).

I like rainbows and cuppycakes and my film genre of choice will always be (romantic) comedy. You’d hate to watch a horror movie with me as I’d most likely scream  in your ear and pound your arm in each scary scene– like what happened when I watched The Ring with my friends. And it wasn’t even the Japanese version. Pathetic, I know. Heh.

It wasn’t until I saw a link of Project Raincloud’s Facebook page that I had a tad interest in the morbid, macabre movies. My initial reaction was, “Project Raincloud? Ano ‘to? Cloud seeding project ng PAGASA?” I clicked on the link and the profile picture confused me. “Isn’t that Marc Abaya?” It compelled me to read the entire profile and even googled some info on what the project’s all about.

Raincloud is Dagim in archaic Filipino. AND Dagim is a Filipino horror film directed by Joaquin Pedro Valdes, starring Marc Abaya, Martin del Rosario, Rita Iringan and Samuel Quintana. The film is one of seven finalists in the Cinema One Originals for 2010. Thank you, Wikipedia for the info.

More from Wikipedia:

PLOT: The brothers, Jun (Martin del Rosario) and Diego (Samuel Quintana) embark on a quest to find their father (Bembol Roco). Their journey leads them to a mountain town where they meet the beautiful Lila (Rita Iringan) and  her brother, the charismatic Pido (Marc Abaya). Pido is a gracious host, introducing the brothers to the ways of the tribe, where members live a simple existence of brotherhood and equality, far from the corruption and greed that rule “civilization”. Jun is enamored by the possibility of living in Panimdim, little suspecting that the tribesmen’s pacifistic exteriors belie a terrible secret.

And you gotta find out this terrible secret.

I tried to uncover the secret of Dagim last Friday, Oct 29. Where? At the Archaelogy Wing of The Powerplant Mall for the Art of Dagim Exhibit. yes, it was just in time for Halloween. (Thanks to Orange Magazine TV for the invite!)

That’s me with my (pa-cute) scared look. I can’t act for shi*.

Bloody Lila Busts

Watch out for Black Clouds, the graphic novel by Andrew Drilon.

Movie Stills

Samut-saring Monsters

The Spooky tree surrounded by equally spooky photos.

Food by PINO: fish tartar, bacon-wrapped betamax, bread with longganisa and potato fries and brownies with gummy worms. They also served a spiked fruit punch with eyeballs. (Too bad I have no picture of it and no picture of my face when I saw the eyeball at the bottom of my cup.)

I got to chat with some of the actors and their excitement about the movie was so thick I could have sliced it with a steak knife. They told me stories of their week long stay in Bagac, Bataan- where the movie was shot, and how they became fast friends. Easy to believe them as I felt like I was talking to a wacky barkada rather than a group of uptight actors.

I didn’t want to ask them the who-what-when-where-how of the movie because the answers are easily found online, so I asked them 2 questions, somehow related to the movie.

Their answers to Question #1 What are the things that scare you in real life?

Cockroach (lalo na yung lumilipad)
Emptiness (woowww, emo!)
Authority (uy, serious)
Darkness (kasi maraming cockroach pag madilim)
Baklang malaki ang katawan (basta yung malaki lang ang katawan, yung mala-bouncer)

And Question #2, if  held at gunpoint and you had to choose one thing, would you eat 1 tablespoon of human flesh or half a cockroach?

Only one of them answered the former, but turned blue in digust when I clarified it’s raw human flesh. LOL.

The amazing cast and crew of Dagim

Evil Marc, not-so-evil Marc and the Eunice (Thank you Ms. Vallesteros for letting me use your photos! You’re the best! Mwga!)

Ang pogi nila ‘pag walang dugo at pintura ng mga mukha, noh?  

Lila and Jun – Rita and Martin

My newest baby sister– the extraordinary, sweet (and dangerous) Rita!


With Direk Joaqui aka Tony Stark hehehe

So there. I think I already gave you enough clues as to what the terrible secret is. 🙂

I’m still for cuppycakes, rainbows and romatic comedies but I definitely will man up and see Dagim next week. Can you please, please, please watch it with me? I’d probably scream in your ear and hit your arm like crazy but I promise to give you a giant tub of popcorn.


The gala premiere of DAGIM  (by invitation) is on November 11 , Thursday at the Shangri-La Plaza Cineplex.

Regular screenings are on:

November 12, Friday, 2pm 
November 14, Sunday, 2pm
November 15, Monday 330pm
November 17, Wednesday 330pm


Get hooked on Project Raincloud.


listening to: the afternoon rain (how fitting)

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