Took a break from reading Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman to check out this brand new comic book that my friend Alex bought from the recently concluded Summer Komik Kon.


I have never been interested in reading comics, but the cover art caught my attention. There’s a Lara Croft-looking girl holding an exceptionally lethal-looking knife. There’s also an insignia of a red-white-yellow triangle with a star on each corner placed on top of the comic book’s equally Pinoy title– REPUBLIKA.

Sounds pretty kickass, eh? And so I flipped through the pages of its 1st issue and to see if the content can meet my expectations. Hmmm… A popular Filipino novel, war, JPR, and a local mythical creature??!! By page 14 (contains a photo of The Parisian Life and the Philippine map), I knew I had to get my hands on the 2nd issue. I must find out the secrets of our national heroes and their connection to the mysterious island called Republika. And I need to know what the Lara Croft-looking girl is capable of doing!

The story that ties all the well-detailed illustrations is a mindgame dealing with history, science, and the supernatural. Such elements can potentially create genius.

Cheers to director/storyteller Paul Basinillo and comicbook illustrator/storyboard artist Dennis Crisostomo for this visual and literary treat!


Alex also brought a Republika merchandise. A cute stuffy that’s supposed to be the sun but looks more of a pudgy yellow jellyfish! Pero sige, para sa ngalan ng Republika, araw na nga! 😛


listening to: Bamboo – Masaya

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