Petra & Pilar (& Iya)

I am very lucky to be living in Makati. The roads may be headache-inducing but the places to eat (usually) make up for the migraine one gets from the traffic. I’m not even talking about restos in Rockwell or Greenbelt. There are many restos that serve great food without threatening your budget.

One of these restos is Petra & Pilar.

This “fancy carinderia” is owned by Ms. Katrina Ponce Enrile, daughter of the always-awesome Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile aka Manong Johnny. Petra is JPE’s mother and Pilar is his wife Cristina’s momma. 


Shani and I had dinner there last night and we didn’t get to have the carinderia experience and make turo-turo the ulam served in chafing dishes, steel warmers or whatever they are called! :p We made turo-turo the yummy-sounding dishes in the menu instead.

Our nomnom picks were Tortang Talong at Kalabasa with Labahita Flakes (150php) and Croquetas de Bacalao (160php). Their bagoong rice is 35php a cup.


We agreed that we picked a really good combo and we finished everything including the garnish. We were very satisfied with the food that we checked the menu for dishes we are going to order the next time we visit.  Crispy Kare-Kare and Baby Pusit Adobo? Sounds absolutely fantastic, right? Okay, tumutulo na ang laway ko dito sa table. Chos! :p

Anyway, going back… :p Shani had dandelion tea. Sago at gulaman for me. 40php for the tea and 45php for the sago me thinks.


I can’t remember the price of the Leche Flan with Pudding but I do remember that it’s very creamy, rich and sweet that I wanted to cry because I couldn’t eat more than half a teaspoon. Damn sore throat and cough. 😦


Aside from the great food, the things that I like about Petra & Pilar are:

Nice restrooms. Errr… I didn’t see the little boy’s room. Of course, I’m just assuming. :p The little girl’s room is clean kasi eh. :p

Fast wi-fi connection. I was able to play Restaurant Story and Bakery Story with ease last night, hehe. Kumakain na nga, pagkain pa rin ang nilalaro. :p

Courteous staff. Kudos to the waiters and kuya guard!

Delimondo. I must come back and get corned beef and chili-garlic oil for my Mama and Daddy. Or for my foodie friends. Or just for myself.


Acoustic night… we actually experienced this last Valentine’s. 🙂

Delivery. Wow-wow-wow! Ayos ito. Sana mabola ko ang boss ko na magpa-deliver kami soon! Hehehe. You can call 02-8875168.

If you’d rather go here… Petra & Pilar is located at the Ground Floor of the JAKA Center Building, Export Ave. corner Pasong Tamo. Remember that Export Ave is one-way. Ganito talaga kami sa Makati. You might have a hard time parking, but the food will be definitely worth it. 😀


listening to: Morrissey – Now My Heart is Full

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