Last Valentine’s was the funnest. =) Party of 8 with Jap, Joko, Eunice, Donnie, Enzo, Kassy and Dietrich.

We made Valentine’s and Birthday wall greetings…

We ate good food: pizza, ensaimada, crinkles, liempo, lechon manok, chicharon…

We had an awesome coffee experience c/o of Jap the coffee addict.

There was also a surprise for the birthday boy. 🙂

I had loads of fun being with my constant lovelies. 🙂

February 14 was Hoplang-Hopla indeed. It was probably what Jessica S*** would have done. LOL.

Sorry, inside joke.



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Fontana Weekend

Spent Kassy‘s birthday in Fontana.

Chill na chill. As in rest and relaxation at umuulan-ulan kaya nangatog ako ng very light. Hehe!

This was our villa, our home for 2 days and 2 nights.

With Rich in the Chinese convenience store na hindi convenient for me, kasi di ako nakakaintindi ng chingchangsu language. In ferla, ang sarap nung noodle na nabili namin dito. Albeit maanghang, na-enjoy ko. Sarap kapartner nung birthday chocolate cake ni Kas.

With Miki at the lobby. Kami ang pinaka-sporty sa group… NOT.

With the girls + the carriage. Sorry, hindi nakita ang fez ni horsey.

Sa golf cart na dinrive ni Miki. (Don’t tell the Fontana people!)

Posing with the gay Fontana dinosaurs.

Brunch Buffet! FTW! Ito ang salarin bakit nag-gain ako ng 5lbs sa loob ng isang weekend. #fail

At the spa locker room. Every mirror moment is a photo opportunity.

Pumo-posing sa gallery. Sa mundo ko, kamukha ni Tuesday Vargas/Nida Blanca yung babae sa likod ko.

Wala ako sa China.

Ang effort ko sa pagpo-poi. Weeeeeee!!!

Since we were just in Clark, we also went to Zambales to surf. Ay, sila lang pala. Kami ni Miki, nagpicture-picture lang.

The wasted and the wasteland.

Dinner at Cantina Mexicana before heading back to Fontana

When we got back to the house, nag-inuman sila ng vodka at nagkainan ng noodles and cake. Nasaan ako? Tulog. Nung humabol ako, paubos na ang alkohol at lapz. So mahaba-habang chikahan na lang tungkol sa boys.

May chairs naman, pero pinagpilitan naming umupo sa kitchen counter ni Joko.

Posing with our poging ride before hitting the water park.

dahil pinataba ako ng weekend na ito. Hindi na ako sexy kaya, pa-macho shot before going back to Manila.

Belated happy birthday, Kas!



photos c/o Michaela Giles


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Models and Gremlins

Went to Megamall last night for the premiere of D’Survivors. Thanks to Dar for the tickets and for giving me the opportunity to see Daniel Matsunaga in flesh. He’s like a taller, leaner version of my ex-crush, Abe. :p It was a misfortune that Daniel did not get to have an I ♥ Iya picture because he was hounded by girls who wanted to take him home– haha, parang ako hindi! :p

Just want to share that Akihiro Sato is cute. So is Fabio Ide.

Joko, Darlene, Kassy and me (uso model at mukhang model sa barkada namin, hahahaha)

After the premiere, we went to Mogwai to see Mio, who just arrived from Seattle to give us Dingdongs and Twinkies before going back to Cebu this morning.

Lorre, Kwe and Miguel were also there. Liked the food. Had pasta, burger steak, poke (last year I had fuet, last night I had poke… what is wrong with food names?) and chocolate mousse. And beer. And lots of laughs because of pornstar names. Alcohol and friends on a Monday night is always a good indicator that the rest of the week will be good. 🙂

Wait. Mogwai.

Mogwai aside from being a name of an artsy-fartsy resto in Cubao-X, is what you call a pre-Gremlin. ‘Pag ang mogwai, nabasa… gremlin na!

Like the fugly girls kissing each other last night.


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