No Lazy Sunday

My usual  Sunday consists of 10-18 hours of sleep, tons of junkfood and pirated dvds. Last Sunday was different, though. I have my friends, a new online magazine and a B-horror movie to thank.


Woke up before lunch to meet up with Eunice and Jeman before the  November issue of Orange Mag TV, but didn’t get to join them for lunch because my housemates, Ate Cindy and Kuya Dek asked me eat with them. Hihindi ba ako sa sopas, lemon chicken at buttered baguio beans and carrots? Shempre, hindi!

Got to Greenbelt 3 around 2pm, just in time for the location set up. It sort of sucked that I was in a bar during liquor ban. Tequila stared at me with it’s invisible disappointed glassy eyes. LOL It helped that I was surrounded by fun, creative people– stylists, photographers, make up artists and event coordinators. By 3pm, Marc Abaya arrived and the shoot began.

I was overwhelmed by the number of suits, belts and hats the stylists brought. It’s as if we were making a fashion catalogue instead of a magazine spread. :p

Too bad I still can’t share Joser’s and Eunice’s photos, because Jeman might kill me.

Anyway, trying to shoot from a difficult angle is Assistant Photographer Eunice Vallesteros. You can call me the Assistant of the Assistant Photographer.

Another title of mine that they came up with– Queen of the Props. I’ll let you know soon enough when my life is not anymore being threatened by Mr. Villanueva. Hahaha!

It was a joy to work with the guys, especially with Marc. Professional and down to earth. I hope all celebrities I get to encounter in this new venture is like him.

Look at my hat! Wow, me, wearing a hat! I don’t wear hats! I love shoots! It makes me do the unusual! BWAHAHA!

After the shoot in Dillingers, Jeman, Eunice, Misha and I went to Powerplant to check out the ingress of the Art of Dagim. It’s a week-long exhibit showcasing the creatives of Dagim, one of seven films selected for 2010 CinemaOne originals grant. Check it out! It’s a film by Joaquin Pedro Valdes. Dagim is raincloud in English.

This Sunday: surfing in Bataan or back to the usual? Don’t know yet. Surprise me, universe!


listening to: Ems and Rain talking about Laura Mercier

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