Crank it up. Give it to me. Come on.

The disappointing thing was, nobody got destroyed, drunk, hammered last Saturday. It would have been more disappointing if I didn’t have fun with my growing support group or if I didn’t make fun of a certain entity.

We drank until 5am. Saaaarap. Drinking while learning! :p I learned a bunch of things like…

* A Veneto pizza is good. I bought Double Pepperoni and Bacon Cheeseburger pizzas for us. Yummy na, affordable pa! My kind of food!

* Sachets of condiments are helpful during traffic.Tried and tested na ito ni Mickey. Lantakan ba naman ang packets of ketchup sa sobrang gutom. I would have done the same if I had a compartment full of asado sauce sachets. Hanap na lang ng papel, parang may siopao na. Hahaha!

The 2 Mickies of Malacca 

* I’m not heartbroken. I’m just an alcoholic. My current motto is: Atay muna bago puso. Cheers!

* The Tagalog of quarenta y cinco is not apatnapu’t lima. It’s porti-payb. Ayon ‘yan sa makabagong balarilang Filipino. Bwahaha!

* Be scared of She-man and the “monsters” of the universe. If you’re ugly and stupid, at least make sure that you’re nice. I have two words for you: redeeming factor.

Harlene, Janine and Ciara (Bwahaha!)

* You can’t force it, but you can fake it. No. I am not talking about orgasm. It has something to do though with… “Iniwan kita para mag-isip, hindi para ipagpalit ako!” to “Iniwan kita para mag-freshen up, hindi para tulugan ako!”

* Bugnay wine from Baguio is delish! I won’t ask for cacti pasalubong anymore. (Lalo naman lengua de gato!) From now on, Bugnay is what I’ll ask from Baguio-vacationing friends. Patience! Oh, and thanks to Jay for the wine.

Parang bote ng patis o! 

* Example of necrophilia, pedophilia and bestiality: mangrape ng patay na tuta. Uhhh… don’t ask me. Hanggang 5-minute dead na Justin Timberlake lang ang kaya ko.

* I have sick friends. Oh, but I love them! Hugs to Donnie, Jap, Matt, Oryx and Mickey. Kisses for Mickey for letting me use his space for the drinking sesh and for being nice to my barkada.

Ketchup Mickey, GranMa Iya and  Bugnay Donnie

* Butterscotch is made up of lahar and margarine. Ewan ko ba. Sinisiraan ni Oryx and Donnie ‘yung butterscotch na binebenta ni Eunice. But since I love butterscotch, kahit pa sabihin nila na may dinikdik na moth balls ‘yun, kakainin ko pa rin! Yesss… tibay!

* I’m exorcist-material. DAW. Ows? Para namang hindi eh… :p


listening to: Abigail – Let the Joy Rise

Support Group

Naaalala mo pa ba ‘yung ad dati ng Tanduay?
‘Yung nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos?
Ang sagwa di’ba? Eh pa’no kung ang Gran Matador gumawa rin ng ad?
Nakatikim ka na ba ng GranMa?
Ewwwww di’ba?

GranMa and The Chasers… Haha!

Wheee! I love weeknight drinking sessions! Donnie and I went to Mickey’s to (try to) finish the remnants of his bday celeb. Workalcoholic kasi ako eh. Hahaha! We were joined by our longlost friend Matt. Matt is Mickey’s neighbor, our LSS colleague, eand my fellow iskolar ng bayan.

Iskang Iya and Iskong Matthew

Reminisced about highschool adventures and misadventures (Mickey, Donnie and I = Bene, Matt – Zobel), discussed the facets of advertising (actually sila lang kasi ako lang naiiba ang trabaho), and talked about old school tv programs and games (Bioman weapons, Annie of Shaider’s porn video, Magic Cards blah blah blah).


Mel and Sisha

I had a self-imposed curfew, told myself I should be home by 12mn, but I broke it just because I was having too much fun. I got home around 3. I’m looking forward to spending more time with them– espacially next week.

They are my new found support group. :p



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Wednesday Unsober Kwento

Like I said in the previous entry, Wednesday was going to suck big time. Well, it did. I hated yesterday am. It was appalling in different levels. But since I asked God “ibalato niyo na po sa akin ang Wednesday”, He took pity on me and made my pm f-u-n. 🙂

Sup Wiley bought a Toffee Nut Frappe for me because I won a contest. Wahah. Coffee and picture taking- good combo to reduce stress. Really.


When I found out that I wouldn’t be able to watch Enchanted, I decided to go to Antipolo instead. But I didn’t want to consider a sleepover in QC, so I just followed Donne in Ice VodkaGreenbelt. While he was on a meeting, I spoke with Chris over the phone and asked him if he already watched Enchanted.

“Why? Are you asking me out?”
“Lul mo. I was just going to ask if it’s good. Kung ikaw lang, yayayain na lang kita uminom noh. Tssssh.”
“I don’t want to watch that movie anyway.”
“Even if you do, I ain’t watching it with you.”
“Haha. Manood ka mag-isa.”
“Mukhang ganon na nga. Haha. Sira ulo ka ha.”

After Donne’s meeting and my kulitan with Chris, we headed back to BF. Tides.

I saw 2 of my long lost friends. KC and Kiwi!



I also reunited with Strong Ice. And Sunrise!

Talked about hosting and how to entertain a crowd, casual sex (I had to cover my virgin ears,) and old friends breaking up.

Blah blah blah. I’m a bit buzzed now, so excuse me for the kababawan.

An all-time important person in my life told me he’s going to my birthday! Haha, that is if I celebrate it on the 20th. :p La lang. I’m just surprised that he promised to go. (But what is a promise, really?!) Wheee. Gift! I think I know what I want from him. Hehe. (No, pervert. Not that.)

I finally admitted to Donnie that I think about ___ 75% of the time. Blank is not a name of a person, mind you.

When I arrived home, I saw these on our dining table.


Awwww… 🙂 I didn’t expect that Jay would still get these for me. Yep. Cactus with pink flowers (blossoming na) and wine. (I didn’t ask for wine pala. Sinama lang n’ya.) I’m impressed. That’s it. Walang follow-up. Di ko pa napa-process. Saka na ‘pag sober na ako. Hehe.

At wala ng pakialaman kung bakit kelangan ang cactus galing Baguio. Dum bi dum.

Goodnight, world!


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And The Sun Entered Sagittarius

Get off the couch, get out of your neighborhood and spice up your life with this exciting transit that begins as the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22! But be prepared for last-minute changes when, two days later, independent Uranus turns direct during a full Moon in Gemini. Expect the unexpected should be your motto with this one. Speaking the truth will be important. Just make sure you think twice before you do.

This explains a lot of things. That’s why those things happened last Thursday! As if this horoscope shite is accurate. It can’t be. Because I’m a cusp! I need to check what the stars say about Capricorn as well. :p

Haha. Seryosohin daw ba?

What a draining week. New sched, calibs and meetings, manual reports, missing people, missing things, missing situations, hang-ups, let-downs… vague answers, new questions.

Thank God for these tried and tested things that never fail to make me smile. Oh and for new and fresh things that I didn’t know could make me reconsider…

cheques and cash * Ruff Endz – If I Was The One * PBB and Victor Basa

my soulmate slash eternal curse

with my soulmate slash eternal curse

finding long-lost friends in the office * seeing bros from LSS

free booze …and what tastes better than free beer

yosibreaks with Patrick, Anthony, and Ryan * an applicant having a crush on me hahaha * telebabad with friends I don’t see often


the indirect taste of orange strepsils

Porch BF * places where people can drink and talk

knowing one’s place * knowing where to go


being asked how you are * asking someone how he is

Filinvest exit * Greentea Frappe * making plans

remembering stuff you did under the influence of alcohol… wanting to do the same stuff when sober


sleeping in the shuttle * listening to The Ramones

sticking it out for the favorite mistake

hugs! hugs! hugs! * wishlist 🙂


tearless nights * subsob trabaho style of forgetting

Peter and Bogart * SKT * Baby Spice

saving up for a special gift * believing a beautiful lie


About the pictures:

Taken @ Porch last thursday night. Top to Bottom: [1] Donne and Me. Sasayaw ba kami? [2] With sick Sandro. Not sick in the head. Sick talaga daw siya that night. Hehe. [3] Jacinto, Sisa (?) and Andres [4] Donne and Jay [5] JA and DA. :p


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