The Mouse, The Vulture, G and I

As I was done with the Project Management exercise in our company’s annual management conference, I started doodling and drew a…


Yes, my hatest hatest hatest hatest mammal. But, oh well, I find this very easy to draw. And, admit it. It’s sort of cute.

G saw the mousey and drew this…

He said his ostrich would eat my mouse.

Being the very professional, quite mature lady that I am, I told him, “Your ostrich looks like a vulture! Panget!!!!!!”

G retaliated by putting me on the hideous looking bird.

So I shot him a murderous glare.

I guess making himself animal-food was his form of apology, eh?

And yes, his nickname is Gio.

Goodie! Drawing is fun!

That’s G (for Giacomo/Gio), Boss V and I.


listening to: RJ’s afternoon mix

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