Spilling The (Chinese) Beans

I’m sorry, I know this is supposed to be a “secret” but I just have to share that I’ve already been to You Jie Xiao Chao aka 6404 Camia St / The Secret Chinese Resto near Rockwell / Hunan.

I have absofukkenlutely no idea how the name is pronounced so i still call it by the longer and more intriguing (nick)name The Secret Chinese Resto near Rockwell. As you already have probably guessed, it’s called 6404 Camia because of its address. Ooops, I am not really helping keeping this place a secret. Ok lang, hindi ko naman sinabi na street sa Guadalupe Viejo ‘yon. Ooops, I did it again. Faaaak!

Moving on, it’s also simply called Hunan by some because the place served Hunan dishes. And Hunan is a province in China that is well-known for its spicy cuisine.

Last Sunday, after watching Inception and Equus we got so hungry (energy almost depleted due to too movie/play analysis) and we had…

the duck hot pot

I’m not a fan of ducky-ducky-quack-quack but I liked this. Hindi lasang malansa. (haha, eh hello, hindi naman isda) The dish was spicy, meat was tender and it went well with…

the kuchay with egg

I googled what exactly is kuchay and why it’s so good. I found out that it’s Chinese leeks or Garlic chives. If you wanna sound more knowledgeable, call it by its Chinese name, jiu cai.

These 2 dishes were also a match made in Hunan heaven…

Kuchay dumplings (ang redundant namin noh? :p) and my favorite mapo tofu. Notice that there’s only one cup of rice. Nag-share na kaming 3 sa isang cup. Nagda-diet kami eh… Wahahaha!!!

We avoided choking on ze spicy by drinking the canned tea Wong Lo Kat. It tasted like gulaman!

My overall eating experience in the Secret Chinese Resto was 8/10. Props to the food. It’s how I imagine food in China would taste like. That’s as far as I can go with defining “authentic taste”. You’d also think you are in China because almost all the customers were Chinese. I felt like a foreigner in my own land! LOL

Don’t expect a lot in ambience, because it’s just a simple space with tables, chairs and a couple of paintings. Ano ba, there isn’t even a sign outside for you to know you’re already in the right place! Oooops, secret nga pala!



listening to: Boyce Avenue – Hate That I Love You

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