BeachTrip2K8 : Part II

We were supposed to go to the lake near the hanging bridge after the late lunch, but we were too lazy to do so. We just stayed at my Uncle’s resort, East-West.


It was a good thing that Lev joined us, because we asked him to do almost everything. Jack of all trades, master of ihaw-ihaw! Mwahaha!  The first night was the start of his being “Paringas Boy”. After our dinner of grilled fresh pampano and fried porkchop, we built a bonfire, swam a little, and drank SML and RH. Well, except for Jap who still insisted on drinking coffee. Adik talaga.


Colleen, Jap, and Yo slept earlier than us boys (ano daw, hehe) because they were too tired from the trip. Lev and I stayed up until we finished the alcohol.

I was borderline drunk when we went back to our cottage.


Love it!


About the pics: (1) Lev, preparing for his 1st grilling activity (2) pampano and porkchop (3) Colleen, Eunice, Iya, and Jap (4) kumare, me, college besty, work besty (5) Ariel and Dyesabel (6) A shot enjoyed by Lev hahaha (7) caffeine adik Jap (8 ) borderline drunk (9) bonfire for double warmth 🙂

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B__ch with a long e

There’s an imminent GAD for me, I know. Summer is supposed to be fun, but with me on the frontlines of planning my barkada’s sun and surf escape, I can’t help but have this stress cloud hanging menacingly over my head.

The Bora plan was scrapped due to five-day leave conflicts and mismanaged finances. No biggie. That beach ain’t going anywhere. I still have 8 months to fulfill my lifelong dream New Year’s resolution of bringing my beachworthy bum to Bora. More importantly, not one person in my barkada is bent on going there this summer. The kuripot blood in our veins is indeed potent. :p

So everybody wants to go to the beach and doesn’t want to spend much (or at all, hahaha).

Hence, the idea that I bring them all to Bataan. My Mum’s from Morong and most of my close relatives are there. One of my uncles own a resort and another uncle actually has the entire beach for his backyard. Ergo, we don’t even have to pay a single cent for the accomodation! It’s also typical for my relatives to feed visitors like there’s no tomorrow. So, yep, we don’t have to pay for most of the food as well. The Poblacion wet market has merchandise that wouldn’t dent our wallets. If we decide to go dirt cheap, we’ll just go to our farm and harvest whatever’s in season.

My friends have simple joys and our town has simple things to offer…
* The Beach
The sand’s not white but clean. It’s chipetix pero pretty!

* Bonfire and Marshmallows
Wheee for ghost stories! For the extra oomph, I’ll bring them to the local cemetery.
* Videoke and Beer
Hopefully, I won’t cause a tsunami when I belt my all-time beach pick, Kokomo.
* Snorkling and Petting Pawikans
PGMA recently visited those pawikans. I wonder if they’ve turned antisocial because of it…

* Farm and Picnic
I don’t know if the mangoes are in bloom this time of the year, though. I hope to ride a carabao across the palayan.* Vietnamese Soup
Morong used to be a resettlement area for the Vietnamese refugees. A visit to our town won’t be complete without the savory-spicy soup, Hiu Tieu!


* Matikis Island
I heard it’s quite pristine out there, perhaps I shouldn’t bring Donnie so it will remain unspoilt. Hehe.
* Waterfalls!
It’s an hour walk I heard, but my cousins said it’s worth it, just be careful with the hanging bridge (of death).
* Zoobic Safari
Subic is just 40 minutes away from Morong. After the meet and greet with animals, we can still go to Olongapo for the baratillos!


I can’t wait for the last week of April. Yeah yeah, 3rd week’s been canceled, thus, my GAD.

Take me to the beach!


Another General Anxiety Disorder piece, the La Luz trip with my colleagues sometime May!


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