On Overeating, Relationship Status and Vampires

I haven’t stopped eating like a PG (read: Patay Gutom) yet, even if the holidays are over (next is Chinese New Year, which falls on the same day as Valentine’s). They say you will do the things you did during the first day of the New Year, so I’m blaming this to the yumminess of the lobsters, fetuccini carbonara, camaron rebosado, spring rolls, morcon, sweet and sour lapu-lapu, leche flan and ube halaya I had for Media Noche at Donnie’s place. Ewan ko ba. When you say kain, I do lamon!

New Year’s Day didn’t help my dreams of getting my 115lbs-self back. Lunch was sinigang na hipon and Media Noche leftovers. Chili con carne plus corn chips, shrimp bisque and beer for merienda in Mexicali, ATC. Stole a couple of spoonfuls of Joko’s White Hat fro-yo. You’d think that’s good- yogurt being the healthier, diet-friendly option but with cheesecake chunks, I don’t think so. But yaaay for the antioxidants in the cherries.

White Hat froyo with cherries and cheesecake bits

My level of surprise/shock decreases each time I check my Facebook notifications and see more and more of my contacts changing their relationship status to In a Relationship, Engaged or Married. Gawd. Even my non-straight bff is in a relationship now! Is this the newest trend? I still opt not to display my status since I am still waiting for networking sites to create the option I want: Under Construction. LOL.

Since I turned 28, a plenitude of questions with the same gist has been driving me crazy. The gist: Hey Iya, when are you getting married? I’m single and sane, guys. I have not alienated myself from dating, flirting and the other important thing. No need to pressure me. If you’re not the magical matchmaker that the universe designated to shove The One in my face, I say this with a smile… then fucking get off my case.

New Year with the now in-a-relationship besty

In 2009, I read a couple of Anne Rice novels and the entire Twilight Saga. I also watched Seasons 1 and 2 of True Blood. Last week, I started Vampire Diaries. I like it better than True Blood, because it’s more exciting (Joko begs to differ) and more visually appealling. Damon, the older vampire bro is hot! Evil, but hot. And he can kick Edward’s ass any time. ‘Wag lang kay Jacob, at gugulpihin ko s’ya.

Note to self: to be a certified vampire fanatic, watch Cirque de Freak: the Vampire’s Assistant and Daybreakers AND read Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. The evil ex recommended the series, and yes, his taste in lit is the only thing I trust in him.

Love sucks? Baduy ng tagline but the story's great! 🙂

Yep, those are my first few relatively relevant thoughts of the new year.


listening to: Incubus – Redefine

Mamatay na!

Mamatay na ang umimbento ng Stalker Check application sa Facebook.

Errrrmmm… okay. That’s too harsh. Ok. Ayaw na kitang mamatay. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Magulpi nawa ang umimbento ng Stalker Check application sa Facebook. Gago ka. Binuking mo ako.


listening to: Avril Lavigne – Complicated

Iya According to Facebook

Fuck the Johari Window. Fuck Rorschach inkblots. Wanna know who you are? Wanna know what people think of you?

Go get a Facebook account and add all the awesome applications.
If you feel you already know yourself damn well, do help your friends know themselves better. I’m sure you have a brilliant thing or two to say like you always do.

Go, go, go! Add me!


According to the Superlatives App…


Ako? Most likely to corrupt the minds of young children? Me??? Saintly, conservative, timid me? I already know I’m bringing sexy back. Justin will be so proud once he finds out. Hmmm… I’m a closet dancer, how could anyone say that I’m most likely to dance the night away? Unless I was just lying in the first place, eh?


These are the words people used to characterize me. The larger the word is, the more frequent it was used. Not bad. Conservative is medium-sized.



That’s a big ass intelligent right there. I’m sure the people who chose that have no idea (or did not consider) how I approach luv. I’m quite foolish in that area. But who isn’t? Dinadaan ko na lang sa pagiging sexy playful eh. Harhar. :p

And how about this? Most useful? Haaaarrrruuuu… kaya pala I feel used, misused and abused. Haha. No really. I wonder why people find me useful. (Naku, naku. ‘Wag magkakamali ng sagot, hahatawin kita ng walis tambo sa noo.)

I’ll prove to you that I’m indeed the toughest. 😉

And according to the tests…

My ideal lover is The Carebear. Someone who can spoon with me through the next episode of Sex And the City. Someone that cares more about the ‘after’ part than the ‘during’ part.

I attract Artsy-Fartsy people with great imaginations? Ewan ko lang ha. Parang hindi naman… (Baka artist na mukhang Carebear!)

My Kamasutra IQ is Expert. Mmmm hmmm. But all theory, no action makes Jill a dull girl. LOL.

Passionate Kisser pa naman daw ako. Mwahahaha.

And I’m Belle! My level of compassion for others allows me to see beyond their physical exterior to the inner beauty within. My true love prince, albeit hunky, will only reveal himself in due time. Due my lovely ass!

I’m not stupid. I’m genius!

I’m an Einstein genius who would fall for a Macho Man, with big biceps and six-pack abs to boot. Who loves sports, beer, and poker.

I therefore conclude, I need a Carebear Macho Man…


Who can deal with my Puma personality. Because I am reserved, overly-critical, and sometimes a bit on the cranky side. Weh? Sometimes lang?

But smile. I’m Rachel Green. I’m too fantastic that Brad dumped me for Angelina. Gah.

I don’t do drugs though. I don’t binge on crack or get high by adopting third-world babies. I have the natural high. On life.

And on bananas. Because if I were a fruit, I’d be one. Loving, gentle, warm and sympathetic by nature…

Uh-uh! Now, don’t disagree with The Guru. I’ll spank you!


listening to: Sean Kingston – Take You There



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