I don’t make friends. I make social investments.

One of my college bestfriends has a recurring problem- her friends keep on disappointing her to a point that she doubts there was even a friendship that ever took place. I totally get her. It’s disappointing to know that we are already in our late 20’s and we still haven’t mastered the art of choosing people to let in our intimate circle. I think, sometimes, one has the desire to always see the innate goodness of someone even if one’s intuition screams BEWARE! In the end, some of the people we labeled as friends prove that they are just leeches feeding off our time, resources and energy. Disappointing does not even begin to cover the feeling one gets from this emotional treachery.

Lucky for me I have not experienced this heartache for a long time now. I am content with the number of friends I have. I have around 15 and I think that’s plenty! Thank you, God! It will not kill me if the number does not increase. It won’t kill me either if it decreases, but it will surely make me sad. I am working very hard to maintain the relationship I have with my friends. So far, so good.

I told Jap that maybe it would help if she makes an inventory of her existing true friends (hopefully, I’m on top of her list, hehehe) and just think of the next person she meets as a social investment. Someone to be with during ciggy breaks, someone to use a model for photoshoots, someone to RT your tweets… Networking is good. If that someone starts exhibiting parasitic behavior, then all she has to do is delete the asswipe from her contacts list.

If time permits that the people in her network stays with her during the happy times and more so, in times of despair then great! One more friend to add to her list. One more person she can share her cat stories and coffee recipes with. =)


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Joko as Miley. Iya as…

During brunch at Joko’s…

Me: Joks, if you were to trade lives with a Hollywood Celebrity, who would you choose? Pwera sa obvious answer na Britney Spears ha. (Hardcore fan ni Brit si Joanna Katrina.)
Joko: Hah! Ang sagot ko d’yan is… Miley Cyrus! Kasi bata pa s’ya and marami pa pwede gawin. Marami pang pwede mangyari!
Me: Tanong mo ako kung sino gusto ko maging!!! Bilis!
Joko: O sino?
Me: Si Taylor Swift! Para friends pa rin tayo!!!

Miley & Taylor

Love you, Joko! Si Jessica Biel sana sagot ko para sa akin na si JT eh! :p


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Ode to the Warrior Fairy

(Tribute to me DAW)

Warrior Fairy, lithe and fair,
Sailing softly through the air.
Hear the beating of the drum –
Rhythms of the war to come.

Be attentive, be prepared;
Warrior Fairy, don’t be scared.
Take your wand, grab your bow.
Don’t forget your magic arrow.

Trolls and ogres are marching in;
Bringing terror with a grin.
Warrior Fairy, do not run
Cast a spell or raise your…gun (?)

Listen, listen! Hear that sound?
Trees are falling to the ground.
Fairy Woods are burning down.
Warrior Fairy – do not frown!

Warrior Fairy, it’s time to fight.
Put your enemies to flight.
Strike your wand and fire your arrows.
Put an end to all your sorrows.

Drag the trolls back to their cave –
Oh Warrior Fairy, bold and brave!
Hurry now, do not delay!
Send the ogres far away.

Dawn has come, the sun will rise
I see the twinkle in your eyes
Warrior Fairy, job well done
All your enemies are gone

Tired and weary from the night
All you want is to sleep tight
No more war cries, no more bloodshed
Warrior Fairy… go to bed (nighty night!)



Oryx is on a roll! The ode reminds me so much of the testi he gave me when Friendster was still considered (errr….) cool.

The Oryx 10/12/2003 1:36 pm
Think of Ciarra Sotto, KC Concepcion with a hint of Angel Aquino, all wrapped in one. But with a twist! That’s probably the closest thing you’ll ever get to Iya. Teacher Iya was my teacher nung grade six pa ako (hahaha loko lang!). No, seriously, this chunk of starlight in human form is the best thing I got from my neighbor Raymond. Siya lang ang nakaka”bear” sa short term memory loss ko. For example: You know, last Saturday, at Pravda, I saw Lucky Concepcion. Baka Lucky Manzano? *Mejo sarcastic pa!* Ay, oo nga no! [Hahahaha that’s the reason why I feel like I’m intellectually challenged when I’m with her] O tama na ang drama. If I could compare Iya with three things [aside from Ciarra, KC and Angel] eto yun: Roller Coaster ride, Legal High, A Main Sequence Star. Parang Roller Coaster ride si Iya kasi kahit mabilis ang pangyayari mag-eenjoy ka pa din (Whoa! Ano yun???) What I mean is, regardless of how fleeting or how lasting your encounter with Iya is, the intensity remains. She’s a woman of impact (impact, not Impakta), full of charm and kahit na minsan, nakakahilo, okay pa din. She’s one ride you’ll always find worth the expense. Next! Legal High. Kung merong Phsycoactive Substance na dapat i-ban, si Iya yun! Kasi pag kasama ko siya, sumasakit ang chan ko at namamanhid ang face ko sa kakatawa. Kahit na sabihin niya seryoso na yung topic, she always finds a way to keep things light kapag nakakadepress na. Ganyan si Iya. Better than XTC or Wari. Lafftrip, energy trip, road trip (basta kahit anong trip na okay), ma-eexperience mo lahat kapag kasama mo siya. Para kang nagtake ng exotice mushroom at natransport sa ibang planeta na puro euphoria lang. Hehehe pag niRename natin siya, sige euphorIYA na lang. Last na! Main
Sequence Star. O bakit? Alam ko feeling ni Iya ay Super Nova slash Nebula siya. Well hindi siya actually ganun. Like our sun, she gives warmth and light without the danger of radiating too much. Dahil perpetual yung kindess niya at may consistency siya, maasahan mo itong si Iya. Parang yung araw, palaging sumisikat. (Oist Iya! Pag sikat ka na don’t you ever forget me alright?)

Grabe. Oryx. Ang tagal mo na palang hardcore nambobola. Kaya pala sobrang tagal na rin nating magkaibigan.:p

Come home na! Let’s do more crazy stuff! And you can make me bola some more!

I promise to bola you back! And probably make an ode for you as well! :p


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You don’t come I ain’t gonna die.

I don’t want to put up with your bad vibes anymore.

I love you. You are my friend. It sucks that you are going through hell, especially when life has given you too many chances to get out of that shithole already but you still didn’t get out.

Guess what. I love me too. I love me more than I love you. You are my friend but I am my everything. It sucks that you expect me to go through hell with you when if you just quit that bullshit, we can soar together. Like before.


listening to:  Justin Timberlake – My Love

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