Stop me from chasing shadows.

And the night that you got locked in
Was the time to decide
Stop chasing shadows
Just enjoy the ride

– Morcheeba

The impetus to talk about my close enough voyage to the Twilight Zone last Saturday deserted me and I will just talk about the things that are darting violently in my head now.

I had to cancel the plans for the Year of the Ox Party in Emba tomorrow, because Oryx isn’t really keen on going, Virg just lost her phone making me hard to communicate with her thru Sergi, and he has a dinner to attend first. And so I used one of the maxims I live by to address the situation. “If the shoes don’t fit, use slippers.” Lol, pauso! Hahaha. So, we rescheduled the get-together on Thursday instead. Tabu, Brazilian night. I’ll see if I can still remember the expletives Wender taught me last year.

Me and 4/5s of the go-go friends are going to Baguio this weekend. Well, Joko and CB will go there on Friday and I couldn’t join them much as I want to because that’s a critical workday and you know me (or I know myself) I am a sucker for following company policies. Hence, I will follow them with Kwe and Kass very early Saturday. Itinerary is pasyal-pasyal in Baguio then go to La Union for surfing and watching the surfing competition. Me surf? Hell no. I can’t surf. I can’t even swim. But I am perfectly capable of taking their pictures while they hangten or get stoked. Whatever that means. Hehe. Hmmm… note to self: don’t forget to buy Mikasan Chocolate Flakes and Lengua de Gato for Team Recruitment and Experian Buddies.

Ugh. Fine. I can’t help it. I have to tell you a bit about last Saturday. We went to a party in Hidalgo Rockwell without knowing who the birthday boy was. We were just invited by a friend of Oryx who knew the celebrant. A beautiful lady in her 40’s opened the door looked as if we weren’t supposed to be there and asked who we’re looking for. She had to wait for me to turn Edward Cullen-pale from fear of the unknown before breaking into a huge smile and exclaiming, “I’m kidding! I just love doing that to my son’s friends! Did I scare you, hija? I’m sorry you turned sooo pale!” Hay. Skeri! Anyhoodles, I enjoyed the party not because of the guests my age but because of Tita Sandy’s (the lady who scared me shitless) friends. Oryx and I went to Handle Bar, Fiamma, Barcino, 32nd Street after but since it was already too late (or too early… well not maaga… more of magu-umaga na), we ended up drinking up in Central Pioneer. Oh and in between, Oryx introduced me to this guy that I already met in Tabu last December. Good thing I wasn’t too attracted to him because I found out just last Saturday night that I dated his brother years ago. Mmm k. That wasn’t exactly a bit of kwento. So sue me.



Then last night, I went to Greenbelt to visit Miki in Greyone and Louj in Madison (he’s exec chef there). I also dropped by Sala to say hi to Tito Chico who manages the place. Tito Chico’s one of Tita Sandy’s fantastic friends. Mmmm, another note to self: eat in Madison and Sala next pay out. Hehe. Uhh no. I have no plans buying anything from Greyone. Well, except the bitch shirt Miki showed me last night. :p

I’m enjoying my bangs. Haha, contrary to people’s belief, I didn’t have my hair cut. My hair has always been layered and it was only last weekend when I accidentally discovered that if I combed the short ones in front, then I’d be a totally different me. Well sure, not totally different. Just prettier. Lol. Nakaka-amats yata ang bangs. :p

Jap did say that I look prettier with bangs. I went to her house last Saturday afternoon. Spur of the moment decision because my cousin asked me to accompany her to Manila Memorial for her friend’s uncle’s wake. It’s just 15 minutes away from Japjap’s and I couldn’t resist her freshly brewed kapeng barako with whipped cream and honey concoction. And besides, she gave me a pretty and revealing (or pretty and revealing) Shanghai chic dress that I was supposed to wear for tomorrow’s party in Emba.

So that brings me back to not going anymore. Boohoo! Tragic! Oh no. I take that back. Pathetic maybe, not tragic. I hope Tabu, Baguio, LU, friends, booze, fresh air, and a whole lotta love can remedy this! 🙂


listening to: Morcheeba – Enjoy the Ride

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