The Mouse, The Vulture, G and I

As I was done with the Project Management exercise in our company’s annual management conference, I started doodling and drew a…


Yes, my hatest hatest hatest hatest mammal. But, oh well, I find this very easy to draw. And, admit it. It’s sort of cute.

G saw the mousey and drew this…

He said his ostrich would eat my mouse.

Being the very professional, quite mature lady that I am, I told him, “Your ostrich looks like a vulture! Panget!!!!!!”

G retaliated by putting me on the hideous looking bird.

So I shot him a murderous glare.

I guess making himself animal-food was his form of apology, eh?

And yes, his nickname is Gio.

Goodie! Drawing is fun!

That’s G (for Giacomo/Gio), Boss V and I.


listening to: RJ’s afternoon mix

Handlebar with The NFF and GF

I only got my camphone back this afternoon so here are the only photos I got from last night using G’s phone.

Note to self: never go to a gig without a digicam.

Another note to self: buy a digicam soon.

You can’t see it clearly, neither can I, but that’s Kjwan and They.Are.Awesome.

That’s NFF Giacomo (I call him G. sapakan na lang kung Gio itawag ko sa kanya), GF Karina (she looks like Nicole of PCD) and ME.

That’s all. Picture update. Sa mga pinagkaka-utangan ko ng picture ni Marc Abaya, wait lang. Hehe.


listening to: Kjwan – 13 Seconds to Love

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