God’s Letters to His Princess

Who’s His princess?


Or YOU! đŸ™‚

It’s for all of us ladies who are waiting for the right person. Some of us patiently wait. Some of us wait with hope so thin or with anger churning. Sadly, some do not even wait anymore for they have lost faith.

I was one of those princesses who was on the verge of screaming AYOKO NA!!! to God’s face. Kapal ko noh? It was because I didn’t understand. It was because my will was stronger than HIS. To all those who know me and my story, then you know the pain, disappointment, frustration and even depression that I went through. Most of them self imposed. Because like I said, my will was stronger than God’s. It’s only lately that I have come to realize how much He loves me and how it is imperative that I first learn to listen and obey. And that I should really be patient and discerning! Hindi dahil may boylet na nandyan is siya na ‘yon! Maaaaan… I learned this the hard way and up to now, there are still tests thrown my way. I feel that He is indeed checking if I have already changed and if I am ready for His gift aka answered prayer aka fulfilled promise.

Jan, a close friend of mine (one of God’s many perfectly timed gifts to me) shared these letters when I was undergoing another (and quite recent) ANO NA NAMAN BA ITO?! phase in my life.

Read on and I hope your heart will also be touched.



Nakaka-kilig, di’ba? I don’t know about you, basta ako kinilig ako ng bongga that God is preparing the best person for me.

It’s a drag to wait, I know. But if you know in your heart that what you are waiting for is the best, then it will make things lighter. Wait with joy. Use the time to focus on other aspects in your life. Love your family, your friends, your neighbor, your enemies (oo, pati sila!!! working on it!!!) and of course… LOVE GOD! Love our DaddyGod, our Heavenly Father. Para ka na rin hindi naghintay kasi masaya ka. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Right!

(Maybe you’ve already noticed, I started with me and shifted on YOU! My plan, exactly! Hehe!)

In times that you feel sad, tell Him. Kahit sa mga panahon na galit ka, o nagdududa, talk to Him! Coz seriously, sino pa ba ang makikinig sa iyo without judgment and with absolute understanding? You’re His baby. Magsumbong ka sa Kanya and He will surely protect you with all His might.

I would like to end this entry with a line from author/preacher Max Lucado–

“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.”

My fellow princess, wait on Him. =)


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Of Waiting and Pagtingin Sa Mga Hayop

Was listening to a VCF podcast yesterday about praying and Pastor Robert said something about waiting for the perfect partner that caught my attention and tickled my funnybone.

He said (something like)…

“If you’re waiting for your perfect partner to come along, just chill. Huwag magmadali. Remember, Adam was put to sleep and when he woke up, Eve was already there. NAPAGOD MUNA SIYA SA KAKATINGIN SA MGA HAYOP bago sa kanya ibinigay si Eba.”

Wala lang. Nakakatawa lang. :p

I believe that we serve a God of perfect timings. I believe that very much. Lalo na ngayon.


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On Praying and Following My Own Advice


Some months ago, a friend confided that she stopped praying for what she wanted. I asked why and she said that she grew tired of repeating the same thing and repeatedly not getting what she prayed for. She said that she didn’t want to get to a point where disappointment would take her as far as hating God.

“If you stop, how will He know that you really want it?” I asked.

“He knows what’s in my heart because He is God,” she replied.

She added that I wouldn’t be able to understand because I am very happy with my life. That I have a lot of friends to make me forget if and when I do have problems.

I was surprised to know that she assumed I was not capable of feeling down. I assured her that like any other human being, I experience frustration. Depression, even. Obviously, we’re not very close. She had no idea that sometimes when I am alone, I beg God for the strength to keep me sane, and lead me not into the road I used to traverse.

But I wasn’t there to join her in her hopelessness. I pleaded that she asks God for the gift of discernment for her to know what really it is that she should ask from Him. Only then will she be able to continue praying. And she shouldn’t stop praying because God honors persistence. We just have to check if we are being steadfast or stubborn. Hence, asking for the gift of discernment first. Because seriously, if we ask for things that will not make us better individuals, why would a powerful loving God say yes?

And if we are absolutely sure that what we ask from Him is something that will indeed make us better versions of ourselves and He doesn’t give it, well… We keep on praying and believe that the waiting time is His way to prepare us for the gift we have patiently put our faith into.

Which brings me to my very recent meltdown.

It’s agonizing to not know if what I’m praying for will be given to me. After all, I will never understand the mind of God. During times of impatience, doubt and fear that my prayers will not be answered, I simply cannot help but wonder if what I want is the same with what He wants for me. If we have opposite plans, why can’t He just give me a sign to pray for different things and save me from another heartache? Why does He keep on giving me trials? For me to learn? For me to be wise? For me to serve as an example to others? Or is He giving me trials to punish me and show me that I will not ever get His favor?

Yes, I have moments like that. I am not proud of such moments. In my heart, I know that God loves me and it hurts me to entertain doubts. I want to keep on believing that I am living my purpose and if He has bigger plans for me, I will be able to see and understand these plans as they are being revealed.

I know that He doesn’t hate me when I get mad at Him. I know He knows I cry out of ignorance and frustration. I am not perfect, but He knows once the tears dry, I always try and make it up to Him because it also means making it up to me. I know that He knows I will always come around because there is no place I’d rather be than in His presence. I know that my happiness is His business even if times come when I believe a little less.

I’m praying that I will not lose the persistence. I’m praying for God to help me crush the doubt in my heart. I want to be steadfast in my faith. I want to be able to share this to my family and friends. I want to see the day when I will be able to tell the world that God finally granted the desires of my heart and the long wait was worth it.


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I initially wanted to make a loooong testimonial about inarguably the best experience I’ve had since the summer of 2001 (when I attended Life in the Spirit Seminar or LSS), but something (or Someone) is telling me to just keep this post short and sweet, so here it goes…

I am happy to be back in God’s shining presence. I’ve been wanting to go back since late 2009, but I spent too much time on work, friends and family. Oo, matigas ang ulo ko at tamad ako. The universe had to hit my head with a sledgehammer a couple of weeks ago just to let me experience a deep sorrow to lead me to open my 2001-2003 diaries a.k.a. my prayer journals. I couldn’t believe that I forgot how beautiful my relationship with God back then. No wonder my life was close to perfect that time, I was blessed by God so much. I said yes to the voice in my head and committed to attend a Victory worship service.

My cousin Mafi and her boyfriend Jeric brought me to Victory’s center in Pioneer. The service that day was about Standing Strong— about remembering our covenant with God, being bold in asking God for the impossible and by having an unwavering faith that God will make things happen. The Word of God preached by Pastor Robert was the answer to my prayers. The Word of God sounds so universal yet tailor-fit. Ang galing talaga ni God. His Word is for everyone but uniquely touches the hearts of each and every one of us.

Amazing, from a single service, God already equipped me more courage to face my challenges. I have never been patient until now- now that God gives me the assurance that He is faithful and that He will grant a good heart’s desires.

I felt the need to go back and I did yesterday. The service yesterday was about Staying Strong— about finishing the fight and knowing that God fights for us. We should all be careful in loving God as life is a battle for love. I guess the most important thing I learned from yesterday’s service was to be as faithful as God- to keep on loving Him in the good and in the bad of times. No reason to not do it as He is consistent in being with us in every part of our journey.

I am grateful for being given a chance to go back to Him. I pray that I will never ever lose this fire again. And I know that God will not fail me on this.


Here’s a picture of me with Pastor Robert Hern Jr. :

I thank God for using Pastor Robert as an instrument to promote His Word.

You can join us in experiencing the awesomeness of God through Victory every Sunday 5pm and 7pm at the 3L of Robinson’s Pioneer. đŸ™‚ For more info please visit http://victorypioneer.org


“God will not put us in a place where His grace cannot meet us.”

Keep the faith, everyone!


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Parang kahapon lang nagising ako at sinabing, “Punyeta! Sunday na naman. May pasok na naman bukas.”

Tapos kanina, pag-strike ng 12, nalaman kong Thursday na pala.

Ang bilis-bilis!

God, may hinahabol po ba tayo?


listening to: the sound of Plainview at night

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