Hot Dinner Date in Chihuahua

…with JAN! 😛

Jan who happens to be my newest favorite person! Our friendship is on fire and well, I was craving for something spicy. So there. HOT DATE. :))

{Ay, Chihuahua!}

I used to frequent the Makati Ave branch and it was my first time to eat at the Gb store. Also, I was supposed to blog about Chihuahua a long time ago, but I accidentally deleted the draft. :p Anyway… I wanted something meaty yet light so I had the Carnitas Burrito (slow-cooked pulled pork, 295php). Ang idea ko kasi ng heavy eh ‘yung Steak Burrito. Hahaha! Chicken Tacos (295php) and Quesadillas (can’t remember how much). The price is okay for the servings and the taste. I liked the burrito, but I still prefer the one with steak. 🙂 We loved the quesadillas! The taco was so-so for Jan (gusto niya may cheese pala kasi); I liked it slathered with lots of sour cream.

Pero grabe!!! 80php for a bottle of Coke! Oh well, Makati price. I wouldn’t have my meal with any other drink though. That or margarita!!! Too bad I had an early call time the following day and my alcohol tolerance has been really embarrassing lately. Here’s an old picture of me (well my hand) with Joko (her hand, lol) and Jeeves holding Margaritas and Michelada (195php each). What is a Michelada, you ask. It’s a beer-based cocktail with tabasco, worcestershire sauce, lime juice AND Maggi seasoning. Uhhhh… it’s an acquired taste. I have not acquired it yet. Mwehehehe. I’m sticking to Margarita.

{1: the hotsauce wall, 2: my fire liquids of choice, 3: compulsary vanity shot, 4: Jan talking to a cute baby she doesn’t know}

Noticed that they didn’t have the Charlie Sheen Crazy Sauce and Crazy Mother Pucker’s Hot Sauce. Settled for the Ass Kickin’ Original Hot Sauce, Caramba Chili Verde, and the Red Devil. The spiciest was sauce #1 but I loved the red Devil the best. Ang sarap with the burrito! Truly made my dinner with Jan a hot date! :))

{Kudos to the owners of Chihuahua Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar!}

We were lucky for ariving there before 7. By 8pm, the place was already packed with families and yuppies. I hope that Chihuahua will add more items like potatoes with cheese and sour cream. Or rice with shredded barbecue. I have a feeling that they will soon. 🙂


Chihuahua Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar
G/F Greenbelt 2
(02) 625-0106


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Bunny Family Night


The first bunny family of the year was held in Greenbelt last night. Dinner was at the newest (?) branch of Sumo Sam. I was already full from my McDo dinner in the office so I just had tofu miso soup and chicken teriyaki salad. I wish I just had unagi and the pomelo shrimp salad that Joko and Kwe had though. ^_^

I gave them special gifts pero hindi ko pwedeng sabihin kung ano yun. Basta laughtrip ang reactions nila! 😀

Dessert was at Pinkberry. They had watermelon yogurt with cheesecake, Heath bar and blueberries. I chose mango yogurt with strawberries and cheesecake bits. I liked it. 🙂

I got hungry again and I asked if we can go to McDo. Shempre, supportive naman sila sa katakawan ko! I wanted another cheeseburger meal again. There, we were entertained by this kid named Marco- a highschool looking boy who picked a fight with one of the young customers. Ewan ko sa kanila. Mukha ngang hindi pa mga tuli. Bwahahaha! Arrogant rich kids. Tsk tsk tsk.

Buti pa kami well behaved. And cute. And cuddly. Hahahaha!

“A friend is someone who knows who you are but loves you anyway.” ~ J. Cummings

True. I love my bunny family. 🙂


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So it finally happened. I turned 30.

A lot of people have been asking me how it feels like to be 30 and then I tell them I fucking hate it and wait for them to turn pale and try to change the topic. Then I say I’m just kidding and 30 feels like I just became more awesome. Doesn’t sound possible but I don’t know. FEELING NGA EH. :p

(see 29th, 28th, 27th, 26th birthdays)

My 1st 3oth birthday cake (with 29 candles lang na nasindihan hahaha) AND with Peewee na may sign dapat na I ❤ Carla (thanks for the roses!)

I’d like to thank the 483 people who remembered my special day and greeted me. Oh yes. I counted. Para sa mga alam kong nakaalala pero nang-deadma lang, mga pakkshet kayo, may araw rin kayo sa akin. >:) Not that stepping into 30’s made me unforgiving. I just realized that I should not take bullshit from ANYONE. Even if the person is hot. Harhar.


Posing with my 2nd birthday cake with a ? candle mwehehe AND me declaring my age or I could just be doing a W-O.

Extra special thanks to the friends I was with at Whistlestop for my salubong. Good mix of girls and boys from my teen life and my early (?)  adult years.  I got the simple get-together I wanted. NO BOYS, NO DRAMA. I’m glad I did not invite he-who-must-not-not-be-named. Birthday sex wasn’t part of my wishlist. :)) NO FRILLS, NO PROGRAM. Haha, but I liked the Iya Trivia questions that Joko and Donnie prepared.

The Iya Trivia questions AND some of my guests … lovelovelovelovelove ’em both! FYI, mas mahal ko si Christian bale kaysa kay Jericho Rosales.

Birthday proper, had dinner at Cafe Breton. I loved the fresh mango smoothie and Crepe Excalibur! Name pa lang, love ko na. :p Then we went to Bistro 121 for quiz and dinner, well… my 2nd dinner- of mushroom soup, chicken kebab and 3rd birthday cake.


Feeling dainty sa Breton enjoying the crepe i chose because of the name AND kumo-construction worker appetite sa 121.

We owned the 80’s OPM category- thanks to The Vlad! Dinner and quiz was a good choice for my first night as a 30 year old. I was well-fed and quite entertained. 🙂 Cheers to more days of eating out and non-partying! LOL Thirty na nga talaga ako. :p


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Whatta Mix!

Saturday, 7:30pm is probably the worst time to want to dine in Yakimix – Greenbelt— or any branch for that matter. The line was loooooooong and my patience was short. But because we wanted to eat Japanese, Sugi was far away and I didn’t want to walk and Nanbantei also had a waiting list, we sucked it up and dealt with it.

After an hour and a couple of minutes, the attendant called my name. Available table daw. Kaso lang for sharing. Grrrr. I said a silent fuck you and told her we’d wait until we get our own table. After 5 minutes and maybe 5 seconds before I thought I was gonna pass out, we got in.

middle part of the buffet (salad and desserts)

Everything looked good. I didn’t know where to start with their wide selection of Japanese, Korean and Cantonese offerings. Haha, as if! I started with Japanese, of course. :p

my 1st plate– sushi, tempura, sashimi, sauteed stuff (haha I don’t know what else to call it) and sukiyaki

Everything tasted good, except for the Hawaiian Maki. But then again, I hate everything with pineapple. Also, I wish they used Japanese rice for the sushi and maki. Nakaka-distract yung medyo matigas yung mga butil ng kanina kasi. Hehe. My favorites were the Unagi Sushi, Ebi Tempura and  Sukiyaki.

my 2nd plate– fruits and salad (plus pahabol na ebi tempura)

The veggies and fruits for the salad were all fresh. There were 4-5 dressings to choose from. I chose the lemon-something (whaaaat, I’m no kitchen genius) and liked it. Their melons were pale and not so sweet. Fail. The dragonfruit was surprisingly good though. Kung saan mababa ang expectations ko, dun naging Pass. Haha.

what was on my 3rd plate…marinated pork, chicken and beef

No doubt about it, the grilled bacon was the best. Followed by the chicken.

a closer look at desserts, there’s ice cream on the other side

my 4th plate… chocolate mallow cups, butter ube spongecake and cheese ice cream

I did not like those mini-cups at all. I suggest they take it out their buffet. The cake and ice cream were ok. Goldilocks and Magnolia, go fig.

my dinner buddy, the grill master. if he could do it, so could you :p

It seemed fairly easy to operate the table grill even if we had to call one of the staff to help us. I didn’t get to try it. I was useless. Hehe.

and that’s me, very hungry hindi lang halata

I enjoyed the Yakimix buffet. For 600php, it was ok. Meaning, don’t expect anything extraordinarily yummy! Pumunta ka sa Little Tokyo kung demanding ang tastebuds mo! :p Also I enjoyed because I did not charge the buffet like Enzo (the bear) did. I chewed my food slowly and practiced pacing. I also did not have more than 1 glass of soda (add 65php for drinks), so I did not have an aching tummy (what is empacho? lol) after.


Yakimix, Greenbelt 3
3/F, Greenbelt 3
Makati City
(02) 475-5153 to 54


listening to: Chew Lips – Slick

Drinking and Dining in Dillingers 1903

I wanted to hit my head with my phone when we arrived at Dillingers last Friday night and there were no available tables. Wisdom from this situation: call for reservation. But because we were damn hungry (F U Makati traffic) and we wanted to know if the food in Dillingers is as great as the food in Bugsy’s, we settled in sitting and dining at the bar. Yaaaay for Perry, Sean and their other partners  for getting Dillingers packed despite having been operational for just a month!

I felt guilty for finishing 3 Jamaican Patties for merienda that my goal of getting and finishing the gigantic Black Angus Rib-eye had to be rescheduled.

We first had the best Buffalo Wings in town. Wings with thick, juicy meat– no anorexic chicken here!  The hearty sauce was challeging for a spiciness-coward like me, but not lethal. It went well with the blue cheese dip. I would have licked the plate and sauce bowl if I had these delicious wings at home!

The Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad had crisp greens and a trerrific dressing. The grilled chicken was perfect but maybe not the perfect pair for the salad. I’d have this again sans the chicken.


The Spicy Tuna Pasta was creamier than I expected. I actually expected it with red sauce. It’s a welcome surprise that the cream balanced the spiciness of the dish. Kathlene aka Kwe, our Bicolana Halfy really liked it. 

The Chicken Fingers were definitely bigger and better than TGIF’s. I forgot to ask them if they used ostrich instead of chicken. Ang laki eh! Hehehe. Even without the dip, it would still be good because of the batter used. What’s the secret ingredient? Beats me. Maybe fairy dust. Or Mafia blood. LOL.

(Chef)Joanna didn’t share my avoidance of redmeat. Hence, we had Porkchops with Lyonnaise Potatoes. Couldn’t resist, I took a bite of the delicious smelling chops (please don’t tell the diet police)… and it was tender, juicy and flavorful! Loved the potatoes, bless Joanna for giving them to me and supporting my potato-addiction. The chops and taters tasted just like how my Mama makes it– and in my dreams, my Mama is Ina Garten.

The Bacardi Mai Tai was from alcohol heaven. I’d like to thank the gods of intoxication! And just a quick fact about this popular drink: The creation of the Mai Tai happened in Oakland in 1944 by Victor Bergron, better known as Trader Vic. The name of the drink was expressed by the the guests, who were from Tahiti, when they exclaimed “Mai Tai – Roa Ae”, which means “Out of This World – The Best”. I read that here.

(Kwe post-Buffalo Wings/pre-Chicken Fingers)

Overall, Joanna, Kathlene and I enjoyed our dinner in this new Mafia-themed restaurant in Greenbelt. The menu– designed to please everyone, unpretentious with basic yet impressive dishes. The prices– relatively inexpensive for Greenbelt standards. The wait staff– quick and informed. The ambiance– intimate-cozy-fun. I can see it as the next loc for my next business meeting. And where to spend my upcoming 29th 25th birthday. Hopefully, by December, they already have more than Mango Jubilee and Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert.

I invite all of you to dine in Dillingers 1903 and I’m very sure that it will also become your fast favorite.

You can join me next time and we can share the Black Angus Rib-eye Steak and a couple of shots of the Green Fairy

… or the tequila popularized by Entourage, Avion.

Dillingers 19033F Greenbelt 3, Makati
Phone: (02) 3917978
Twitter: Dillingers1903


listening to: Sarah Mclachlan – Bring On the Wonder

Dillingers 1903

Bugsy’s has a new bro! Meaning, Perry has a new baby!

Welcome, Dillingers 1903. Big hugs from the foodies!

Inquirer calls Dillingers a swanky steak-and-brew resto-bar. It is on the third floor of Greenbelt 3, Makati City. It offers continental dishes and a wide array of wine, liquor and imported beer. I got to see it in it’s soft launch. I wanted to be there last night for its formal opening, but I had to sleep early. Booo.

Will be back there this weekend for a couple of mojitos and steak!

Congrats, Perry dear! I’m sure that Dillingers will be as (or more!) successful as your other ventures.


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IyaYo Weekend

Spent Friday to Sunday with Eunice (Yo-Niz. Get it? Hehe!)

Time well spent with my girlfriend of (almost) 6 years. Our anniv is on Feb 12. Lapit na. Greet us, ha? :p

Here are some pics of my happy weekend with ze besty…

No pic of hers last Friday at kaaway niya ang camera that night. No pic of us last Sunday because we were too lazy to move. Kaya lang ng energy namin kahapon ay ang mag-facebook, kumain ng Ferrero Rocher at manood ng The Buzz. Btw, 30% natutuwa 70% natatawa talaga ako kay Kris.

Masas, Greenbelt - ensaladang talong + bagoong rice + crispy squid with crab fat

rhum coke mine * SML hers

iya: mandarin oranges/almond clusters/white chocodots * yo: cherries/cheesecake bits

Eunice Vallesteros and her White Hat

Me and my White Hat! Yummy!

Cable Car, Pasay Rd - while waiting for beer and vodka

vodka night for me

burger night for takaw, este yo

Cheers to the birthday girl, Nina!

Tabu Lounge - para akong may sapi

si Rihanna nagpunta sa Makati hehehe

Advanced happy 6 years of bestfriendship to us, Yo!



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For someone who doesn’t like pepper much…

I surely love Pepper Lunch!

Just read in chuvaness that the Greenbelt 5 branch is already open. Yaaaaay! Closer to the office! I can’t wait to get my hands on the salmon-chicken  combo. Not literally, mainit eh! Hot hot goodness! I want to try the Molten Milk Chocolate Cake and the Matcha Cheesecake. Hot food para sa may mga malamig ang Pasko. Hehe. 🙂

Let’s go to Pepper GB5!


Some pictures from my 1st time at Pepper Lunch Rockwell…

caesar salad, spicy tuna shake shake salad, goma ice cream

smiling for my tummy

ang pepper steak na pinipilahan ng bonggang-bongga


Gawd, I’m hungry.


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Sino si Ian? Grrrrr…

Be tough!

Those were the recurring lines from last night when I spent another funfun dindin and coffee with my girls. It was more special than the usual because not only was I with Joko, Carla, and Kwe, my homegirl Cindy was also with us! Yaaaaaay! With the special participation of Luke and Miki during dinner. =)

lukeiya iyamaffy

dinner intermission aka Luke aka Surf God * serendipitious moment with cousin Maffy

Thanks to Eraserheads (haha long story… well not really, just too lazy to tell) for the dindin at Chicken Inasal in Greenbelt 1. Grilled chicken + crabfat rice + chicken skin + molo soup + Coke = happy takaw me! Was just with the LLs that time, talking about who Carla’s “other bf” is when Carla saw Luke from afar and in a splitsec, I was shouting his name. (Think Toni Gonzaga shouting I love you Papa Piolo! in the Sprite commercial eons ago. Uhhh almost that loud. Subtract the I love you.) After 2 nanoseconds, we were already twisiting Luke’s arm to give Carla an “I Love Carla” shot of Jericho, and for me, an “I Desire Iya” shot. Haha, I had to make the poor guy promise. Nagpromise naman! Yeeeey! :p Miki took a break from the Greyone sale to join us and after 10years and few breaths short from an ulcer attack, Cindy arrived, too. 🙂

While the LL’s got yoghurt from Froyo, Cindy and I checked out the newly opened Barcino in GB 5. Niiiiiice. Come on guys, buy wine!

girls iyajoks

4 of the most important girls in my life: Joko, Cindy, Carla, and Kwe

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf after. My cuz maffy and her friends were also there but we were in separate tables. My forces were concentrated on tarot reading for Cindy. Putakte na-drain ako ha. Cindy was ok with general stuff that I had to beg her to ask specific q’s. She’s definitely the antithesis of Joko. Binugbog ako ng specific q’s. I gotta say Carla’s got the perfect mix of q’s. Hah! She’s my ideal readee! :p And Kwe.. well Kwe… I had to ask the others to get cards for the I-don’t-want-my-future-read Kwe. :p

Had loads of fun with them, but Kwe’s antics totally made my night. Ang kulit ng batang ito. Grrr ng grrr kasi tough daw siya. Hahahaha.

Got home later than planned again. May Saturday shift pa naman. All worth it though. 🙂

Pero di nga, sino nga si Ian?



Pahabol lang, on our way to basement parking, Joko saw a tres cool shirt with this killer line:


Hahaha! I wish i can see my friends again tomorrow in Club Manila East. Surf Sunday!


listening to: Oasis – Stand By Me

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