Morong Weekend – June 2012

Spent last weekend with my parents and Ambo, the country’s first weather disturbance this 2012. Not fond of a dripping sky but because I was feeling lethargic since Friday, the heavy rain and chilling winds made my stay at home much nicer. The couch and I were almost inseparable. What’s good about lying down on that sofa is that it’s right beside the window where I can smell the fragrant suha (pomelo) blossoms from the frontyard. Look at these pretty flowers!


Before I proceed to food and chismis, lemme just share this cute convo I had with my Dad the morning before I left Manila for Bataan.

Daddy: Anak, manonood ka ba ng BSB concert? Peyborits mo sila di’ba?
Me: Hindi. Uuwi ako d’yan ngayon eh.
Daddy: ‘Di bale. Kakantahan ka na lang namin ni Mama mo.

They didn’t get to sing Quit Playing Games With My Heart for me and it was more than okay because well… my parents can’t sing for shit. Hindi ko ‘yan namana sa kanila because I have a wonderful singing voice. *kidlat kulog* Hihihi. :p We watched dvds (Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows and Joyful Noise) and snacked on indian mangoes from our backyard. We read books– Neil Gaiman for me, Bo Sanchez for Mama, and Rick Warren for Daddy. We cooked tortang talong, embutido, and my favorite poor man’s nilaga. I call it poor man’s nilaga because instead of using beef shanks/celery/cabbage/corn, we use pork ribs/pechay/potato/camote. I like it because the camote makes the broth thick and sweet! At natawa ako kay Mama na obvious na matagal nang hindi nakapagluto nito…


Mama: Gaano kadaming saging at gabi ang isasama natin dito?
Me: Saging at gabi? Ginatan ba ang lulutuin naten?!?!
Daddy: May binili pa nga ‘yang labanos eh!
Mama: Akala ko kasi sinigang ang irerequest nitong anak mong matakaw!!!

Ang ending, minatamis na lang ni Mama ang gabi, saging at yung ibang camote. Btw, there was no available yellow camote. We had the violet variety, it’s not the ube that is used for halaya. It’s not as sweet as the yellow. Had I known, I would have let her put banana in the nilaga. Anyway, the nilaga still turned out to be delicious. Kasarap with sawsawan na patis na pinigaan ng calamansi at tinirisan ng sili! Over lunch, my parents asked about my friends and I told them about Jap’s bday and our plan to go out of town or out of the country. Chinismis Chinika ko na rin yung iba pang mga exciting na mga ganap sa buhay nila. And then Daddy asked about *insert my exboyfriend’s name here*

Daddy: Kumusta na si _______?
Mama: Naku naman, Dad! Hindi na sila nag-uusap ng anak mo!
Me: Oo nga, Daddy. Huli ka na sa balita.
Daddy: Isali niyo kasi ako ‘pag nagchichismisan kayo!!!


Moments with my parents are golden! I wasn’t blessed to have siblings but it’s okay because God gave me super loving and super awesome parents. 🙂 I am very very grateful. I know I’ve said this several times here in my blog. This isn’t also the first time that I posted a picture of them holding hands, while walking to the church. The only time I left the house was when we went to Our Lady of The Pillar Church. It was a rainy Sunday morning. I was busy texting so they walked ahead of me. Thus, I had another chance to take a picture of them and get all kilig.

After mass, Daddy went to Pangasinan for Lola Meling’s 40 Days, and when he came back last night, he had a bagful of shrimps (suahe) for us. Yummy! Fave namin ‘yon ni Mama. After dinner, we looked at old pictures. They laughed at me for looking like a boy when I was just a few months old. Harharhar.

It’s always good to be home. 🙂


listening to: Paul McCartney – Maybe I’m Amazed

About G and the Mystery Man

J3 is wrong. Gio and I do have a potential to be friends. I refuse to believe that i could not be friends with any of my exes. I am sure 5 years is long enough to devote on suffering and 3 years is loooong overdue for whatmighthavebeens. Gio and I called it quits December 1998. So please, if I swallow my words and start crawling back to him, hit me with a rusting shovel or stab me with a picthfork!

Christmas 06

gio and I in eastwood

G and I spoke 2 nights ago agreed that we’d have dinner next week. Why? No reason. We’ll just have dinner. And drinks. (And drinks daw eh. Tomador, ampotah.) And for all those who do not believe that there is no reason, I’ll give you two. Une: we are human beings. We do eat dinner. Deux: We want to celebrate the fact that we’re both working in Makati.

After we sealed the dinner (and drinks) plans and talked about his recent trip to Singapore, I asked him what’s a nice gift to give an artistic guy. I implied in the onset that he is NOT the guy. He suggested that I give the guy a painting. Well, yeah, good idea, but I will only give a painting if I actually did the painting myself. I just feel nobody’s worth my effort to slave over watercolor, brushes and pastel again.

I told him i want something simple yet thoughtful, like completing the guy’s book collection.

To which he replied, “You must really like this guy.”

I didn’t answer him. Not that he asked.

If I had to answer, what could I have said?

“Yes, I really like him. More than I liked you.”
Ewww. Too pathetic. And not entirely true. How about…

“No. I give stuff to everybody I know.”
Well, yeah, pwede. Since I do like giving gifts, but this is the first time I’ve thought of completing a collection.

Oh, I know…

“Shut up. Chismoso.”

Perfect answer.

I think he even asked who the (lucky) guy is. I don’t remember if I said his name. But, I guess after almost a decade of knowing me, Gio already has an idea how I like my men complicated.

And how I perpetually like to torture myself.


listening to: Cquence – Falling in Love Again

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