I’m a rock with a heart. And you have a hole in your chest.


Some fukker asked me why I did not blog anything about Ondoy. This fukker had a despicable malice in her voice that translated to: IYA S SANTOS, YOU’RE A BITCH WHO DOESNT GIVE A FUCK THAT PEOPLE ARE DROWNING AND DYING AROUND YOU. ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOUR SUBSTANDARD INCONSEQUENTIAL LIFE.

Okay, bitch. Fine, my life is substandard to an almighty like you who sits on her rich ass waiting for Daddy to give her more moolah to buy friends and tickets to Spain. But that doesn’t make my substandard life inconsequential. I can kick you flat ass any time. The world will probably thank me for getting rid of one condescending, self-righteous hag like you. I most certainly care about my life more than yours and the rest of the world but it doesn’t mean that I don’t care at all. I’m soooooorry (please note the slab of sarcasm) that I had to deal first with my personal storms than deal with what happened to Marikina, Pasig, QC and all the other affected places. How can I give what I do not have? Of course, you wouldn’t know the right answer to this because you don’t know shit about my life and because you are a moron.

FYI, I went to a benefit show last week and I saw a lot of girls (and boys) who look like you. Usually, I wouldn’t like them since I’m not partial to the models/Embassy crowd. But that night, I saw these metro party people, give their time/money/effort for the Ondoy victims. It made me feel good that even if it was a few days late, I was able to be there with them and somehow give what I can, no matter how little it was.

I was there, bitch.



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What’s up, besides my bloodsugar…

Makati, Fort, BF…

I’m fine.





Before the Basagan Bote Incident (awesome!!!)




Starbucks 6750 after Mag:Net


Thai Dindin at Tavern Asia


Chillaxin at Grub


Back toTavern


with Mr. Tavern hehe


date with J and J – Kitchen, Greenbelt


Hoy Hoy Ondoy Benefit @ NBC Tent




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