Made this poem around 2003…

You are the rustling leaves of springtime.
gently humming,
yet vibrant and spelling life.

I am the snowflake that falls glistening,
dancing in all directions-
waiting to diminish in your arrival.

You are a hill of crocuses, roses and pansies,
an elaborate patchwork on the greens.

I am a field of dandelions, foxgloves and weeds,
an amateur canvas set of lonely stones.

You are the northern sky,
luminuous and beyond enchanting.

I am a remnant of the farthest star,
dying, blending with the darkness.

You are the golden part of the ocean
at the middle of the Pacific-
where the sun favors kissing.

I am the inhabited cluster of waves,
dreaming, continuously yearning to rise
and be in unison with the sparkling sand

You are universal.
I am the unknown.

You are remembered.
I am forgotten.

You are who I want to be with,
if not anyone I could be.

I am the one you never left,
because you have never been with me.

You are perfection.
And I-
I’m everything else.


What a generic piece of shit.


┬álistening to: Bread – Baby Imma Want You

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