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Birthday Wishlist 2012

Ask and you will receive… so here it goes! Here’s my birthday wishlist for this year. :p


leather bags (in camel, caramel or any nice shade of brown… white is also okay) * jewelry or accessories (i prefer rings and bracelets/bangles) * makeup (eye shadow, bronzer/blush) * iPad, iPhone or Galaxy Note * maxi dresses * watch (black, gold, or rosegold) * flatscreen tv


flowers (pink, yellow, white, peach) * boots (camel or black) * running shoes and gear * aviator sunnies * promise to bring me to Tagaytay, Vigan, Boracay, Bicol this 2013 (of course I expect you to keep your promise) * dinner in Spiral/ Antonio’s and the likes




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So it finally happened. I turned 30.

A lot of people have been asking me how it feels like to be 30 and then I tell them I fucking hate it and wait for them to turn pale and try to change the topic. Then I say I’m just kidding and 30 feels like I just became more awesome. Doesn’t sound possible but I don’t know. FEELING NGA EH. :p

(see 29th, 28th, 27th, 26th birthdays)

My 1st 3oth birthday cake (with 29 candles lang na nasindihan hahaha) AND with Peewee na may sign dapat na I ❤ Carla (thanks for the roses!)

I’d like to thank the 483 people who remembered my special day and greeted me. Oh yes. I counted. Para sa mga alam kong nakaalala pero nang-deadma lang, mga pakkshet kayo, may araw rin kayo sa akin. >:) Not that stepping into 30’s made me unforgiving. I just realized that I should not take bullshit from ANYONE. Even if the person is hot. Harhar.


Posing with my 2nd birthday cake with a ? candle mwehehe AND me declaring my age or I could just be doing a W-O.

Extra special thanks to the friends I was with at Whistlestop for my salubong. Good mix of girls and boys from my teen life and my early (?)  adult years.  I got the simple get-together I wanted. NO BOYS, NO DRAMA. I’m glad I did not invite he-who-must-not-not-be-named. Birthday sex wasn’t part of my wishlist. :)) NO FRILLS, NO PROGRAM. Haha, but I liked the Iya Trivia questions that Joko and Donnie prepared.

The Iya Trivia questions AND some of my guests … lovelovelovelovelove ’em both! FYI, mas mahal ko si Christian bale kaysa kay Jericho Rosales.

Birthday proper, had dinner at Cafe Breton. I loved the fresh mango smoothie and Crepe Excalibur! Name pa lang, love ko na. :p Then we went to Bistro 121 for quiz and dinner, well… my 2nd dinner- of mushroom soup, chicken kebab and 3rd birthday cake.


Feeling dainty sa Breton enjoying the crepe i chose because of the name AND kumo-construction worker appetite sa 121.

We owned the 80’s OPM category- thanks to The Vlad! Dinner and quiz was a good choice for my first night as a 30 year old. I was well-fed and quite entertained. 🙂 Cheers to more days of eating out and non-partying! LOL Thirty na nga talaga ako. :p


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My 30th Birthday Wishlist

I’m turning 30 in a week and I’m excited, anxious, happy and scared all at the same time. Oo,  nababaliw ako na magte-trenta na ako! :))

Been think of crazy things to do before I hit the big 3-0 and I have thought of a few. Not gonna share ’em until I accomplish everything though. That is if I get enough courage to do those things! Pero sabi ko nga lagi, there are things that will look stupid if done in one’s 30’s. Pero sinabi ko rin ‘yan nung 19 ako a couple of days before I hit 20. :p

Anyhoodles, here are the things that will make me VERY happy on my 30th. =)

Behold my 30th birthday wishywishlist!

SMALL CAKE (with candles!)

FLOWERS (pink, yellow, peach white roses or tulips)


NECKLACE (with thin long strand/s)

OTTERBOX case for a Samsung Galaxy W

SHAWLS (black, purple, pink, green… plain is ok, if not, make it floral)

CARDIGANS (mustard, dark pink, green, lavender, royal blue)

HOODIE! (black, pink or red)

NAIL POLISH (dark red, dark gray)

BELTS (red, black, cream BUT preferably brown, and braided)

BAGS (handbag with long strap or big bags, dark pink, red, brown/cream or floral)


MAKE UP (bronzer, blush, eye liner)

WATCH (black)

FOREVER 21/CONTI’S/SM/AYALA GC’s or the likes hehe

on December 19, 10pm-godknowswhen at Whistlestop, Jupiter Street. That’s where my birthday salubong will take place. If you know I don’t wanna see you, be faaaaarrrr away from that area. Like a region away.

or send ’em to my office (Recruitment Office, BPI Buendia Center) on December 19 any time from 9am to 5pm. :p

And nah, I don’t have a Christmas wishlist. MY BIRTHDAY is my special holiday. =)


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In celebration of Google’s 13th anniversary, I googled myself.

Of course, results were all the links of social networking sites I am part of and a couple my friends’ blogs. I left WEB and checked PHOTOS and saw a couple of pictures of me from my blog and pictures of Iya Villania.

This was the newest addition and it absolutely caught my attention.

Someone made a vector image of me! How cool is that? 🙂

The photo used was from 2005 methinks. It’s nice to (re)discover something as thoughtful as this. It absolutely made my day. 🙂

Well, this, and googling all my exes names and seeing myour pictures show up in every damn search. Nyahahaha!


Thanks to Candice Bacas for the image! 🙂


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Yes, folks. I just turned 29 last December 20. I’m still waiting for Joel to upload the pics. Tagaaaal. :p Excited! Anyway, just wanna share some kwento and some of the pics from my and my friends’ camphones.

I attended the simbang gabi (anticipated) in Sacred Heart because I believe there’s no better way to welcome my birthday than thanking God for my awesome 28th and seeking guidance for my 29th. When I got home, a gift from my roomies was waiting for me by my bedroom door. 🙂

When the clock struck 12, I was overwhelmed by the flood of greetings in my Facebook wall, Twitter feed and phone. I spent 2 hours replying to friends and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I busied myself with chores so I won’t kill myself from anxiety for waiting for my celebration in BF. Yes. Naglaba pa ako sa mismong araw ng aking kaarawan. Nag-general cleaning pa ako ng kwarto. :p By 6ish, Joko picked me up and we headed to Conti’s for my birthday dinner. We were joined by Donnie and Kassy.

We had tofu steak, baked prawns, chicken teriyaki, caesar salad, gambas and pumpkin soup… the best part of the meal though was a gigantic bouquet of flowers delivered to our table. 🙂 Thank you, LLB for sending me flowers. And thanks to Joko for being an accomplice. Thanks also to Donnie for giving me another bouquet. Of mums, me thinks. Akala ko talaga, yellowbells ang matatanggap ko.

Went to Le Souk right after to meet our other friends. 🙂 My 29th birthday celeb’s the chillest celeb ever. 🙂 Mas chill than last year’s. First birthday na hindi ako na-stress. Steady drinking and hardcore kulitan lang. 🙂

And I didn’t have a cake this year. I had creampuffs. Thanks Kassy! My friends put “2” and “9” candles together so that I make a birthday wish. Wait for the picture.

Pakkshet sa lahat ng pinagbaliktad ang candles at ginawa akong lola na 92. Hmppppf. Mga daot.

I didn’t get buzzed by choice because I didn’t file for leave the following day. All I could do was kiss the bottle of Absolut. Thanks Enzo! 🙂

After the drinking, bonding and smoking shisha… it was time to go home. Well, at least for my friends.

Zo and I still stopped for a late night/early morning snack (?)


Got home around 5:30 and I didn’t sleep until I opened all of the gifts! 😀

Most of my friends did not follow my wishlist. I doubt if they read it at all. :p Doesn’t matter though. They still made me a very, very happy birthday girl. 🙂

Belated happy birthday to me. 🙂


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Red & Black Ball 2010

Eperformax had another red-hot party last Saturday, December 11 at the A.Venue Hall!

I received another award (though it’s a downgrade from last year’s, hehehe),

X-Factor Awardees Anna, Nikki, Ana, Apol and me with Mr. Justin Myers and Sir Ding

displaying my X-Factor certificate and huge ampaw with Ep dollars and pin

I spent time with my fabulous colleagues (esp Team Recruitment and GCMA),

Pat (staring at Rain), Ace, Ryan, Anthony, Vincci, Anna, me, Mommy Lee and Kat

RJ, me and Marc

and I was entertained by the amazing production numbers of our accounts.

my favorite prod: the love of Cleopatra and Mark Antony (effect na effect si Nikki!)

Also, most of the time I was sober and just enjoyed how some people act so differently when drunk. :p Hahaha.


Thanks to Boss Vincci for the photos!


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Fontana Weekend

Spent Kassy‘s birthday in Fontana.

Chill na chill. As in rest and relaxation at umuulan-ulan kaya nangatog ako ng very light. Hehe!

This was our villa, our home for 2 days and 2 nights.

With Rich in the Chinese convenience store na hindi convenient for me, kasi di ako nakakaintindi ng chingchangsu language. In ferla, ang sarap nung noodle na nabili namin dito. Albeit maanghang, na-enjoy ko. Sarap kapartner nung birthday chocolate cake ni Kas.

With Miki at the lobby. Kami ang pinaka-sporty sa group… NOT.

With the girls + the carriage. Sorry, hindi nakita ang fez ni horsey.

Sa golf cart na dinrive ni Miki. (Don’t tell the Fontana people!)

Posing with the gay Fontana dinosaurs.

Brunch Buffet! FTW! Ito ang salarin bakit nag-gain ako ng 5lbs sa loob ng isang weekend. #fail

At the spa locker room. Every mirror moment is a photo opportunity.

Pumo-posing sa gallery. Sa mundo ko, kamukha ni Tuesday Vargas/Nida Blanca yung babae sa likod ko.

Wala ako sa China.

Ang effort ko sa pagpo-poi. Weeeeeee!!!

Since we were just in Clark, we also went to Zambales to surf. Ay, sila lang pala. Kami ni Miki, nagpicture-picture lang.

The wasted and the wasteland.

Dinner at Cantina Mexicana before heading back to Fontana

When we got back to the house, nag-inuman sila ng vodka at nagkainan ng noodles and cake. Nasaan ako? Tulog. Nung humabol ako, paubos na ang alkohol at lapz. So mahaba-habang chikahan na lang tungkol sa boys.

May chairs naman, pero pinagpilitan naming umupo sa kitchen counter ni Joko.

Posing with our poging ride before hitting the water park.

dahil pinataba ako ng weekend na ito. Hindi na ako sexy kaya, pa-macho shot before going back to Manila.

Belated happy birthday, Kas!



photos c/o Michaela Giles


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Of Mouthwatering Liempo, Yummy Frozen Brazo and a Coffee-Drinking Cat

There’s a relatively new place in Jupiter called Chic-Boy (that’s for Chicken and baboy, you carnivores!) that has quickly become my favorite because of its Cebu-style liempo and almost-as-delish-as-my-mom’s variety of sinigang.

Manila Boy invited me to a foodies’ assembly (my first ever!) last May 27 at Chic-Boy. At first, I didn’t want to go because I didn’t know any of the foodbloggers attending the event, but when the Undercover Chef said she’ll accompany me, I was all set.

Cat, Marketing Manager of Chic-Boy treated us to an evening of free food. Damn right, 2 of my favorite words! We had Cebu-style liempo, Cebu-style lechon manok, sinigang na salmon belly, guinisang kangkong, lechon sisig, inihaw na talong with bagoong, turones de leche and leche flan. I liked everything, particularly the Cebu-style liempo because aside from being perfectly cooked, it didn’t give me a headache like when I eat other commercial liempo. The sinigang na salmon was delicious, considering it was only 45php (or 28?) a bowl. The lowly swamp cabbage (oo, pinaarte ko lang ang tawag sa kangkong) was flavourful and went well with the lechon sisig.

the marvelous unchopped Cebu-style liempo

guinisang kangkong with garlic and sinigang na salmon

Joko rockin it, foodie style!

turones con leche (sana lagyan nila ng extra something like langka, nuts ot chocolate! Ü)

leche flan for 30php!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because my camphone felt like a wimp in the company of the cool point and shoot and dslr cameras of my fellow attendees. Hehe, they’re really serious, food/photobloggers. :p I think one of their rules is to take a gazillion photos of the food first before taking a bite. The amazing number of photos payed off, as their blogs are filled with incredible pictures of glorious, glorious food. ‘Yung tipong ‘pag nakita mo, matutuluan mo ng laway ang keyboard mo. Check their blogs out! B’ley, Fritz, Spanky, Fran & Paul, Jane & Bubba, Jon, Kristine & Robin, AJ & Matthew and Candice

picture taking before eating!

happy + full

Blogalag B’ley and me

Cat and Spanky… thank you! 🙂

The assembly ended with Cat giving us Pier One mugs and gift certificates. Chic-Boy is a subsidiary of Pier One, that’s why. Great food runs in the business (and family).

* I had dinner in Chic-Boy twice after the foodies’ assembly, and I must say,  their chicken inasal and sinigang na baboy are also good.


After my very first foodie-get-together, I had my very first trip to the red-light district of Makati for 2 of the most sinful things made by man ………………………………………………………………………………………………

frozen brazo de mercedes


extra thick chocolate milkshake

Both found in Filling Station in Burgos St. :p

I’ll blog abut Divino next time. Hahaha!

happy Joko and her off-the-menu, 275-peso milk shake


Last stop was Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in A-Venue to see the birthday girl Janice aka PussyCAT Jap. She turned 32 and it was her first birthday without a party. Pero ok lang yon, as long as there’s coffee, she’s happy. Adik! And of course, as long as she has great friends with her, she’s happier. Just stating a fact. Haha!

the 2 important Js of my life, Jap and Joko

with the only “cat” I don’t wish to kill… belated happy birthday dear!

I hope you didn’t expect that there really is a coffee-drinking cat! Cats don’t drink coffee, silly! They drink milk. And martinis! LOL.


I reckon that was a fun night! Friends and food! Can’t wait to do it again!

Oh wait, I just did. Entry about Top Meal coming up!


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