So it finally happened. I turned 30.

A lot of people have been asking me how it feels like to be 30 and then I tell them I fucking hate it and wait for them to turn pale and try to change the topic. Then I say I’m just kidding and 30 feels like I just became more awesome. Doesn’t sound possible but I don’t know. FEELING NGA EH. :p

(see 29th, 28th, 27th, 26th birthdays)

My 1st 3oth birthday cake (with 29 candles lang na nasindihan hahaha) AND with Peewee na may sign dapat na I ❤ Carla (thanks for the roses!)

I’d like to thank the 483 people who remembered my special day and greeted me. Oh yes. I counted. Para sa mga alam kong nakaalala pero nang-deadma lang, mga pakkshet kayo, may araw rin kayo sa akin. >:) Not that stepping into 30’s made me unforgiving. I just realized that I should not take bullshit from ANYONE. Even if the person is hot. Harhar.


Posing with my 2nd birthday cake with a ? candle mwehehe AND me declaring my age or I could just be doing a W-O.

Extra special thanks to the friends I was with at Whistlestop for my salubong. Good mix of girls and boys from my teen life and my early (?)  adult years.  I got the simple get-together I wanted. NO BOYS, NO DRAMA. I’m glad I did not invite he-who-must-not-not-be-named. Birthday sex wasn’t part of my wishlist. :)) NO FRILLS, NO PROGRAM. Haha, but I liked the Iya Trivia questions that Joko and Donnie prepared.

The Iya Trivia questions AND some of my guests … lovelovelovelovelove ’em both! FYI, mas mahal ko si Christian bale kaysa kay Jericho Rosales.

Birthday proper, had dinner at Cafe Breton. I loved the fresh mango smoothie and Crepe Excalibur! Name pa lang, love ko na. :p Then we went to Bistro 121 for quiz and dinner, well… my 2nd dinner- of mushroom soup, chicken kebab and 3rd birthday cake.


Feeling dainty sa Breton enjoying the crepe i chose because of the name AND kumo-construction worker appetite sa 121.

We owned the 80’s OPM category- thanks to The Vlad! Dinner and quiz was a good choice for my first night as a 30 year old. I was well-fed and quite entertained. 🙂 Cheers to more days of eating out and non-partying! LOL Thirty na nga talaga ako. :p


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There was a time that I couldn’t stand him. I am amused and amazed that he has now become one of my dearest friends.

Cheers to friendship, Jeman!

after covering a Christmas Ham event in Greenbelt

late dinner at Luk Yuen, Glorietta 5 (loved their seafood soup!)

after attending a bloggers’ event at Seattle’s Best and Reyes Barbecue

after dinner coffee/choco and cake at Bo’s, Glorietta 5 (they have really good, super creamy, delightfully chewy sans rival!)

BTW, Jeman is the Editor-in-Chief of .

This is just in case you are wondering why I’ve been attending so many events as of late. =)


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Dirty Harry- Not The Western

Before seeing the Magalonas in the FMCC 4th anniv event at The Collective, we first saw Dirty Harry.

Clint Eastwood? In Makati???

Read on.

Dinner with my friend Sean last Friday Night was in Pasta Box is right beside the noodlehouse/deli Wabi-Sabi. Like all the other restos and shops in The Collective, it’s also small and cozy. The picture above shows the Chef and the manager on the left and my Sean and Jeman on the right (snuck out of the FMCC event to visit us).

And then there’s them with hungry but still smiling me. :p

For a small resto they have a fair number of dishes to choose from. For pasta, we chose conchiglioni and for its sauce- Dirty Harry just because I like the name. The Dirty Harry sauce is a mix of pork strips, black beans and cajun spices. I loved everything about Dirty Harry. It was savory and I didn’t need to put cheese and chili flakes, but I still did because I wanted to! LOL Yes, I like Dirty Harry better as a pasta than a western.

Their Italian Panini was very filling and to think it was just ciabatta, salami and cheese. Hmmm, I think it also had roasted bellpeppers. I only hope they change the kinds of chips they served it with. 😐 Hindi yummy eh, hindi pa cute sa picture. :\

Buti pa ito, cute sa picture….

Their Banofee Shot was delish! Graham crust, bananas and whipped cream served in a shot glass. Too cute to eat!!! Chos! I ate it of course, and I found it delightfully sweet. I suggest they serve it chilled next time though. Ours was only teeny-weeny colder than room temp.

Next time, we’ll have Popeye’s Favorite Pasta, Pinoy Panini and Panna Cotta Shot. Of course, we’ll go back.

Friendly atmosphere, prices are fair, food is good. What more could a person want?

Delivery, yes! They also deliver!

Pasta Box
The Collective, 7274 Malugay Brgy. San Antonio
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 881-6188



Why did I find out about this contest a week too late?


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From Isaw&Beer to Wine&Prawns w/ The Go-Go Friends

Maybe it was the weekend of just sleeping and surfing the net in Bataan that propelled me to look for a Tuesday night g. Maybe it’s because I woke up wanting to see my friends so that I can read their fortune through my brand new tarot deck. Maybe it’s to help Joko satisfy her cravings for isaw and chicken liver. Or maybe it’s because an inexplicable and unstoppable force of nature just told me not to go home yet and enjoy like a common college kid who can just give tomorrow a dirty finger and give in to the temptations of a starry January night. Whatever the cause was, I’m glad I went out last night. The skull-splitting pain I’m feeling now is nothing. I am still in my happy place. 🙂


After work, I went to Robinson’s Pioneer to meet up with Joko, Jessie, and Carlo. After helping Joko to get red stuff for Jake (her new car), we set out to look for a place with siomai (Jeman likes), isaw (Joko likes), smoking area (Carlo and Iya like). Perfect Place = Central BBQ Grill! It’s just semi-sorta behind Pioneer, prolly 10 longjumps and 3 cartwheels away. Haha, some servers recognized me from the BF Pque branch.

A quick convo of me and James, the former headwaiter of Central/Tides BF…

James: Ma’am Iya, hanggang dito nakakarating kayo ha!
Me: Eh kasi I live in Mandaluyong na!
James: Kayo pa rin po nung bf n’yo?
Me: Weh. Sino?
James: Yung ‘nung nagbirthday po kayo sa Tides na ka-kiss n’yo…
Me: Weh! Kuya, kakain pa lang ako! Ayoko mawalan ng gana! Jupakan ko ‘yun eh!

Haha, I was driven to disgust for a few seconds by the inconvenient memory, but I wanted the night to be all good vibes, so I just let it go. Better vibes when the siomai, isaw, hotdogs, sisig, SML and bottled coke arrived! Woohoo! I miss the South, good thing there’s already a Central in Manda!


Have I told you lately that I lovelovelove my go-go friends?

Go-go friends: Joko, Jessie, Carlo, and Miki (there are others still, like Carla, but they have little or no relevance to this entry, hehe but I still love you guys)

I love them because they are always on the go and it’s very easy for them to say yes to social invites. In other words, mga kaladkarin sila. Love it!

Uhhhh… what’s kaladkarin in English? :p


Fun times with Jake going to Fort. My top three picks:

1 Singing Get Far’s Shining Star off-key with incorrect (?) lyrics

“You’re my soulmate, my summer and my faith… your kisses are better than wiiiiiine… there’s nothing I want more than you girl…”

2 Boobs. Fake boobs. Big boobs. boobs. No boobs. Man boobs.

Ahmmm… I don’t want to stand next to Joko! You! You just stare at my legs! Haha!

3 Twisted pity sex concept

“I pity you for having sex with me! I piiiiiiiiiiiiittttyyy yoooooooooooooouuuu! You are very pitifuuuuuuuuuuuullllll!”


Pictures ahead. Keep on reading. :p


cimg3881 cimg3874

go-go friends * bacon-wrapped prawns

cimg3868 cimg3896

penafiel and sergi * pretty ladies 😉

Congratulations to us, we did not get lost going to Barcino. No sense of doom, no driving in circles, no TJ Trinidad to ask for directions… Ay, sayang pala! Hehe.

From isaw, hotdogs, and beer… we moved to chicken livers (in sherry naman), prawns wrapped in bacon, and wine. Another thing I love about my go-go friends is that they are so flexible. (Guys, next time let’s have a balut-foie gras night! Hehe!)

Half-brit, second cousin Miki arrived fresh from work (work ba talaga, haha) and she’s not the only mixbreed in the table. I just found out that Joko is not part-Indian but part-Latina! Oh wow! Shake that J-Lo ass! :p

Sergi made a cameo before he went out with his buddies (mga kabatak na dayuhan) and explained (or was forced to explain for the sake of photo-opp) what Peñafiel is. Also saw Virginia before she left for 101 and I invited her to go to Emba with Sergi, Oryx and moi for the Year of the Ox Party. Yaaaay, another thing to look forward to!

cimg3888 cimg3925

tarot reading * checking out a pretty bottle

I read Carlo’s fortune in Central and it was Joko’s and Miki’s time to shine in Barcino. (Jeman was busy enjoying the free wi-fi.) So okay, according to them, I am pretty freaky. Fretty preaky. Whichever. As for me, I’m still thinking if I should check for updates about what was told 7 years ago. About my S/LR or RL/S or L/SR life-altering person. Weh, I’m not really into freaking myself out via tarot. For all I know, fate is just telling me to get a new camera. SLR pala ha.

Speaking of cam, last night’s pics are mostly in my Multiply. I’m sure there will be more pics to come since Joko and I are thinking a Barcino get-together should at least be a once in a month affair.

We found our happy place. *insert Kings of Leon’s Your Sex is On Fire*


I’m happy and-yet-but-albeit my head still aches like whoa. I think I may even have fever now, oh well, nothing a quick drink can’t fix.


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This one’s for Muffin!!!

So I went to the advance screening of The Spirit last night with Joko (the dalaginding), Jessie (the cariño-less PR master slash scalper), Carlo (wala ako maisip na decription since hindi ko siya masyado nakainteract kagabi), and Rod (my bebe bunny’s nagmamasugid na manliligaw). It was fun because of my friends, but not that fun, because there were no games. Boo, 88.3 and Jollibee! Boooooo! Hehe. The movie was cool, but could have been cooler. If there should be a sequel, Hollywood people, please include more bloodshed! And take out Sarah Paulson from the movie! Dull blonde! Bleh!


Rod, Joko, Kerwin (?), Me, Jessie * Carlo with the cam, me thinks

To all people planning to see The Spirit, watch out for:

Since my only knowledge about the movie before watching it was from the trailer and some info from Wiki, I wasn’t disappointed. Those who read the comics, might be? Ewan. The graphics were nifty, because I like red, black, and white. Yeah bitch. It’s from the makers of 300 and Sin City, so there. Oooh and the costumes, I likey! I think I know what to wear next Halloween! Thanks to Scarlett Johannson’s character, Silken Floss!

Like I said, the movie needs more bloodshed. I don’t know if the graphic novel is violent, but I think the film would create a bigger following if there’d be more guts and gore. And if they market Gabriel Macht, the actor. I don’t know why I keep on calling him Raphael and Michael. Gabriel nga eh. Gabriel!!!


midnight snackin’ in Rockwell

After the movie, we had a looong ass time deciding where to go to next. Bakit naman kasi walang mapuntahang malapit sa Galle. We ended up in Rockwell. Milkshakes in Grams Diner, c/o Rod. :p Funfunfun talking about plans for Vday and pre-Vday. Status:Single, the movie, here we go! :p

Still thinking if I will go to the advance screening of Bride Wars tomorrow in Megamall with Jessie. I have to go to work early on Saturday, plus I’m also seeing them in Serendra after for lomo galore and Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat.

Wow. Is this me? Is this really me? I’m watching movies again without the help of the dvd player. Wooooooow. Love it! This one’s for Muffin!



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Chakiks * 101008

Was supposed to just stay home but I couldn’t resist being with my friends on a Friday night. Plus, I wanted to see Queso perform live.

Effort finding Chakiks. Basta, sa likod ng Metrowalk. More than 2 years ago kasi huling punta ko dun. Circa Tupaz pa. Lol. Ayun, ayun! Katabi ng Razon’s! Another thing hard to resist is the 4-ingredient halohalo. Sarap!

Rockademics, was hosted by Kass and sponsored by Red Horse and the reformatted RJ station. Underground Music yada yada yada. Bands were Kastigo, Salamin, Marcus Highway, Skyepia, and then some.

Crushies for the night: Power, JM, and Eo. Oo na, cradle snatcher na. Hahaha.

Queso dude is hot (daw). Saw his buttcrack. Can’t say I got affected. But wow, that guy can do a backflip.


Iya alive Joko and Jeman isleypee * Skyepia and the strangled kitty

Little Aga Eo * sino diyan crushies ko?

Marcus and NFF Carlo * aftergig buco juice sa may Yuhoo

I saw your pwet, Ian.

I survived the night partially deaf but it was all worth it. 🙂


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